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November 2012

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30 November 2012

Judge: Churches canít defend Ill. gay marriage ban News item summary US (IL) 30 NOV
• Decision: James Darby et al v. David Orr, Tanya Lazaro et al v. David Orr 12-CH-19718, 12-CH-19719 PDF 413.98kb, 30 NOV 12

Judge Upholds Nevada Marriage Ban News item summary US (NV) 30 NOV
• Order: Beverly Sevcik et al v. Brian Sandovel et al 2:12-cv-00578-RCJ-PAL PDF 210.30kb, 26 NOV 12

Gay couple file challenge to Singapore law that criminalizes gay sex News item summary SG 30 NOV

Transgender father-of-three wins right to help raise his girls after lengthy custody battle News item summary AU (NSW) 30 NOV
• Judgment: Parer & Taub (No. 2) [2012] FMCAfam 1250, 19 NOV 12

29 November 2012

Taiwan court to rule on 'milestone' gay marriage case News item summary TW 29 NOV

A Bill, Prohibiting Gender Reassignment, Proposed to the Agenda of the New Parliament News item summary LT 29 NOV
• Bill: Article 2.27 Replacement XIIP-17 (in Lithuanian) PDF 21 NOV 12

Marriage equality bill introduced in Western Australia News item summary AU (WA) 29 NOV
• Bill: Marriage Equality Bill 2012 PDF 307.80kb, 29 NOV 12

Polandís Supreme Court says same-sex partners have inheritance right News item summary PL 29 NOV

28 November 2012

'Kill the Gays' Bill: Ugandan Activists Confirm Death Penalty Not Removed News item summary UG 28 NOV

26 November 2012

Murder and being gay listed as expulsion reasons from Turkish army News item summary TR 26 NOV

25 November 2012

UN rules Russian 'gay gag' law violates human rights News item summary CH 25 NOV
• Human Rights Committee: Communication No. 1932/2010 CCPR/C/106/D/1932/2010 PDF 153.0kb, 19 NOV 12

24 November 2012

Same-sex case ruling favors gay employee News item summary US (CA) 24 NOV
• Order: In the Matter of Christopher Nathan EDR No. 12-003 PDF 92.00kb, 21 NOV 12

Maine Judge: No Unlawful Discrimination in Transgender Girl's Case News item summary US (ME) 24 NOV

23 November 2012

Uganda drops death penalty from anti-gay bill News item summary UG 23 NOV

22 November 2012

ILGA-Europe applauds the inclusion of gender identity in Eurobarometer 2012 News item summary CY 22 NOV
• European Commission: Special Eurobarometer - Discrimination in the EU 2012 PDF 6.14MB, 22 NOV 12

Conservatives quash anti-bullying motion News item summary CA (ON) 22 NOV

First openly gay court of appeal judge appointed News item summary US (CA) 22 NOV

Moscow lawmakers reject 'gay gag' bill News item summary RU 22 NOV

Same-sex parents to get new rights News item summary IE 22 NOV

21 November 2012

Illinois Public Health Department Policy Change Ensures Equal Protection for ALL Intended Parents News item summary US (IL) 21 NOV

UN Draft Resolution Against Extrajudicial Executions Includes Gender Identity News item summary US (NY) 21 NOV
• UN Press Release: General Assembly will condemn in the strongest terms use of extrajudicial executions, demand states end practice, under terms of text approved by Third Committee GA/SHC/4059 20 NOV 12

Illinois Public Health Department Policy Change Ensures Equal Protection for ALL Intended Parents News item summary US (IL) 21 NOV

Chilean president promises domestic partnership law by end of term News item summary CL 21 NOV

20 November 2012

Oklahoma appeals court orders name change in transgender case News item summary US (OK) 20 NOV
• Opinion: In the Matter of the Application of Steven Charles Harvey to Change His Name No. 110,048 PDF 186.59kb, 20 NOV 12

Trans legislation imminent on Day of Remembrance News item summary CA (ON) 20 NOV

Nova Scotia set to further protect trans rights News item summary CA (NS) 20 NOV

Judge suspends gender reassignment order for trans woman prisoner News item summary US (MA) 20 NOV

Italian gay man given paid leave for same-sex marriage News item summary IT 20 NOV

