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October 2012

StarItaly takes first step to make gay hate illegal News item summary IT 25 OCT

StarTwo men acquitted under new U.S. gay hate crime law News item summary US (KY) 25 OCT

StarSenegal men jailed for gay sex News item summary SN 24 OCT

StarJudge upholds gay hate-crime law, allows Kentucky case to proceed News item summary US (KY) 16 OCT
• Memorandum Opinion and Order: USA v. AR Jenkins & DA Jenkins PDF 268.96kb, 15 OCT 12

StarCourt rejects transgender rape acquittal News item summary SE 16 OCT

StarNo plans to expunge sodomy convictions News item summary AU (NSW) 05 OCT

StarSupreme Court: Failure to disclose HIV to sex partners not always a crime News item summary CA (ON) 05 OCT
• Judgment: R. v. Mabior 2012 SCC 47, 05 OCT 12
• Judgment: R. v. D.C. 2012 SCC 48, 05 OCT 12

November 2012

Star'Kill the Gays' Bill: Ugandan Activists Confirm Death Penalty Not Removed News item summary UG 28 NOV

StarUganda drops death penalty from anti-gay bill News item summary UG 23 NOV

StarChurches force Malawi to backtrack on suspending anti-gay laws News item summary MW 08 NOV

StarMalawi suspends laws banning same-sex relationships News item summary MW 06 NOV

December 2012

StarCameroon jails 'gay' man for texting 'I'm in love with you' to male friend News item summary CM 17 DEC

StarMove to strike gay sex records News item summary AU (VIC) 17 DEC

StarBelize Supreme Court to decide legality of homosexuality in May News item summary BZ 09 DEC

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July 2012

StarOuting could be a crime, Italian Supreme Court rules IT 30 JUL

Star'Gay panic' to stay in Queensland, rules LNP AU (QLD) 19 JUL

StarHungary extends hate crime laws to include gays HU 18 JUL

StarChilean President Signs Landmark Anti-Discrimination Legislation CL 13 JUL

StarTransgender woman appeals rape acquittal SE 06 JUL

August 2012

StarSouth Carolina county sheriffs warned over illegal entrapment of gay men US (SC) 19 AUG
• ACLU: Letter to Greenville County Sheriff & Others PDF 2.38MB, 16 AUG 12

StarDoctors ban anal exam used to charge men with homosexuality LB 08 AUG

StarAppeals Court: Hate Crimes Act Doesn't Suppress Anti-Gay Speech US (CA) 02 AUG

September 2012

StarMinnesota Court acquits HIV man in transmission case US (MN) 25 SEP
• Opinion: Daniel James Rick v. State of Minnesota A12-0058 PDF 157.44kb, 24 SEP 12

StarTwo Cameroonians sentenced to five years in prison for 'homosexual behavior' CM 22 SEP

StarNigeria gives man three months jail for gay sex NG 18 SEP

StarEU adopts Directive offering protection to victims of homophobic and transphobic crimes EU 12 SEP
• European Parliament: Directive P7_TA(2012)0327 18 SEP 12

StarSex Crimes Committed Abroad, But Punishable in New Jersey US (NJ) 08 SEP
• Opinion: The State of New Jersey v. Michael Sumulikoski and Artur Sopel 11-12-02152-I PDF 187.19kb, 10 JUL 12

StarIn a legal first, a trans woman who was convicted of public indecency has her sentence altered UK 02 SEP

StarHistoric gay sex convictions will be able to be deleted from October UK 02 SEP

StarLebanon justice minister says anal probe exams must end LB 01 SEP

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April 2012

StarLiberian President backtracks on anti-gay comments LR 11 APR

May 2012

StarParliament strongly condemns homophobic laws and violence in Europe EU 24 MAY

Star2012 ILGA State-Sponsored Homophobia Report: 40% of UN Members still criminalize same-sex sexual acts BG 17 MAY

StarJustice Department implements LGBT inclusive prisoner protections US (DC) 19 MAY

StarChile approves hate-crime law after gay bashing CL 09 MAY

StarU.K. Gay Sex 'Offenders' to Get Clean Slate UK 03 MAY

June 2012

StarPoland rejects civil partnerships but will get hate speech laws PL 30 JUN

StarCircumcising boys for religion amounts to grievous bodily harm, German court rules DE 27 JUN

StarMalta extends hate crime laws to include gays MT 21 JUN

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January 2012

February 2012

StarLiberia Considers Bill Criminalizing Same-Sex Marriages LR 27 FEB

StarCameroon in 'first' lesbian charges CM 24 FEB

StarEurope upholds Sweden’s right to curtail homophobia SE 09 FEB

StarWoman in Cambodia sentenced to 4.5 years jail for lesbian sex with 'minor' KH 01 FEB

March 2012

StarLGBT inclusive hate crimes bill introduced on last day of Georgia legislative session US (GA) 30 MAR

StarLords pass bill erasing archaic anti-gay convictions UK 13 MAR

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