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October 2012

StarDallas County Approves Domestic Partner Insurance Subsidy That Includes Same-Sex Couples News item summary US (TX) 31 OCT

StarSupreme Court plans to conference Prop 8 case on November 20 News item summary US (DC) 29 OCT

StarJustice Department Asks Supreme Court to Prioritize Edie Windsor Case News item summary US (DC) 26 OCT

StarCounty extends benefits to same-sex spouses News item summary US (MD) 24 OCT

StarNew York Court Throws Out Challenge to Marriage Equality Law News item summary US (NY)

StarCourt official faces same-sex marriage fraud charges News item summary US (UA) 19 OCT

StarFrance Delays Debate on Gay Marriage News item summary FR 19 OCT

StarCourt rejects petition, leaves Civil Union Law intact News item summary IL 18 OCT

StarSame-sex marriage alternative Bill introduced to Parliament News item summary AU (SA) 18 OCT
• Bill: Civil Partnerships Bill 2012 PDF 69.46kb, 18 OCT 12

StarFederal Appeals Court Rules DOMA Unconstitutional in Windsor Case News item summary US (NY) 18 OCT
• Opinion: Edith S Windsor v. USA PDF 198.29kb, 18 OCT 12

StarCourt of Bahia regulates gay marriage News item summary (in Portugese) BR 13 OCT

StarCourt upholds Alabama act banning same-sex marriage News item summary US (AL) 13 OCT

StarAustralian parliament rejects motion in favour of marriage equality News item summary AU 11 OCT

StarItalian cops have their gay families recognized News item summary IT 10 OCT

StarFrance sets date to say 'oui' for equal marriage News item summary FR 10 OCT

StarPueblo City Council passes same-sex benefits News item summary US (CO) 09 OCT

StarSouth Australia moves on marriages, civil partnerships News item summary AU (SA) 08 OCT

StarGay wedding goes ahead in China despite official hindrance News item summary CN 04 OCT

November 2012

StarJudge: Churches can’t defend Ill. gay marriage ban News item summary US (IL) 30 NOV
• Decision: James Darby et al v. David Orr, Tanya Lazaro et al v. David Orr 12-CH-19718, 12-CH-19719 PDF 413.98kb, 30 NOV 12

StarJudge Upholds Nevada Marriage Ban News item summary US (NV) 30 NOV
• Order: Beverly Sevcik et al v. Brian Sandovel et al 2:12-cv-00578-RCJ-PAL PDF 210.30kb, 26 NOV 12

StarTaiwan court to rule on 'milestone' gay marriage case News item summary TW 29 NOV

StarMarriage equality bill introduced in Western Australia News item summary AU (WA) 29 NOV
• Bill: Marriage Equality Bill 2012 PDF 307.80kb, 29 NOV 12

StarChilean president promises domestic partnership law by end of term News item summary CL 21 NOV

StarItalian gay man given paid leave for same-sex marriage News item summary IT 20 NOV

StarThe Impact of H. v. Finland: Law invalidating post-operative transsexual marriage upheld News item summary FI 14 NOV
• Judgment: Case of H. v. Finland 13 NOV 12

StarUruguay congress considers same-sex marriage law News item summary UY 14 NOV

StarReps support senate to outlaw same-sex marriage News item summary NG 14 NOV

StarSupreme Court Delays Marriage Equality Cases News item summary US (DC) 13 NOV

StarFinancial Planning for Same-Sex Couples: 5 Tips You Can't Afford to Ignore News item summary US 09 NOV

StarBologna's new law means you're better off dead News item summary IT 08 NOV

StarUS 2012: Washington state passes same-sex marriage News item summary US (WA, ME, MD, MN) 07 NOV

StarFrench government approves gay marriage bill News item summary FR 07 NOV

StarSlovakia parliament rejects gay partnership law News item summary SK 06 NOV

StarSame-sex marriage upheld by Spain's highest court News item summary ES 06 NOV

December 2012

StarWisconsin court rules in favor of same-sex domestic registry News item summary US (WI) 21 DEC
• Decision: Julaine K. Appling & Ors v. James E. Doyla & Ors 2011AP1572 PDF 155.48kb, 20 DEC 12

StarTaiwan: 'Milestone' equal marriage case sent to top court News item summary TW 20 DEC

StarCourt of Justice standard requires registries of São Paulo to register gay marriage (in Portugese) News item summary BR 19 DEC

StarWestern Australia's first Relationship Declaration Register News item summary AU (WA) 19 DEC

