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October 2013

StarCyprus adds sexual orientation and gender identity to anti vilification code News item summary CY 08 OCT

StarSingapore High Court upholds anti-gay law in Tan Eng Hong's case News item summary SG 02 OCT
• Judgment: Tan Eng Hong v. Attorney-General [2013] SGHC 199 PDF 303.70kb, 02 OCT 13

November 2013

StarFelony Charge Nixed in HIV Exposure Case News item summary US (NY) 19 NOV
• Memorandum and Order: State of New York v. Terrence Williams 1196 KA 13-00320 PDF 11.72kb, 15 NOV 13

December 2013

StarIndia government asks court to review anti-gay law News item summary IN 20 DEC

StarParliament outlaws homosexuality News item summary UG 20 DEC

July 2013

StarBosnia adopts LGBT-inclusive hate crime law News item summary BA 30 JUL

StarGays in Baton Rouge arrested under invalid sodomy law News item summary US (LA) 28 JUL

StarCameroon court convicts two men for gay sex News item summary CM 24 JUL

StarGay dad jailed for 'extremely depraved' sex abuse of son News item summary US (IN) 05 JUL

August 2013

StarCourt Finds Consensual Sex No Crime for HIV-Positive Man News item summary US (MN) 21 AUG
• Opinion: State of Minnesota v. Daniel James Rick A12-0058 PDF 53.21kb, 21 AUG 13

StarTwo men arrested for gay sex in Zambia News item summary ZM 15 AUG

StarLesbian couple claims spousal privilege in Kentucky murder case to prevent wife from testifying News item summary US (KY) 12 AUG

StarSupreme Court rejects Va. request for stay on sodomy law News item summary US (DC) 09 AUG

September 2013

StarCourt: same-sex spouse must testify in murder case News item summary US (KY) 24 SEP
• Order: Commonwealth of Kentucky v Bobby Jo Clary 11-CR-003329 PDF 763.97kb, 23 SEP 13

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April 2013

StarMan executed and crucified for male rape, murder and theft in Saudi Arabia News item summary SA 15 APR

StarVice trade two are sent to jail News item summary BH 11 APR

StarDubai men get three years in prison for 'gay prostitution' News item summary AE 06 APR

May 2013

StarAppeals court reinstates HIV-related charge against equestrian star News item summary US (FL) 31 MAY
• Opinion: State of Florida v. D.C. 5D11-3311 PDF 19.76kb, 31 MAY 13

Star2 Moroccans Tried For Homosexuality Get 4 Months News item summary MA 21 MAY

StarGovernor signs transgender hate crimes bill into law News item summary US (NV) 21 MAY

StarILGA's State-Sponsored Homophobia Report 2013 News item summary CH 15 MAY
• Report: State-Sponsored Homophobia 2013 PDF 3.33MB 15 MAY 13

StarAssembly passes transgender hate crime bill News item summary US (NV) 14 MAY

StarGay couple arrested in Zambia under new law News item summary ZM 07 MAY

StarAlbania passes landmark gay hate crime laws News item summary AL 05 MAY

June 2013

StarLesbian may be forced to testify against partner in landmark Kentucky murder case News item summary US (KY) 16 JUN

January 2013

StarPortugal passes trans hate crime law News item summary PT 21 JAN

StarFormer Salford soldier jailed over gay affair 30 years ago involved in DNA police row News item summary UK 12 JAN

Star'Gay sex' Bailey's pair released from jail News item summary CM 07 JAN

StarPuerto Rico to have new hate crime laws to protect gays News item summary PR 01 JAN

February 2013

StarNorth Carolina Senate passes military funeral protest bill News item summary US (NC) 28 FEB
• H.B. 19: An Act to Honour Fallen Heroes by Strengthening the Law that Prohibits Disorderly Conduct at a Funeral, Memorial Service, or Processional Route 30 JAN 13

StarSupreme Court ruling upholds limits on free speech in case involving anti-gay proselytizer News item summary CA 27 FEB
• Judgment: Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission v. William Whatcott & Ors 2013 SCC 11, 27 FEB 13

StarTurkish court rules gay sex is natural News item summary TR 19 FEB

StarAfghanistan: Donít Prosecute Sexually Assaulted Children News item summary AF 10 FEB

March 2013

StarTwo men jailed for prostitution in UAE News item summary AE 31 MAR

StarNigerian president pardons 'gay' man jailed for sodomy News item summary NG 28 MAR

StarNevada Senate approves penalties for transgender crimes News item summary US (NV) 21 MAR

StarGay teen 'stoned to death' in Somalia News item summary SO 20 MAR

StarState appeals court makes key ruling in Facebook gay hate case News item summary US (FL) 19 MAR
• Opinion: Timothy Ryan O'Leary v. State of Florida 1D12-0975 PDF 34.9kb, 18 MAR 13

StarEuropean Parliament calls for a ban on homophobic and transphobic hate crime/speech News item summary EU 14 MAR
Joint Motion for a Resolution PDF 138kb, 11 MAR 13

StarGender identity included in hate crime law in Greece News item summary GR 08 MAR

StarMan 'guilty' of fraud for not telling girlfriend he was trans News item summary UK 07 MAR

StarOld Homosexuality Laws Still Hang Over Many in Germany News item summary DE 04 MAR

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