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January 2012

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Washington Senate to vote on gay marriage bill Wednesday News item summary US (WA) 31 JAN

Canada Screws Up Royally and Refuses to Let Transgender People Fly News item summary CA 30 JAN

UK court rules on asylum for Zimbabwe homosexuals News item summary UK 30 JAN
• Determination and Reasons: LZ (homosexuals) Zimbabwe CG [2011] UKUT 00487 (IAC) PDF 236.06kb, 27 JAN 12

Appeals Court Revives Case of Antigay Counseling Student News item summary US (MI) 30 JAN
• Opinion: Julea Ward v. Vernon Polite et al Nos. 10-2100/2145 PDF 62.29kb, 27 JAN 12

Ending Housing Discrimination Against LGBT Americans News item summary US (DC) 30 JAN
• Final Rule: Equal Access to Housing in HUD Programs … PDF 181.29kb, 30 JAN 12

Marriage made easier for same-sex couples News item summary AU (FED) 27 JAN

Pakistan's transexuals celebrate right to vote News item summary PK 26 JAN

State of Maine to vote on gay marriage? News item summary US (ME) 26 JAN

Proposed bill would allow same-sex, live-in couples to adopt in Utah News item summary US (UT) 25 JAN

City of Clayton passes ordinance allowing same-sex relationship registry News item summary US (MO) 24 JAN

Maryland Governor Introduces Marriage Equality Bill News item summary US (MD) 24 JAN

New Jersey governor says he'd veto gay marriage bill News item summary US (NJ) 24 JAN

Maine rights panel finds landlord did not do enough to correct harassment of gay tenants News item summary US (ME) 23 JAN

Colombian High Court to Hear American Gay Adoption Case News item summary CO 23 JAN

Appeals court overturns most of dismissal in same-sex harassment suit News item summary US (LA) 23 JAN
• Opinion: John Cherry vs. Shaw Coastal Inc. 11-30403 PDF 100.27kb, 19 JAN 12

Court ruling a win for same-sex marriage News item summary US (MN) 23 JAN
• Unpublished Opinion: Douglas Benson et at v. Jill Alverson A11-811 PDF 137.71kb, 23 JAN 12

Appeals Panel Revives Same-Sex Partner’s Bid for Parental Status News item summary US (CA) 20 JAN
• Opinion: E.C. v. J.V. C 064745 (Sup Ct No FL 361893) PDF 166.46kb, 19 JAN 12

Man jailed for not telling partner he had HIV News item summary SG 18 JAN

Cuba may allow gay civil unions says Mariela Castro News item summary CU 18 JAN

Los Angeles porn stars must wear condoms News item summary US (CA) 18 JAN

Judge: NJ Church Illegally Banned Gay Ceremony News item summary US (NJ) 13 JAN

Civil unions bill introduced in Colorado Legislature News item summary US (CO) 13 JAN

Justice Minister declares all same-sex marriages legal and valid News item summary CA (ON) 13 JAN

Jersey recognises civil partnerships News item summary JE 13 JAN

Sterilization law stays on Swedish books News item summary SE 12 JAN

Gay Kosovan couple denied asylum in Slovenia News item summary SI 12 JAN

Same-sex marriages put on hold in Cancun resort areas News item summary MX 12 JAN

Canada says marriages of foreign gays invalid News item summary CA (ON) 12 JAN

Financial advice for gay couples News item summary US (DE) 11 JAN

Turkish court fines gay insult paper News item summary TR 09 JAN

Sec 377 ruling fails to get gay man reprieve in court News item summary IN 09 JAN

Loophole could force Colorado churches to open facilities for same-sex civil unions News item summary US (CO) 06 JAN

Iowa same-sex parents win birth certificate lawsuit News item summary US (IA) 05 JAN
• Ruling: Heather Martin Gartner & Melissa Gartner v. Iowa Department of Public Health Case No: CE 67807 PDF 119.70kb, 04 JAN 12

Judge Won't Block New Hawaii Civil Union Law News item summary US (HI) 03 JAN
• Order: Emmanuel Temple & Ors v. Neil Abercrombie & Anor Civ. No. 11-00790 JMS-KSC PDF 148,83kb, 30 DEC 11

Court rejects discrimination claims by lover over body of HIV victim News item summary AU (NSW) 02 JAN
• Judgment: Sydney Local Health Network v QY and QZ [2011] NSWCA 412, 20 DEC 11

Under new state law, online threats can mean school expulsion News item summaryUS (IL) 01 JAN
• Illinois General Assembly: Public Act 097-0340 PDF 36.12kb, 15 AUG 11

Same-Sex Marriages Legal in Cancun News item summary MX 01 JAN

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