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May 2012

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Colombia grants gay couples right to express affection publicly News item summary CO 27 MAY

Brazil takes first steps to legalizing gay marriage News item summary BR 25 MAY

Gays still second class in new Moldova equality law News item summary MD 25 MAY

Chile to cover sex change operations News item summary CL 25 MAY

Brazil Close To Outlawing Discrimination Against Gays News item summary BR 25 MAY

Doma ruled unconstitutional for denying benefits to same-sex couples News item summary US (CA) 25 MAY

Parliament strongly condemns homophobic laws and violence in Europe News item summary EU 24 MAY
• European Parliament: European Parliament resolution of 24 May 2012 on the fight against homophobia in Europe 24 MAY 12

Kaliningrad region may pass anti-gay law News item summary RU 24 MAY

Third gender finally recognized in Nepal News item summary NP 24 MAY

A Way Out of the Same-Sex Marriage Mess News item summary US (MI) 23 MAR

Lesbian couple exiled from village in Punjab News item summary IN 23 MAY

American gay dad wins Colombian custody battle News item summary CO 23 MAY

Philippine police fine with gay cops News item summary PH 21 MAY

Ukrainian Parliament discusses law amendments banning the promotion of homosexuality News item summary UA 20 MAY
• Ukranian Legislature: Draft Law on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts (concerning children's rights to secure information space) No 8711, 20 JUN 11 (in Ukranian)

State panel calls for legal surrogacy for same-sex couples News item summary IL 20 MAY

2012 ILGA State-Sponsored Homophobia Report: 40% of UN Members still criminalize same-sex sexual acts News item summary BG 17 MAY
• Report: State-Sponsored Homphobia PDF 589.01kb, 16 MAY 12

Justice Department implements LGBT inclusive prisoner protections News item summary US (DC) 19 MAY
• DoJ Executive Summary: National Standards to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Prison Rape PDF 150.09kb, 16 MAY 12
• Complete Rule: National Standards to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Prison Rape 28 CFR Part 115 Docket No. OAG-131; AG Order No. RIN 1105-AB34 PDF 1.84MB, 17 MAY 12

French prime minister promises to implement equal marriage and adoption rights for gays News item summary FR 18 MAY

Buenos Aires open city for marriages of opposite of same sex partners News item summary AR 18 MAY

Malawi will lift ban on gay sex, promises president News item summary MW 18 MAY

Divorce Becomes Legal in Maryland Before Marriage News item summary US (MD) 18 MAY
• Opinion: Jessica Port v. Virginia Anne Cowan No 69 2011 PDF 51.16kb, 18 MAY 12

Israeli government rejects gay marriage bill News item summary IL 16 MAY

City in Kansas votes to outlaw discrimination against gays amid push to exempt churches News item summary US (KS) 15 MAY

ILGA-Europe launches its very first Annual Review of Human Rights Situation LGBTI in Europe and updated Rainbow Map News item summary BE 15 MAY

Virginia Lawmakers Say No to Gay Judge on Bench News item summary US (VA) 15 MAY

Human Rights Campaign: Romney's Adoption Remark Trivializes Gay Inequalities News item summary US (DC) 15 MAY

Lincoln passes gay rights ordinance; opponents vow referendum News item summary US (NE) 14 MAY

Rhode Island Will Recognize Same-Sex Marriages From Other States News item summary US (RI) 14 MAY

Croatia to recognise same-sex marriage unions News item summary HR 12 MAY

Ontario trans rights bill gets all-party support News item summary CA (ON) 11 MAY

Mexico grants social security benefits to gay couples News item summary MX 11 MAY

Colombian Catholic priest's gay partner wins his pension News item summary CO 11 MAY

Colorado Civil Unions Bill Dies in Procedural Impasse News item summary US (CO) 09 MAY

President Obama Supports Same-Sex Marriage News item summary US (DC) 09 MAY

Chile approves hate-crime law after gay bashing News item summary CL 09 MAY

Argentina makes sex-change surgery a legal right News item summary AR 09 MAY

North Carolina passes ban on gay marriage News item summary US (NC) 09 MAY

Transgender protection bill passes Assembly News item summary US (NY) 07 MAY

Maine SJC Rules in Gestational Surrogate Case News item summary US (ME) 07 MAY
• Maine Supreme Judicial Court: Robert Nolan et al v. Kristen LaBree et al 2012 ME 61 PDF 95.58kb, 03 MAY 12

California Court of Appeal Rules for Same-Sex Partner in Inheritance News item summary US (CA) 05 MAY
• 4th Appellate District, Division Three: Brent Beckwith v. Susan Dahl G044479 PDF 258.34kb, 03 MAY 12

South Australia IVF bill passes Upper House News item summary AU (SA) 04 MAY

U.K. Gay Sex 'Offenders' to Get Clean Slate News item summary UK 03 MAY

GLAD Publishes Groundbreaking Transgender Family Law Book News item summary US (MA) 03 MAY

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