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June 2012

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German judge tells lesbian refugee: go back to the closet in Iran News item summary DE 30 JUN

LULAC Passes Resolution Supporting Marriage Equality News item summary US 30 JUN

Poland rejects civil partnerships but will get hate speech laws News item summary PL 30 JUN

Republicans Appeal DOMA Case to Supreme Court News item summary US (MA) 29 JUN

Gay man wins first battle for NI blood donations News item summary IE 29 JUN

Motion for cohabitation bill's first reading presented News item summary MT 28 JUN

Circumcising boys for religion amounts to grievous bodily harm, German court rules News item summary DE 27 JUN
• Judgment: In the name of the people v. Dr. K Word 32.0kb, 25 JUN 2012

Parental leave extended to same-sex couples News item summary AU (FED) 27 JUN

Charlotte council approves domestic partner benefits … News item summary US (NC) 26 JUN

Ontario Court of Appeal adjourns HIV cases News item summary CA (ON) 25 JUN

Amelia Craig Cramer Heading Up Arizona Bar News item summary US (AZ) 25 JUN

'Allow same-sex marriage': Senate Inquiry News item summary AU 25 JUN
• Senate – Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee: Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012 PDF 480.25kb, 25 JUN 2012

Court of Appeal finds gay vilification also impacts bisexuals News item summary AU (QLD) 22 JUN
• Orders: Owen v. Menzies & Ors; Bruce v. Owen; Menzies v. Owen PDF 373.40kb, 22 JUN 12

Surrogacy rights to go for gay couples News item summary AU (QLD) 22 JUN

Malta extends hate crime laws to include gays News item summary MT 21 JUN

Newman Government renames and amends Civil Partnerships Act in parliament News item summary AU (QLD) 21 JUN
• Queensland Parliament Civil Partnerships and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 PDF 755.87kb, 20 JUN 12

Vietnam government consults on same-sex marriage News item summary VN 20 JUN

Parliament inquiry into legalizing same-sex marriage in Australia published News item summary AU 18 JUN
Advisory Report: Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012 and Marriage Amendment Bill 2012 PDF 779.96kb, 15 JUN 12

French blood donation ban for gay men to be lifted 'in coming months' News item summary FR 15 JUN

Kazakhstan says no to gay men in the military News item summary KZ 14 JUN

Illinois Sides With Gay Couples in Marriage Equality Cases, Says Ban Is Unconstitutional News item summary US (IL) 14 JUN
• Tanya Lazaro and Elizabeth "Liz" Matos & others v. David Orr: Defendant's Answer to Complaint for Declaratory Judgment and Injunctive Relief No. 12 CH 19719 PDF 1.08MB, 14 JUN 12

Uruguay To Consider Gay Marriage News item summary UY 14 JUN

Virginia: Court Appoints Gay Judge to Interim Post News item summary US (VA) 14 JUN

Same sex customary couple in Kenyan court over land News item summary KE 14 JUN

Opponents block gay marriage in Washington state News item summary US (WA) 14 JUN

Ontario amends Human Rights Code to extend protections to transgender people News item summary CA (ON) 13 JUN

Amended civil union laws retained in Queensland News item summary AU (QLD) 13 JUN

Same-Sex Couples Seek To Strengthen Families By Expanding Adoption Rights In North Carolina News item summary US (NC) 13 JUN
• Complaint: Marcie Fisher-Borne & Others v. John W Smith & Others No 1:12-cv-589 PDF 343.63kb, 13 JUN 12

Moldova's ban on gay protest violated human rights, court rules News item summary MD 12 JUN
• Judgment: Genderdoc-M v. Moldova No 9106/06, 12 JUN 12

A State-by-State Examination of Nondiscrimination Laws and Policies News item summary US (DC) 11 JUN
Introduction and Summary PDF 138.03kb, 11 JUN 12
Report PDF 588.59kb, 08 JUN 12

European Commission publishes new report on trans and intersex discrimination News item summary EU 11 JUN
• Report: Trans and intersex people: Discrimination on the grounds of sex, gender identity and gender expression PDF 2.90MB, 05 JUN 12

Uruguay recognizes its first foreign gay marriage News item summary UY 11 JUN

Alberta reinstates funding for gender reassignment surgery News item summary CA (AB) 08 JUN

Intersex fight for change News item summary AU 07 JUN
Submission on the draft Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th edition and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health 7th Standards of Care PDF 819.92kb, 06 JUN 12

Moscow court upholds hundred-year ban on gay pride News item summary RU 07 JUN

A Financial Checklist for Same-Sex Couples News item summary US 07 JUN

Denmark approves same-sex marriage and church weddings News item summary DK 07 JUN

Human Rights Commission votes against bill extending economic benefits to same-sex couples News item summary CR 06 JUN

Gay marriage bill introduced in Victoria News item summary AU (VIC) 06 JUN
• Bill: Marriage Equality Bill 2012 PDF 174.29kb, 06 JUN 12

Colombia Courts say clinics can't stop gays donating blood News item summary CO 06 JUN

Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional: judge News item summary US (NY) 06 JUN
• Order: Edith Schlain Windsor v. The United States Of America No. 10-8435 PDF 174.93kb, 06 JUN 12

Ninth Circuit Order: Denial of Petition for Rehearing En Banc in Prop. 8 case News item summary US (CA) 06 JUN
• Order: Kirsten M Perry & Ors v. Edmund G Brown No. 10-16696 PDF 93.74kb, 03 JUN 12

Anti-bullying bill passes, clearing way for gay-straight alliances in Ontario schools News item summary CA (ON) 05 JUN

Argentina's gender ID law takes effect News item summary AR 04 JUN

St Petersburg judge 'rules LGBT event bans were unlawful' News item summary RU 01 JUN

Two dads and a surrogate create legal landmark News item summary AU (NSW) 01 JUN
• Judgment: Application of MM & KF re FM [2012] NSWSC 445 PDF 94.28kb, 04 MAY 12

Case sets standard for same-sex parents News item summary US (NM) 01 JUN
• Opinion: Bani Chatterjee v. Taya King PDF No. 32789 194.45kb, 01 JUN 12

Conservative rabbis approve same-sex marriage ceremony guidelines News item summary US (NY) 01 JUN
• Guidelines: Rituals and Documents of Marriage and Divorce for Same-sex Couples PDF 988.68kb, 01 JUN 12

Panel Finds False 'Gay' Label Is No Longer Per Se Defamation News item summary US (NY) 01 JUN
• Opinion: Mark Yonaty v. Jean Mincolla 512996 PDF 94.19kb, 31 MAY 12

Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, federal appeals court declares News item summary US (MA) 01 JUN
• Opinion and Order: Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. US Department of Health and Human Services et al No. 10-2204 PDF 70.03kb, 31 MAY 12

2nd Circuit Revives Title VII Sexual Harassment Claim PDF 868.45kb, US (NY) JUN at 164
• Judgment: Fedie R Redd v. New York State Division of Parole No. 10-2204 PDF 77.02kb, 04 MAY 12

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