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December 2012

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31 December 2012

Sperm Donor William Marotta Ordered to Pay Child Support to Lesbian Couple News item summary US (KS) 31 DEC
• Summons, Petition to Determine Paternity: State of Texas & Ors. v. William Marotta 12D002686 PDF 130.28kb, 03 OCT12
• Answer, Sperm Donor Contract: State of Texas & Ors. v. William Marotta 12D002686 PDF 218.62kb, 29 OCT12

29 December 2012

Anti-gay academic books to be banned in Albania News item summary AL

28 December 2012

Court orders same-sex parents' names on birth certificates News item summary AU (NSW)
• Judgment: Dent & Rees [2012] FMCAfam 1303, 19 DEC 12

27 December 2012

Moldova Protects Gays with Fines News item summary MD

25 December 2012

Mexico reportedly lifts gay and bisexual blood donor ban News item summary MX

23 December 2012

Same-sex pension ruling to cost £90m after former cavalry officer wins landmark legal battle News item summary UK
• Judgment: J Walker v. Innospec Ltd & Ors 2411316/2011, [2013] EqLR 72 PDF 3.03MB, 23 NOV 12

21 December 2012

Court puts hold on gay conversion law News item summary US (CA)

Wisconsin court rules in favor of same-sex domestic registry News item summary US (WI)
• Decision: Julaine K. Appling & Ors v. James E. Doyla & Ors 2011AP1572 PDF 155.48kb, 20 DEC 12

StarNew head of the High Court Family Division is a strong supporter of gay equality News item summary UK

First openly gay judge to be appointed Chancellor of the High Court News item summary UK

20 December 2012

Judge approves legal fees for trans woman prisoner, denies personal costs News item summary US (MA) 20 DEC

Court rules that Boy Scouts can lease public land despite banning gay members and leaders News item summary US (CA)
• Opinion: Mitchell Barnes-Wallace & Orts v. City of San Diego and Boy Scouts of America 04-55732 PDF 189.22kb, 20 DEC 12

Taiwan: 'Milestone' equal marriage case sent to top court News item summary TW

Transgender New Zealand woman to go to men's prison News item summary NZ

19 December 2012

Court of Justice standard requires registries of São Paulo to register gay marriage (in Portugese) News item summary BR

Western Australia's first Relationship Declaration Register News item summary AU (WA)

Court Finds Realtors Discriminated Against Man With AIDS News item summary US (NY)
• Memorandum of Decision: Keith Short and Fair Housing Justice Center Inc v. Manhattan Apartments Inc and Abba Realty Associates Inc 11-CV-5989 PDF 152.24kb, 03 DEC 12

18 December 2012

Trinidad and Tobago PM says she will end gay hate News item summary TT

Montana Supreme Court Denies Benefits To Gay Couples For Now News item summary US (MT)
• Opinion and Order: Jan Donaldson & Ors v. State of Montana 2012 MT 288 PDF 1.67MB, 17 DEC 12

17 December 2012

Former University of Toledo official loses firing appeal News item summary US (OH)
• Opinion: Crystal Dixon v. University of Toledo 12-3218 PDF 44.91kb, 17 DEC 12

Victorian Death Certificate 'partnership' status questioned News item summary AU (VIC)

Thai government drafting same-sex civil partnership law News item summary TH

Court of Appeal Says Estate Waiver Survived Same-Sex Marriage News item summary US (CA)
• Opinion: Estate of Philip Timothy Wilson A133972 (San Francisco City and County Super. Ct. No. PES-09-292102 PDF 179.82kb, 13 DEC 12

Iowa Court Orders Same-Sex Couple Listed on Death Certificate News item summary US (IA)

Thai government drafting same-sex civil partnership law News item summary TH

Cameroon jails 'gay' man for texting 'I'm in love with you' to male friend News item summary CM

Move to strike gay sex records News item summaryAU (VIC)

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16 December 2012

Peru cancels ban on gay police in relationships News item summary PE

Complaints about use of 'gay' on news ruled trivial News item summary NZ

14 December 2012

Gays granted more adoption rights News item summary CH

13 December 2012

Scotland first in UK to draft a same-sex marriage Bill News item summary UK
• Consultation draft: Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill PDF 326.07kb, 12 DEC 12

12 December 2012

Uruguay legalizes same sex marriage and rights by overwhelming majority News item summary UY

10 December 2012

Opponents of gay marriage focus on tricky definition of consummation News item summary UK

09 December 2012

Belize Supreme Court to decide legality of homosexuality in May News item summary BZ

08 December 2012

First gay marriage ceremony held in Dutch Caribbean News item summary BQ

Chile: Motel fined for discriminating against lesbian couple News item summary CL

07 December 2012

Foreign gay unions to be recognized as UK civil partnerships News item summary UK
• Lergislation UK: The Civil Partnership Act 2004 (Overseas Relationships) Order 2012

Supreme Court to Hear Prop 8, DOMA Cases News item summary US (CA), (NY)
• Supreme Court Orders: Certiorari Granted PDF 47.09kb, 07 DEC 12

06 December 2012

Gregoire Signs Washington Gay Marriage Law News item summary US (WA)

05 December 2012

Boise Approves Gay Protections Law News item summary US (ID)

Trans/intersex passports policy becomes official News item summary NZ
• Passports NZ: Information about Changing Sex / Gender Identity

Mexico: Supreme Court strikes down gay marriage ban in Oaxaca News item summary MX

Angela Merkel Says No to Repairing Inequality News item summary DE

US Supreme Court asked to rule on Nevada same-sex law News item summary US (NV)

04 December 2012

Helena council supports anti-discrimination rule News item summary US (MT)

Being transgender no longer a 'mental disorder': APA News item summary US (VA)

California gay therapy ban sparks competing rulings News item summary US (CA)

03 December 2012

Israeli court grants first gay divorce News item summary IL

Maine Marriage Equality Law to Take Effect December 29 News item summary US (ME)

02 December 2012

St. Louis passes LGBT protections News item summary US (MO)
• St Louis County: Bill No. 279, Ordinance No. 25,279 Approved 28 NOV 12

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