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October 2013

StarParents Can Pick Babies' Gender on Birth Certificates News item summary DE 31 OCT

StarSame-sex couples entitled to same child benefits News item summary DE 23 OCT

StarUK Supreme Court rejects Northern Ireland Health Ministerís appeal against gay adoption News item summary UK (NI) 22 OCT

StarWoman Denied Rights in Same-Sex Custody Dispute News item summary US (MI) 22 OCT
• Opinion: Jennifer Stankevich aka Jennifer Milliron v. Leanne Milliron No. 310710 PDF 20.81kb, 17 OCT 13

StarNevada Supreme Court Gallops Ahead of New York on Co-Parenting News item summary US (NV) 15 OCT 13
• Opinion: Sha'kayla St. Mary v. Veronica Lynn Damon No 58315 PDF 208.94kb, 03 OCT 13

StarLesbian Co-Parent Claim Precluded By 22-Year-Old Case News item summary US (NY) 15 OCT

StarNorthern Ireland minister in last-ditch attempt to stop gay couples adopting News item summary UK (NI) 07 OCT

StarNew California Law Will Allow Children More Than Two Legal Parents News item summary US (CA) 07 OCT

November 2013

StarArkansas Supreme Court Overrules Child Visitation Ban for Cohabitating Gay Parents News item summary US (AR) 21 NOV
• Opinion: John Moix v. Libby Mois 2013 Ark. 478 PDF 758.90kb, 21 NOV 13

StarArkansas Man Appeals Ruling Barring Partner From Home News item summary US (AR) 08 NOV

StarFlorida Supreme Court Settles Lesbian Custody Battle News item summary US (FL) 07 NOV
• Opinion: D.M.T. v. T.M.H No. SC12-261 PDF 254.32kb, 06 NOV 13

StarIndiana Court Says Law Unclear on Same-Sex Custody News item summary US (IN) 01 NOV
• Opinion: A.C. v. N.J. 20A04-1301-DR-37 PDF 283,83kb, 31 OCT 13

December 2013

StarTransgender man recognized as father News item summary JP 12 DEC

StarNorthern Ireland lifts ban on allowing gay couples to adopt News item summary UK (NI) 11 DEC

StarBiological Versus Presumptive Mother in Same-Sex Relationship – Uniform Parentage Act News item summary US (CO) 05 DEC
• Opinion: In re the Parental Responsibilities of A.R.L., a Child and Concerning Elizabeth Limberis and Sabrina Havens 2013COA170, No. 13CA0342 PDF 93.68kb, 05 DEC 13

StarLaw change gives birth to a 'co-mother' News item summary DK 03 DEC

July 2013

StarCanadian court rules 10-year-old girl can legally have two dads News item summary CA (AB) 13 JUL
• Memorandum of Judgment: D.W.H. v D.J.R. 2013 ABCA 240 PDF 154.17kb, 05 JUL 13

StarNorth Carolina Attorney General Consents to ACLU Amending Lawsuit to Challenge Stateís Ban on Marriage for Same-Sex Couples News item summary US (NC) 12 JUL

StarPutin signs adoption ban on foreign gay couples into law News item summary RU 03 JUL

StarFederal judge rules same-sex adoption case can move forward; Trial date expected to be set July 10 News item summary US (MI) 01 JUL
• Opinion and Order: April Deboer et al v. Richard Snyder et al No. 12-cv-10285 PDF 27.39kb, 01 JUL 13

August 2013

StarGay Nebraska Couples Sue For Adoption Rights News item summary US (NE) 27 AUG
• Complaint and Praecipe: Greg Stewart et al v. Dave Heineman et al PDF 277.63kb, 27 AUG 13

StarAustria Becomes the 13rd European Country to Allow Same-Sex Second-Parent Adoption News item summary AT 01 AUG

StarAlabama judge validates lesbian momís visitation rights to her children News item summary US (AL) 01 AUG

September 2013

StarIsraeli Transgender Mom Recognized as Child's 'Father' in Same-Sex First News item summary IL 16 SEP

StarTransgender man denied legal claims to his son News item summary JP 14 SEP

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April 2013

StarSame-sex parent who pays support can seek custody: judge News item summary US (NY) 19 APR
• Order: Estrellita A. v. Jennifer D. Suffolk County Family Court, No. V-443-13. 02 April 2013

StarFrench senate backs adoption reforms News item summary FR 12 APR

StarGay couples a step closer to full adoption rights in Australian state of Tasmania News item summary AU (TAS) 09 APR
• Bill: Adoption Amendment Bill 2013 PDF 76.7kb