StarMontana Supreme Court Denies Benefits To Gay Couples ­ For Now News item summary US (MT) 18 DEC
• Opinion and Order: Jan Donaldson & Ors v. State of Montana 2012 MT 288 PDF 1.67MB, 17 DEC 12

StarVictorian Death Certificate 'partnership' status questioned News item summary AU (VIC) 17 DEC

StarThai government drafting same-sex civil partnership law News item summary TH 17 DEC

StarScotland first in UK to draft a same-sex marriage Bill News item summary UK 13 DEC
• Consultation draft: Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill PDF 326.07kb, 12 DEC 12

StarUruguay legalizes same sex marriage and rights by overwhelming majority News item summary UY 12 DEC

StarOpponents of gay marriage focus on tricky definition of consummation News item summary UK 10 DEC

StarFirst gay marriage ceremony held in Dutch Caribbean News item summary BQ 08 DEC

StarForeign gay unions to be recognized as UK civil partnerships News item summary UK 07 DEC
• Lergislation UK: The Civil Partnership Act 2004 (Overseas Relationships) Order 2012

StarSupreme Court to Hear Prop 8, DOMA Cases News item summary US (DC) 07 DEC
• Supreme Court Orders: Certiorari Granted PDF 47.09kb, 07 DEC 12

StarGregoire Signs Washington Gay Marriage Law News item summary US (WA) 06 DEC

StarMexico: Supreme Court strikes down gay marriage ban in Oaxaca News item summary MX 05 DEC

StarUS Supreme Court asked to rule on Nevada same-sex law News item summary US (NV) 05 DEC

StarIsraeli court grants first gay divorce News item summary IL 03 DEC

StarMaine Marriage Equality Law to Take Effect December 29 News item summary US (ME) 03 DEC

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July 2012

Star9th Circuit delays gay marriage ban review US (CA) 27 JUL

StarSame sex marriage has wide support NZ 27 JUL

StarCourt: A Civil Union in Vermont Is the Same as a Marriage in Massachusetts US (MA) 26 JUL

StarSame sex marriage to be legalised UK 25 JUL

StarBenefits cleared for same-sex partners US (DC) 21 JUL

StarLiberian Senate votes to ban gay marriage in constitution LR 20 JUL

StarScottish government rules out same-sex marriage referendum UK 17 JUL

StarDOMA headed to the Supreme Court? US (NY) 16 JUL

StarSingle vote denies Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians same-sex marriage amendment US (MI) 10 JUL

StarWhat About Divorce Among Same-Sex Couples? US 10 JUL

Forbidden Love DE 09 JUL

StarArizona same-sex partners benefits case goes to high court US (AZ) 09 JUL

StarLegal brief: Amendment One does not prohibit domestic partner benefits US (NC) 06 JUL

StarNew York court dismisses gay marriage challenge US (NY) 06 JUL

StarBLAG Request to Stop DOMA Challenge Denied US (CT) 05 JUL

StarSpanish court upholds same-sex marriage ES 05 JUL
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August 2012

StarBig step for civil partnerships PL 31 AUG

StarSame-sex bill passes first reading NZ 30 AUG
• New Zealand Parliament: Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill PDF 136.38, 31 MAY 12

StarMalta Gay Rights Movement 'disappointed' with cohabitation bill MT 28 AUG

StarGay unions move closer AU (TAS) 28 AUG
• Parliament of Tasmania: Same-sex Marriage Bill 2012 PDF 501.52kb, 28 AUG 12

StarTrial Judge Orders Prop 8 Case Closed, Outcome Hinges On Supreme Court Decision US (CA) 27 AUG
• Order: Kristin M Perry v. Arnold Schwarznegger C 09-02292 JW PDF 38.84kb, 27 AUG 12

StarSame-sex marriage bill to be introduced in France this October FR 26 AUG

StarJudge refuses lesbians a divorce US (OH) 24 AUG

StarMexican judge orders state to perform homosexual 'marriages' MX 23 AUG

StarMarriage equality bill to be co-sponsored AU (TAS) 23 AUG

StarAustralian Capital Territory passes new laws allowing same-sex civil unions AU (ACT) 23 AUG
• Bill: Civil Unions Bill 2011 PDF 221.49kb, 28 FEB 12

StarSão Paulo marries its first gay couple BR 19 AUG

StarHospital tells lesbian domestic partners "you need medical power of attorney" 19 AUG

StarSaS to propose new legislation on same-sex registered partnerships SK 15 AUG

StarIndianapolis City-County Council Approves Domestic Partner Benefits US (IN) 14 AUG

