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California Is First State to Ban Gay 'Cure' for Minors News item summary US (CA) 30 SEP

Middlebury lawyer Murray is Vermont lawyer of year News item summary US (VT) 30 SEP

Malawi backs down on legalizing gay acts News item summary MW 29 SEP

Foreign ministers agree on draft Commonwealth Charter and EPG recommendations News item summary CWTH 29 SEP

Same-Sex Couples Will Have Equal Access to Fertility Services News item summary US (CA) 28 SEP

Immigration Agents Will Consider Same-Sex Partnerships in Deportation Cases News item summary US (DC) 28 SEP
Napolitano letter to US House of Representatives PDF 51.69kb, 27 SEP 12

Tasmanian gay marriage bill defeated News item summary AU (TAS) 27 SEP

Minnesota Court acquits HIV man in transmission case News item summary US (MN) 25 SEP
• Opinion: Daniel James Rick v. State of Minnesota A12-0058 PDF 157.44kb, 24 SEP 12

Illinois Court to hear oral arguments in Lambda Legal and ACLU marriage cases News item summary US (IL) 25 SEP

Two Cameroonians sentenced to five years in prison for 'homosexual behavior' News item summary CM 22 SEP

Denmark to reconsider transgender refugee News item summary DK 20 SEP

Nevada Judge Cancels Oral Arguments In Gay Marriage Case News item summary US (NV) 20 SEP
• Amended Minute Order: Beverly Sevcik et al v. Brian Sandovel et al Case No: 2-12-CV-00578-RCJ-PAL PDF 45.25kb, 18 SEP 12

Senate votes against marriage equality News item summary AU 20 SEP

Labor's Hyde to Introduce Second WA Marriage Bill News item summary AU (WA) 19 SEP

Australian lawmakers uphold ban on gay marriage News item summary AU 19 SEP

Aussies can weigh into NZ marriage debate News item summary NZ 18 SEP

Civil union registry debuts in Milan News item summary IT 18 SEP

Nigeria gives man three months jail for gay sex News item summary NG 18 SEP

Supreme Court sends domestic partner case back to appeals court News item summary US (WI) 18 SEP

Marriage equality in a changing world News item summary AU 17 SEP
• Position Paper: Marriage equality in a changing world PDF 152.72kb, 17 SEP 12

Judge: Transsexual inmate should recoup legal fees News item summary US (MA) 17 SEP
• Memorandum and Order: Michelle L Kosilek v. Luis S Spencer No. 00-12455-MLW PDF 26.36kb, 16 SEP 12

Oklahoma judge refuses to let men planning sex-change operations have feminine names News item summary US (OK) 16 SEP

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School who refused HIV teen a place forced to pay out News item summary US (PA) 14 SEP
• DOJ ADA: Settlement Agreement PDF 12 SEP 12

Turkey rejects protection for gay rights News item summary TR 14 SEP

Russia's top court backs gay events ban News item summary RU 14 SEP

Sexual orientation and gender identity issues excluded from draft ASEAN human rights declaration News item summary PH 14 SEP

City of Vincent to Introduce LGBT Inclusive Register News item summary AU (WA) 14 SEP

Fourth marriage bill enters (Federal) Parliament News item summary AU (FED) 13 SEP
• Senate: Marriage Amendment Bill (No. 2) 2012 PDF 25.62kb, 10 SEP 12

Western Australia becomes the latest state to introduce gay marriage bill News item summary AU (WA) 13 SEP

Washington high court: Gay rights law not retroactive News item summary US (WA) 13 SEP
• Opinion: Debra Loeffelholz v. University of Washington & Ors No. 86511-6 PDF ?kb, 13 SEP 12

No Relief for Mom Who Labeled Kid Transgender News item summary US (KY) 12 SEP
• Opinion Affirming: Linda Williams v. David Frymire No. 2011-CA-001568-ME PDF 143.71kb, 31 AUG 12

Transsexuals have right to breasts News item summary DE 12 SEP

EU adopts Directive offering protection to victims of homophobic and transphobic crimes News item summary EU 12 SEP
• European Parliament: Directive P7_TA(2012)0327 18 SEP 12

Florida Man Discharged from Navy for Doing Gay Porn News item summary US 12 SEP

Court rules in favor of same-sex couple News item summary IL 12 SEP

Pueblo rejects same-sex partner benefits News item summary US (CO) 11 SEP

Brazilian notary registers trio as civil union News item summary BR 11 SEP

Zimbabwe shuts, sues and persecutes gay association News item summary ZW 10 SEP

Report calls for 'urgent change' to end gay hate in Moldova News item summary MD 10 SEP
• Amnesty International Report: Towards Equality: Discrimination in Moldova PDF 338.00kb, 04 SEP 12

Sex Crimes Committed Abroad, But Punishable in New Jersey News item summary US (NJ) 08 SEP
• Opinion: The State of New Jersey v. Michael Sumulikoski and Artur Sopel 11-12-02152-I PDF 187.19kb, 10 JUL 12

The first trans-gender legally recognized in Vietnam News item summary VN 08 SEP

Cuba Censors Axe Same-Sex Couples News item summary CU 07 SEP

A Thoughtful Guide to Same-Sex Marriage US 07 SEP
• Download: The Thoughtful Voter's Guide to Same-sex Marriage PDF 483.07kb, 28 AUG 12

Chile sued for ban on gay marriage News item summary CL 05 SEP

Prop 8, DOMA cases have been distributed for September 24 conference at the Supreme Court News item summary US (DC) 05 SEP

Federal judge orders Massachusetts to pay for killer's sex change News item summary US (MA) 05 SEP
• USDC: Michelle L Kosilek v. Luis S Spencer CA No 00-12455-MLW PDF 237.51kb, 04 SEP 12

Exclusive Brethren GP banned for prescribing gay 'cure' News item summary AU (NSW) 05 SEP
• MCNSW: Dr Mark Christopher James Craddock PDF 718.61kb, 03 SEP 12

Court reverses custody ruling for lesbian’s former partner News item summary US (OH) 04 SEP

Dads to get baby help News item summary AU 04 SEP
• DHS: Dad and Partner Pay

Spain's government can't retract gay marriage appeal News item summary ES 04 SEP

Democrats Approve Marriage Equality Platform News item summary US (NC) 04 SEP
Moving America Forward: 2012 Democratic National Platform PDF 336.06kb, 28 AUG 12

Leading private school and Adelaide man in legal tussle over wishes of his late partner News item summary AU (SA) 02 SEP

It's because we're gay News item summary ZA 01 SEP

In a legal first, a trans woman who was convicted of public indecency has her sentence altered News item summaryUK 02 SEP

Historic gay sex convictions will be able to be deleted from October News item summary UK 02 SEP

Crime)Lebanon justice minister says anal probe exams must end News item summary LB 01 SEP

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