StarSame-sex ex granted natural parent status News item summary US (NM) 04 APR

StarBreaking New Ground In Kansas: Same-Sex Parental and Property Rights News item summary US (KS) 02 APR
• Syllabus by the Court: Marci Frazier v. Kelly Goudschaal No. 103487 PDF 156.02kb 22 February 2013

May 2013

StarLesbian forced from partner, two kids by Texas judge's 'morality clause' News item summary US (TX) 18 MAY

StarPortugal Approves Adoption Rights for Same-Sex Spouses News item summary PT 17 MAY

StarAG eases parenthood process for same-sex couples News item summary IL 12 MAY

StarIowa Supreme Court rules that birth certificates must name both same-sex parents News item summary US (IA) 03 MAY
• Opinion: Heather Martin Gartner and Melissa Gartner v. Iowa Department of Public Health No. 12-0243 PDF 151.16kb, 03 MAY 13

June 2013

StarTasmania legalises same-sex adoption News item summary AU (TAS) 28 JUN 13

StarCourt Dismisses Adoption Appeal News item summary IE 27 JUN

StarSame-Sex Couple Becomes First in Polk to Be Granted a Two-Parent Adoption News item summary US (FL) 23 JUN

StarHeeding Putin, Russian Duma backs ban on same-sex adoptions News item summary RU 21 JUN

StarRussian Lawmakers Back Ban on Adoption by Same-Sex Couples News item summary RU 18 JUN

StarTick for same-sex families News item summary AU 05 JUN
• Interim Report: The Australian Study of Child Health in Same-Sex Families (ACHESS) PDF 152.13kb, 31 MAY 13

January 2013

StarAdoption agency 'is discriminating' News item summary UK 24 JAN
• Report: St Margaret's Children and Family Care Society: Scottish charity number SC028551 PDF 181.70kb, 22 JAN 13

StarItalian Supreme Court of Cassation says gay parents are as good as straight ones News item summary IT 12 JAN
• Judgment: In the name of the Italian People n. 601/13 (in Italian) PDF 640.70kb, 11 JAN 13

StarBiological mom loses same-sex custody case News item summary US (PA) 07 JAN

StarHospital in Padua first to recognize gay parents News item summary IT 03 JAN

February 2013

StarCourt rules in same-sex child custody case News item summary US (KS) 22 FEB
• Opinion: Marcie Frazier v. Kelly Goudschaal No. 103,487 PDF 156.02kb, 19 FEB 13

StarPuerto Rico Denies Gays Right to Adopt Children News item summary PR 20 FEB

StarCustody battle involving Rep. Bishop's daughter spotlights NY gay marriage laws News item summary US (NY) 19 FEB

StarGay adoption laws strengthened for civil partners News item summary DE 19 FEB
• Decision: In the matter of the adoption of a previously adopted child of a spouse 1 BvL1/11, BvR3247/09 (in German), 19 FEB 13

StarEuropean Court of Human Rights: ban on same-sex second-parent adoption is discriminatory News item summary AT 19 FEB
• Judgment: Case of X and Others v. Austria 19010/07, 19 FEB 13

StarOakland County ends challenge to lesbian couple's fight against same-sex marriage ban News item summary US (MI) 12 FEB

StarGiant legal leap for gay dads News item summary AU (WA) 08 FEB
• Judgment: Blake & Anor [2013] FCWA 1, 10 JAN 13

StarMiami judge OKís plan for gay man, lesbian couple to be legal parents of young daughter News item summary US (FL) 06 FEB

StarHigh Court rules in favour of gay male couple in parental dispute with lesbian couples News item summary UK 01 FEB
• Judgment: S v. D & E [2013] EWHC 134 (Fam), 31 JAN 13

March 2013

StarPuerto Rico Government signals support for gay adoption News item summary PR 20 MAR

StarIsrael's health ministry to recognize gay couples as parents News item summary IL 20 MAR

StarHigh Court grants parental order to US same sex couple News item summary UK 14 MAR
• Judgment: A & B v. SA [2013] EWHC 426 (Fam) Word 73.0kb, 14 FEB 13

StarMichigan Judge Tells Lesbian Moms He Can't Help Until Supreme Court Rules News item summary US (MI) 07 MAR

StarRuling upheld that Scottish Catholic charity must accept adoption applications from gay couples News item summary 06 MAR
• OCSR Report: St Margaret's Children and Family Care Society PDF 325kb, 05 MAR 13

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