Greater LGBT protections under new federal anti-discrimination law News item summary AU 20 NOV
• Draft Bill: Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 PDF 1016.06kb, 16 NOV 12
• Fact Sheet: Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012 PDF 198.99kbkb, 20 NOV 12

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19 November 2012

Syracuse adds protections based on gender identity to 'Fair Practices Law' News item summary US (NY) 19 NOV
• Draft Law: A Local Law of the City of Syracuse amending the Syracuse Fair Practices Law to extend protections to persons based on gender identity and/or gender expression PDF 87.76kb, 15 NOV 12

Southeast Asian human rights declaration excludes sexual orientation and gender identity News item summary KH 19 NOV

18 November 2012

Employment Authority to decide on 'dirty homosexual' slur News item summary NZ 18 NOV

16 November 2012

Lesbian Attorney Becomes Federal Magistrate Judge in Illinois News item summary US (IL) 16 NOV

Man Wins Case Against Employer Who Demoted Him for Facebook Comments News item summary UK 16 NOV
• Judgment: Adrian Smith v. Trafford Housing Trust [2012] EWHC 3221 (Ch) PDF 251.29kb, 16 NOV 12

15 November 2012

Bias law exemption fails News item summary AU (TAS) 15 NOV
• Bill Anti-Discrimination Amendment Bill 2012 PDF 344.73kb, 24 SEP 12

14 November 2012

Obama names gay black judge to Florida court News item summary US (DC) 14 NOV

Ministry of Internal Affairs validates same sex partnerships News item summary IT 14 NOV
• Ministero dell'Interno: Union between persons of the same sex. Residence permit pursuant to Legislative Decree 30/2007 (in Italian) PDF 409.08kb, 26 OCT 12

Nebraska city council implements protections for LGBT city employees News item summary US (NE) 14 NOV

Court hears appeal in same-sex couples tax case News item summary US (AK) 14 NOV

The Impact of H. v. Finland: Law invalidating post-operative transsexual marriage upheld News item summary FI 14 NOV
• Judgment: Case of H. v. Finland 13 NOV 12

Uruguay congress considers same-sex marriage law News item summary UY 14 NOV

Reps support senate to outlaw same-sex marriage News item summary NG 14 NOV

13 November 2012

Supreme Court Delays Marriage Equality Cases News item summary US (DC) 13 NOV

10 November 2012

Judge: Parents have no right to know what homosexual activist taught their children in school News item summary CA (ON) 10 NOV

09 November 2012

Financial Planning for Same-Sex Couples: 5 Tips You Can't Afford to Ignore News item summary US 09 NOV

08 November 2012

Voters in Two Kansas Cities Repeal Antidiscrimination Laws News item summary US (KS) 08 NOV

San Francisco Offers Transgender Health Care As Part Of City's Universal Health Care Plan News item summary US (CA) 08 NOV

Bologna's new law means you're better off dead News item summary IT 08 NOV

Churches force Malawi to backtrack on suspending anti-gay laws News item summary MW 08 NOV

07 November 2012

US 2012: Washington state passes same-sex marriage News item summary US (WA, ME, MD, MN) 07 NOV

French government approves gay marriage bill News item summary FR 07 NOV

'Gay painter' jibe not defamation rules Scottish court News item summary UK 07 NOV
• Opinion: George Cowan v. Mark Bennett A218/11, 05 NOV 12

06 November 2012

Centre for LGBT Equality: Marković has to Apologize Immediately News item summary HR 06 NOV

Slovakia parliament rejects gay partnership law News item summary SK 06 NOV

Same-sex marriage upheld by Spain's highest court News item summary ES 06 NOV

PFLAG China confronts national adoption agency ban on gay couples News item summary CN 06 NOV
• Statement: Homosexual adoption of children (in Chinese), 12 OCT 05

Malawi suspends laws banning same-sex relationships News item summary MW 06 NOV

03 November 2012

Tokyo court rejects family registry suit by man with GID News item summary JP 03 NOV

Bermuda to ban anti-gay discrimination News item summary BM 03 NOV

02 November 2012

Adoption agency cannot change its objects to exclude gay couples, tribunal rules News item summary UK 02 NOV
• Judgment: Catholic Care (Diocese of Leeds) v. Charity Commission for England and Wales FTC/52/2011 PDF 233.01kb, 28 SEP 12

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