StarCounty Approves Same-Sex Benefits US (TX) 13 AUG

StarACT moves to legalise gay civil unions AU (ACT) 11 AUG

StarDemocratic Party Backs Same-Sex Marriage for 2012 Platform US (MI) 11 AUG

StarTop German court demands tax benefit for same-sex couples DE 08 AUG

StarFederal judge upholds Hawaii ban on same-sex marriage US (HI) 08 AUG

StarKentucky Gay Couple Allowed to File for Joint Bankruptcy US (KY) 07 AUG

StarCosta Rican government to support same-sex unions bill CR 06 AUG

StarLabor to back gay marriage laws in Tasmania AU (TAS) 05 AUG

StarGay couple in Taiwan continue fight for marriage recognition TW 02 AUG

StarSt. Petersburg begins registering same-sex couples US (FL) 01 AUG

StarDefense of Marriage Act Ruled Unlawful by U.S. Judge US (CT) 01 AUG

September 2012

StarTasmanian gay marriage bill defeated AU (TAS) 27 SEP

StarIllinois Court to hear oral arguments in Lambda Legal and ACLU marriage cases US (IL) 25 SEP

StarNevada Judge Cancels Oral Arguments In Gay Marriage Case US (NV) 20 SEP
• Amended Minute Order: Beverly Sevcik et al v. Brian Sandovel et al Case No: 2-12-CV-00578-RCJ-PAL PDF 45.25kb, 18 SEP 12

StarSenate votes against marriage equality AU 20 SEP

StarLabor’s Hyde to Introduce Second WA Marriage Bill AU (WA) 19 SEP

StarAustralian lawmakers uphold ban on gay marriage AU 19 SEP

StarAussies can weigh into NZ marriage debate NZ 18 SEP

StarCivil union registry debuts in Milan IT 18 SEP

StarSupreme Court sends domestic partner case back to appeals court US (WI) 18 SEP

StarMarriage equality in a changing world AU 17 SEP
• Position Paper: Marriage equality in a changing world PDF 152.72kb, 17 SEP 12

StarCity of Vincent to Introduce LGBT Inclusive Register AU (WA) 14 SEP

StarFourth marriage bill enters (Federal) Parliament AU (FED) 13 SEP
• Senate: Marriage Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2012 PDF 25.62kb, 10 SEP 12

StarWestern Australia becomes the latest state to introduce gay marriage bill AU (WA) 13 SEP

StarPueblo rejects same-sex partner benefits US (CO) 11 SEP

StarBrazilian notary registers trio as civil union BR 11 SEP

StarCuba Censors Axe Same-Sex Couples CU 07 SEP

StarA Thoughtful Guide to Same-Sex Marriage US 07 SEP
• Download: The Thoughtful Voter's Guide to Same-sex Marriage PDF 483.07kb, 28 AUG 12

StarChile sued for ban on gay marriage News item summary CL 05 SEP

StarProp 8, DOMA cases have been distributed for September 24 conference at the Supreme Court US (DC) 05 SEP

StarSpain's government can't retract gay marriage appeal ES 04 SEP

StarDemocrats Approve Marriage Equality Platform US (NC) 04 SEP
Moving America Forward: 2012 Democratic National Platform PDF 336.06kb, 28 AUG 12

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April 2012

StarSame sex marriage: HC orders protection for couple IN 26 APR

StarCivil unions bill passes Senate, heads to House US (CO) 26 APR

StarCity council approves same-sex partnership benefits US (WI) 25 APR

Survey into the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012 and the Marriage Amendment Bill 2012 shows 64% support for gay marriage AU 23 APR

StarTaiwanese gay couple suspends registration fight TW 20 APR

StarJustices of Rio convert stable same-sex union into marriage (in Portugese) BR 20 APR

StarEast Sydney Liberals vote for equality AU (NSW) 19 APR

StarBuddhists come out for equality AU (NSW) 19 APR

StarSame-sex marriage suit goes forward US (MN) 19 APR

StarACLU Asks Montana Supreme Court to Recognize Relationships of Same-Sex Couples US (MT) 13 APR

StarLiberian President backtracks on anti-gay comments LR 11 APR

StarDoes Arizona Partnership Case Offer Prop 8 Clue? US (AZ) 11 APR

StarSame-sex unions in Colombia up in 2011 CO 10 APR

StarGay rights group sues Nevada for same-sex marriage US (NV) 10 APR

StarForeign same-sex couple’s bid for divorce drags on CA (ON) 10 APR

StarLiberal National Party seeks legal brief on civil unions laws AU (QLD) 10 APR

