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March 2012

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Same-Sex Marriage in the Anglosphere News item summary AU, CA, UK, US 31 MAR
• AngusReid: Australians Support Same-Sex Marriage More Than Americans and Britons PDF 249.39kb, 11 MAR 12

LGBT inclusive hate crimes bill introduced on last day of Georgia legislative session News item summary US (GA) 30 MAR

North Carolina ban confusing but likely to pass News item summary US (NC) 30 MAR

US Has No Liability for Improper HIV Disclosure News item summary US 29 MAR
• US Supreme Court: Federal Aviation Administration et al v. Cooper No 10-1024 PDF 217.67kb, 28 MAR 12

Gay banker and West End star in £1.4million divorce News item summary UK 29 MAR

Russian Parliament to Consider Ban Against Gay Propaganda News item summary RU 29 MAR

Charter Schools Exempted from Key Parts of NYS Anti-Bullying Law News item summary US (NY) 28 MAR

State House advances religious freedom act News item summary US (KS) 28 MAR

First trans twins in China News item summary CN 28 MAR

Federal Court Decisions Chip Away at Same-Sex Marriage Ban News item summary US 27 MAR

Portrait of same-sex union shows Jesus' blessing News item summary 27 MAR

India's Supreme Court reserves judgement on decriminalisation of gay sex case News item summary IN 27 MAR

White House: Same-sex spouse may get health-care coverage News item summary US (DC) 26 MAR

Gay Uruguayan man receives permit to live in Italy with partner News item summary IT 26 MAR

Anti-discrimination challenge fails News item summary AU (NSW) 26 MAR

Conscripts to Turkish army must 'prove' they're gay for exemption from military service News item summary TR 26 MAR

Judge criticises New York City over birth certificate change for trans man News item summary US (NY) 26 MAR
• NYSupCrt: Louis Leonard Birney v. New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene PDF 855.68kb, 19 MAR 12

Trans child committed to mental institution News item summary DE 26 MAR

Supreme Court Won't Consider Wisconsin Antitransgender Law News item summary US (DC) 26 MAR

Slovenian referendum rejects law allowing same-sex couples to adopt children in some cases News item summary SI 26 MAR

Supreme Court refuses domestic partner benefits challenge News item summary US (MI) 24 MAR

Chile: Lesbian judge whose sexuality ‘put daughters at risk' wins legal battle News item summary CL 23 MAR
• IntAmCtHR: Atala Riffo and Daughters v Chile Case PDF (in Spanish) 632.28kb, 24 FEB 12

Taiwanese court to hear same-sex household registration case News item summary TW 23 MAR

South Australia grants free vote on same-sex marriage News item summary AU (SA) 23 MAR

Slovenia to vote on homosexual rights in referendum News item summary SI 22 MAR

Northern Ireland Attorney General: Ban on gay adoption will remain News item summary IE 22 MAR

Indian government insists gay sex is ok News item summary IN 22 MAR

Finnish MPs seek to legalize same-sex marriage News item summary FI 21 MAR

Tribe considers recognizing same-sex marriages News item summary US (MI) 21 MAR

New Hampshire gay marriage repeal fails News item summary US (NH) 21 MAR

Council right to grant same-sex benefits News item summary US (WI) 20 MAR

'Married man' rule for gay pensioners addressed in marriage consultation News item summary UK 20 MAR

Supreme Court: Antidiscrimination Ruling Will Stand News item summary US (DC) 20 MAR

California's First Openly Gay Federal Judge Confirmed News item summary US (DC) 17 MAR

Opponents flooding marriage survey News item summary AU 16 MAR

Italy court rules gays have right to 'family life' News item summary IT 16 MAR

European Ruling Against Lesbian Trying to Adopt News item summary FR 15 MAR
• ECtHR: V Gas & N Dubois v. France PDF 194.98, 15 MAR 12

Swiss edge closer to gay adoption News item summary CH 15 MAR

South Carolina City Adopts Non-discrimination Ordinance News item summary US (SC) 15 MAR

Government publishes proposals and opens consultation on same sex marriage News item summary UK 15 MAR
Home Office: Equal Civil Marriage: a consultation PDF 326.08kb, 15 MAR 12
Home Office: Impact Assessment PDF 390.36kb, 09 JAN 12

Gay father wins right to see son raised by lesbian couple News item summary UK 15 MAR
• Judgment: A v B and C 14 MAR 12

Delaware court order protects same-sex couple News item summary US (DE) 14 MAR

Judge Scraps Anti-Gay Rights Spin from Ballot Title News item summary US (WA) 13 MAR
• Order Granting Petitions: Preserve of Marriage Washington v. State of Washington et al PDF 197.46kb, 13 MAR 12

Omaha narrowly approves law to protect gays from discrimination News item summary US (NE) 13 MAR

European Parliament adopts law protecting gay succession News item summary EU 13 MAR

Lords pass bill erasing archaic anti-gay convictions News item summary UK 13 MAR

Denmark to legalize same-sex marriage this year News item summary DK 13 MAR

Episcopal Church Releases Draft of Same-Sex Union Rites News item summary US (NY) 12 MAR

Students could be asked their sexual preferences on university application forms News item summary US (CA) 12 MAR

St Petersburg governor signs gay hate law News item summary RU 11 MAR

Malaysian Court Upholds Ban on Sexuality Rights Festival, "Seksualiti Merdeka" News item summary MY 09 MAR

Gay, married immigrant spared from deportation News item summary US (TX) 09 MAR

Yahoo censors profiles containing 'sex' News item summary INTNL 09 MAR

Lesbian couple must share custody, Ohio court decides News item summary US (OH) 08 MAR

Malta Gay and Lesbian Couples May Get Legal Recognition News item summary MT 08 MAR

Utah senate votes to stop discussion of homosexuality in schools News item summary US (UT) 08 MAR

District of Columbia Council gives final approval to bill making gay divorce easier News item summary US (DC) 06 MAR

Lesbian couple can both be mother, Israel court rules News item summary IL 06 MAR

Policy Clarified for Vets Changing Gender Markers News item summaryUS (DC) 05 MAR

Add the Words proposed bill gets second chance News item summary US (ID) 04 MAR

Brazilian gay couple has child by IVF News item summary BR 03 MAR

Same Sex Couple Fights for Custody of Child News item summary US (OK) 03 MAR

Gay partners of county workers to get insurance News item summary US (PA) 03 MAR

Same-sex adoptions nod News item summary AU (TAS) 03 MAR

Lithuania ignores UN Human Rights Council recommendations on LGBT rights News item summary LT 02 MAR

Maryland legalizes same-sex marriage; challenge looms News item summary US (MD) 01 MAR

Top court to hear transgender case News item summary HK 01 MAR

Children in LGBT families of color face double stigma News item summary US 01 MAR
• Report: LGBT Children of Color: Facts at a glance PDF 1019.20kb, JAN 12

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