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October 2012

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Gay Couples May Want to File a Protective Tax Refund Claim News item summary US 31 OCT

Dallas County Approves Domestic Partner Insurance Subsidy That Includes Same-Sex Couples News item summary US (TX) 31 OCT

European Court finds Turkey guilty of violating rights of gay prisoner News item summary FR 31 OCT
• Judgment: X v. Turkey 24626/09 (in French), 09 OCT 12
• Press Release: Turkish authorities should not have placed a prisoner in solitary confinement because of his sexual orientation in conditions that did not respect human dignity ECHR 370 (2012) (in English) PDF 185.88kb, 09 OCT 12

Eleven trans arrested in Kuwait News item summary KW 30 OCT

Gay sperm donor told to pay for 'his' daughters News item summary UK 29 OCT

Judge allows domestic violence case to go forward News item summary US (MT) 29 OCT

Supreme Court plans to conference Prop 8 case on November 20 News item summary US (DC) 29 OCT

Same-sex couple suing over death certificate News item summary US (IA) 28 OCT

Human Rights Watch: Cameroon must protect lawyers from anti-gay threats News item summary US (NY) 26 OCT

Justice Department Asks Supreme Court to Prioritize Edie Windsor Case News item summary US (DC) 26 OCT

Italy takes first step to make gay hate illegal News item summary IT 25 OCT

Two men acquitted under new U.S. gay hate crime law News item summary US (KY) 25 OCT

Senegal men jailed for gay sex News item summary SN 24 OCT

County extends benefits to same-sex spouses News item summary US (MD) 24 OCT

New Jersey rules against group in civil union case News item summary US (NJ) 24 OCT
• Findings, Determination and Order: Harriet Bernstein , Luisa Pastor et al v. Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association OAL Docket No CRT 6145-09, DCR Docket No. PN34XB-03008 PDF 815.86kb, 22 OCT 12

Judge’s anger at light sentence for anti-gay neighbour News item summary UK 23 OCT

New York Court Throws Out Challenge to Marriage Equality Law News item summary US (NY) 23 OCT

BC funds phalloplasty for trans men News item summary CA (BC) 19 OCT

Tasmanian intersex discrimination plans hailed as 'world first' News item summary AU (TAS) 21 OCT
• Bill 45: Anti-Discrimination Amendment Act 2012 PDF 344.73kb, 24 SEP 12

Court official faces same-sex marriage fraud charges News item summary US (UA) 19 OCT

Cebu becomes first province in the Philippines to pass anti-discrimination law News item summary PH 19 OCT

France Delays Debate on Gay Marriage News item summary FR 19 OCT

Court rejects petition, leaves Civil Union Law intact News item summary IL 18 OCT

Same-sex marriage alternative Bill introduced to Parliament News item summary AU (SA) 18 OCT
• Bill: Civil Partnerships Bill 2012 PDF 69.46kb, 18 OCT 12

Gay couple win lawsuit against B&B which refused them News item summary UK 18 OCT
• Judgment: Michael Black & John Morgan v. Susanne Wilkinson No. 0UD02282 PDF 734.95kb, 18 SEP 12

Northern Ireland gay adoption ban ruled unlawful News item summary UK 18 OCT
• Judgment: The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission's Application [2012] NIQB 77, 18 OCT 12

Federal Appeals Court Rules DOMA Unconstitutional in Windsor Case News item summary US (NY) 18 OCT
• Opinion: Edith S Windsor v. USA PDF 198.29kb, 18 OCT 12

California Enacts Landmark Legislation Giving Same Sex Parents Via Surrogacy Equal Parenting Rights News item summary US (CA) 17 OCT
• Legislation: Assembly Bill No. 1217

Jamaica: Petition before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) News item summary UK / US (DC) 16 OCT

City Council Passes Non-Discrimination Ordinance News item summary US (TN) 16 OCT
• Ordinance 5470: An ordinanance to amend Chapter 3 of the City of Memphis Code of Ordinances to include nondiscirimnation based upon national origin, ethnicity, age, and disability. [With amendment adding sexual orientation] PDF 9.26kb, 20 SEP 12

Judge upholds gay hate-crime law, allows Kentucky case to proceed News item summary US (KY) 16 OCT
• Memorandum Opinion and Order: USA v. AR Jenkins & DA Jenkins PDF 268.96kb, 15 OCT 12

Court rejects transgender rape acquittal News item summary SE 16 OCT

Governor signs the Equality Bill over the weekend - Stakeholders outraged at disregard for their views News item summary TC 16 OCT
• Turks & Caicos Government: Equality Bill 2012 PDF 1.02MB, 13 SEP 12

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Gay asylum seeker loses deportation fight News item summary UK 15 OCT

Court of Bahia regulates gay marriage News item summary (in Portugese) BR 13 OCT

Court upholds Alabama act banning same-sex marriage News item summary US (AL) 13 OCT

Malaysian Court Rejects Challenge to Cross-Dressing Ban News item summary MY 11 OCT
• EqualRightsTrust: The Equal Rights Trust Legal Brief For Kanalesingam PDF 488.74kb, 06 JUL 12

Australian parliament rejects motion in favour of marriage equality News item summary AU 11 OCT

Italian cops have their gay families recognized News item summary IT 10 OCT

Chilean armed forces promise commission to protect gay rights News item summary CL 10 OCT

France sets date to say 'oui' for equal marriage News item summary FR 10 OCT

Pueblo City Council passes same-sex benefits News item summary US (CO) 09 OCT

Ontario alters gender-change rules News item summary CA (ON) 09 OCT

Obama administration issues written deportation guidelines News item summary US (DC) 09 OCT
• Memorandum: Applicability of Prosecutorial Discretion Memoranda to Certain Family Relationships PDF 131.76kb, 05 OCT 12

No plans to expunge sodomy convictions News item summary AU (NSW) 05 OCT

South Australia moves on marriages, civil partnerships News item summary AU (SA) 08 OCT

Brazil state of Rio annuls gay protection law News item summary BR 05 OCT

Court of Appeal dismisses application by transsexual for MyKad change News item summary MY 05 OCT

Gay Illegal Immigrant Denied Protection in US News item summary US (CO) 05 OCT
• Opinion: Neri-Garcia v. Holder No. 11-9566 PDF 36.64kb, 03 OCT 12

Supreme Court: Failure to disclose HIV to sex partners not always a crime News item summary CA (ON) 05 OCT
• Judgment: R. v. Mabior 2012 SCC 47, 05 OCT 12
• Judgment: R. v. D.C. 2012 SCC 48, 05 OCT 12

Gay wedding goes ahead in China despite official hindrance News item summary CN 04 OCT

European Court of Human Rights looks into second parent adoption in same-sex family case News item summary EU 04 OCT
• Press Release: Grand Chamber hearing concerning second-parent adoption in as same-sex relationship ECHR 365 (2012) PDF 150.76kb, 03 OCT 12

Russian court backs St Petersburg’s anti-gay law News item summary RU 03 OCT

Gay couple win right to be parents of twin boys in legal first after Indian surrogate mother vanished before giving consent News item summary UK 02 OCT
• Judgment: D and L (Surrogacy) [2012] EWHC 2631 (Fam), 28 SEP 12

Ukraine Parliament OK's Bill Criminalizing Gay 'Propaganda' News item summary UA 02 OCT

Court notice to Centre, States on transgender issue News item summary IN 02 OCT

California: Brown Vetoes Multiparent Protection Law News item summary US (CA) 01 OCT
• Veto Message: Bill No SB 1476 30 SEP 12

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