StarLesbians denied divorce head to Court of Appeals US (MD) 08 APR

StarMarriage is banned, but Ohio judge divorces men US (OH) 06 APR

StarDiscrimination: Supreme Court rules against same-sex marriage in Chile (in Spanish) CL 05 APR

StarGay euphemisms dismissed from Taiwan's obits TW 05 APR

StarBoston Court hears anti-DOMA appeal US (MA) 04 APR

StarNew York judge dissolves Vermont same-sex civil union US (NY) 04 APR

StarLegislature to review bill allowing gay foreign couples to marry in Buenos Aires AR 03 APR

StarCourt rules Minnesota DOMA doesn't apply to some transgender marriages US (MN) 03 APR

StarSame-Sex Marriage Amendment In Ohio Gets Green Light US (OH) 03 APR

StarJersey's civil partnership law comes into force JE 02 APR

StarSenate Enquiry into the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2010 AU 02 APR

May 2012

StarColombia grants gay couples right to express affection publicly CO 27 MAY

StarBrazil takes first steps to legalizing gay marriage BR 25 MAY

StarDoma ruled unconstitutional for denying benefits to same-sex couples US (CA) 25 MAY

StarA Way Out of the Same-Sex Marriage Mess US (MI) 23 MAR

StarLesbian couple exiled from village in Punjab IN 23 MAY

StarFrench prime minister promises to implement equal marriage and adoption rights for gays FR 18 MAY

StarBuenos Aires open city for marriages of opposite of same sex partners AR 18 MAY

StarDivorce Becomes Legal in Maryland Before Marriage US (MD) 18 MAY

StarIsraeli government rejects gay marriage bill IL 16 MAY

StarRhode Island Will Recognize Same-Sex Marriages From Other States US (RI) 14 MAY

StarCroatia to recognise same-sex marriage unions HR 12 MAY

StarMexico grants social security benefits to gay couples MX 11 MAY

StarColorado Civil Unions Bill Dies in Procedural Impasse US (CO) 09 MAY

StarPresident Obama Supports Same-Sex Marriage US (DC) 09 MAY

StarNorth Carolina passes ban on gay marriage US (NC) 09 MAY

June 2012

StarLULAC Passes Resolution Supporting Marriage Equality US 30 JUN

StarPoland rejects civil partnerships but will get hate speech laws PL 30 JUN

StarRepublicans Appeal DOMA Case to Supreme Court US (MA) 29 JUN

StarMotion for cohabitation bill's first reading presented MT 28 JUN

StarCharlotte council approves domestic partner benefits … US (NC) 26 JUN

Star'Allow same-sex marriage': Senate Inquiry AU 25 JUN

StarNewman Government renames and amends Civil Partnerships Act in parliament AU (QLD) 21 JUN

StarVietnam government consults on same-sex marriage VN 20 JUN

StarParliament inquiry into legalizing same-sex marriage in Australia published AU 18 JUN

StarIllinois Sides With Gay Couples in Marriage Equality Cases, Says Ban Is Unconstitutional US (IL) 14 JUN

StarUruguay To Consider Gay Marriage UY 14 JUN

StarOpponents block gay marriage in Washington state US (WA) 14 JUN

StarAmended civil union laws retained in Queensland AU (QLD) 13 JUN

StarUruguay recognizes its first foreign gay marriage UY 11 JUN

StarA Financial Checklist for Same-Sex Couples US 07 JUN

StarDenmark approves same-sex marriage and church weddings DK 07 JUN

StarHuman Rights Commission votes against bill extending economic benefits to same-sex couples CR 06 JUN

StarGay marriage bill introduced in Victoria AU (VIC) 06 JUN

StarDefense of Marriage Act unconstitutional: judge US (NY) 06 JUN

StarNinth Circuit Order: Denial of Petition for Rehearing En Banc in Prop. 8 case US (CA) 06 JUN

StarDefense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, federal appeals court declares US (MA) 01 JUN

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January 2012

StarWashington Senate to vote on gay marriage bill Wednesday US (WA) 31 JAN

StarMarriage made easier for same-sex couples AU (FED) 27 JAN

StarState of Maine to vote on gay marriage? US (ME) 26 JAN

StarCity of Clayton passes ordinance allowing same-sex relationship registry US (MO) 24 JAN

StarMaryland Governor Introduces Marriage Equality Bill US (MD) 24 JAN

StarNew Jersey governor says he'd veto gay marriage bill US (NJ) 24 JAN

StarCourt ruling a win for same-sex marriage US (MN) 23 JAN

StarCuba may allow gay civil unions says Mariela Castro CU 18 JAN

StarCivil unions bill introduced in Colorado Legislature US (CO) 13 JAN

StarJustice Minister declares all same-sex marriages legal and valid CA (ON) 13 JAN

