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StarMissouri Supreme Court rules against survivors benefits for same-sex couples News item summary US (MO) 29 OCT
• Opinion: Glossip v. Missouri Department of Transport and Highway Patrols Employees' Retirement Fund No. SC92583 PDF 104.83kb, 29 OCT 13

StarLawsuit seeks equal treatment under Pennsylvania's inheritance tax law News item summary US (PA) 25 OCT
• Petition: In Re: Estate of Burgi-Rios No. 1310 of 2012 PDF 1008.58kb, 28 OCT 13

StarLambda Legal Urges Alaska Supreme Court to Allow Same-Sex Couples Access to Survivor Benefits News item summary US (AK) 14 OCT
• Opening Brief: Deborah Harris v. Millenium Hotel, New Hampshire Insurance Co No. S15230, 14 OCT 13

StarJudge grants legal recognition to Sebastopol women's marriage after legal battle News item summary US (CA) 18 SEP

StarLegal Briefing: Same-Sex Spouse Entitled to Survivor Benefits News item summary US 16 SEP

StarEuropean Parliament: "All international couples should enjoy the same property rights" News item summary EU 10 SEP
• Resolution on the property regimes of married couples: COM(2011)0126 - C7-0093/2011 - 2011/0059(CNS) 10 SEP 13
• Resolution on the property regimes of registered partners: COM(2011)0127 - C7-0094/2011 - 2011/0060(CNS) 10 SEP 13

StarCourt rules lesbian widow must receive survivor’s benefits News item summary US (PA) 29 JUL
• Memorandum of Decision: Cozen O'Connor PC v. Jennifer J Tobits No. 11-0045 PDF 210.41kb 29 JUL 13

StarSigning a prenup? Think twice News item summary US (NJ) 24 JUL

StarA financial checklist for same-sex couples News item summary US 03 JUL

StarLandmark Supreme Court ruling by Justice Tim Stanley increases gay partner's inheritance by $1m News item summary AU (SA) 25 JUN
• Judgment: Brennan v. Mansfield & Ors [2013] SASC 83, 06 JUN 13

StarSlovenia's judges demand new laws for gay couples News item summary SI 10 APR

StarBreaking New Ground In Kansas: Same-Sex Parental and Property Rights News item summary US (KS) 02 APR
• Syllabus by the Court: Marci Frazier v. Kelly Goudschaal No. 103487 PDF 156.02kb 22 FEB 13

StarThose in civil partnerships need to be aware of what happens to wills News item summary UK 04 MAR

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