StarJersey recognises civil partnerships JE 13 JAN

StarSame-sex marriages put on hold in Cancun resort areas MX 12 JAN

StarCanada says marriages of foreign gays invalid CA (ON) 12 JAN

StarFinancial advice for gay couples US (DE) 11 JAN

StarLoophole could force Colorado churches to open facilities for same-sex civil unions US (CO) 06 JAN

StarJudge Won't Block New Hawaii Civil Union Law US (HI) 03 JAN

StarSame-Sex Marriages Legal in Cancun MX 01 JAN

February 2012

StarLiberia Considers Bill Criminalizing Same-Sex Marriages LR 27 FEB

StarWoman born a man enters civil partnership with female IE 27 FEB

StarMaryland gay marriage bill on way to governor US (MD) 23 FEB

StarUS Defense of Marriage Act ruled unconstitutional US (CA) 23 FEB

StarOrange County, Florida To Allow Domestic-Partner Registry US (FL) 22 FEB

StarHawaii Governor Won't Defend State's Gay Marriage Ban US (HI) 22 FEB

StarMaryland Gay Marriage Bill Approved By Senate Committee US (MD) 21 FEB

StarProp 8 appeal heading to full circuit US (CA) 21FEB

StarGay Marriage Bill Passes Key Hurdle In Maryland US (MD) 17 FEB

StarSame-sex marriage law change addresses divorce CA (FED) 17 FEB

N.J. governor vetoes same-sex marriage bill US (NJ) 17 FEB

StarNo Immediate Veto From Christie on Gay Marriage US (NJ) 17 FEB

StarDelegate introduces bill for gay, lesbian civil unions US (WV) 16 FEB

StarColorado Senate Panel Advances Civil Unions Bill US (CO) 16 FEB

StarState of South Australia closer to marriage equality AU (SA) 15 FEB

StarMaryland advances gay marriage bill on Valentine's Day US (MD) 14 FEB

StarGregoire signs same-sex marriage bill US (WA) 13 FEB

StarNew Jersey Senate OKs gay marriage; Gov. vows veto US (NJ) 13 FEB

StarGovernor Gregoire to sign gay marriage bill on Monday US (WA) 09 FEB

StarWashington state House passes gay marriage bill US (WA) 08 FEB

StarMarriage Equality Bill Introduced in Illinois US (IL) 08 FEB

Proposition 8 unconstitutional. Same-sex couples have a right to get married US (CA)08 FEB

StarQueensland same-sex unions set to begin AU (QLD) 04 FEB

StarWashington Senate Passes Marriage Equality Bill US (WA) 01 FEB

March 2012

StarSame-Sex Marriage in the Anglosphere INT 31 MAR

StarNorth Carolina ban confusing but likely to pass US (NC) 30 MAR

StarGay banker and West End star in £1.4million divorce UK 29 MAR

StarFederal Court Decisions Chip Away at Same-Sex Marriage Ban US 27 MAR

StarPortrait of same-sex union shows Jesus' blessing 27 MAR

StarSupreme Court refuses domestic partner benefits challenge US (MI) 24 MAR

StarTaiwanese court to hear same-sex household registration case TW 23 MAR

StarSA grants free vote on same-sex marriage AU (SA) 23 MAR

StarFinnish MPs seek to legalize same-sex marriage FI 21 MAR

StarTribe considers recognizing same-sex marriages US (MI) 21 MAR

StarNew Hampshire gay marriage repeal fails US (NH) 21 MAR

StarCouncil right to grant same-sex benefits US (WI) 20 MAR

StarOpponents flooding marriage survey AU 16 MAR

StarItaly court rules gays have right to 'family life' IT 16 MAR

StarGovernment publishes proposals and opens consultation on same sex marriage UK 15 MAR

StarDelaware court order protects same-sex couple US (DE) 14 MAR

StarJudge Scraps Anti-Gay Rights Spin from Ballot Title US (WA) 13 MAR

StarDenmark to legalize same-sex marriage this year DK 13 MAR

StarMalta Gay and Lesbian Couples May Get Legal Recognition MT 08 MAR

StarDistrict of Columbia Council gives final approval to bill making gay divorce easier US (DC) 06 MAR

StarMaryland legalizes same-sex marriage; challenge looms US (MD) 01 MAR

StarTop court to hear transgender case HK 01 MAR

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