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January 2013

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31 January 2013

Gay Afghan refugee granted asylum in Denmark News item summary DK

Wyoming Senate defeats gay discrimination bill News item summary US (WY)

30 January 2013

Tennessee 'Don't Say Gay' bill is back and now requires teachers to out students News item summary US (TN)
• Bill SB 0234: Classroom Protection Act PDF 36.77kb, 29 JAN 13

29 January 2013

Zimbabwe: New draft constitution includes equal marriage ban News item summary ZW
• Draft Constitution: Constitution of Zimbabwe (Final Draft : January 2013) PDF 982.37kb, 28 JAN 13

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28 January 2013

Ophelia De'lonta, Virginia Inmate Serving 73 Years For Bank Robbery, Can Pursue Sex Change Lawsuit Against State News item summary US (VA) 29 JAN 13

If only the Refugee Review Tribunal had looked at the porn pics … News item summary AU (NSW)
• Judgment: SZQYU v Minister for Immigration & Anor [2012] FMCA 1114, 03 DEC 12

Vietnamese intersex woman 'deeply shocked' at decision to revoke gender recognition News item summary VN

Gay marrigage bill defeated by committee in Wyoming legislature News item summary US (WY)

27 January 2013

Virginia Senate passes bill to ban anti-gay discrimination News item summary US (VA)

25 January 2013

The seven ways civil partnership isn't the same as marriage News item summary UK 25 JAN

ILGA-Europe extremely concerned by approval of Russian draft law to ban "homosexual propaganda" News item summary RU

Poland Rejects Proposed Gay Civil Unions News item summary PL

Law Professor Challenges Supreme Court's Jurisdiction Over DOMA News item summary US (MA)

24 January 2013

Adoption agency 'is discriminating' News item summary UK
• Report: St Margaret's Children and Family Care Society: Scottish charity number SC028551 PDF 181.70kb, 22 JAN 13

Anti-Gay Bill Approved in Kaliningrad News item summary RU

23 January 2013

Unanimous: Ketchum City Council passes city-wide Non-Discrimination Ordinance News item summary US (ID)

Same-sex marriage bill introduced in House of Commons News item summary UK
• Bill: Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill PDF 266.46kb, 24 JAN 13

23 January 2013

Legislature confirms first openly gay justice for Supreme Court News item summary US (CT)

Pentagon lifts women's combat ban but transgender community still unfit to serve News item summary US

22 January 2013

Gay rights group welcomes employment discrimination ruling News item summary IE
• Decision: An Employee v. A Credit Union DEC-E2012-190, 20 DEC 12

Nepal introduces gender neutral citizenship documents News item summary NP

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21 January 2013

Portugal passes trans hate crime law News item summary PT

18 January 2013

Victory For Transgender Privacy: TSA Abandons 'Nude' Body Scanners News item summary US

17 January 2013

Marriage Equality News item summary US (NM)
• HJR3: Marriage Certificates & Ceremonies, CA PDF 31.91kb, 17 JAN 13

Puerto Rican Officials May Approve Anti-Discrimination Bill News item summary PR

15 January 2013

India raises marriage barrier to gay surrogacy News item summary IN
• Ministry of Home Affairs: Foreign nationals intending to visit India for commissioning surrogacy File No. 25022/74/2011-F-1 PDF 563.35kb, 09 JUL 12

Pinellas County approves domestic partner registry News item summary US (FL)

ICJ, ILGA-Europe and FIDH welcome European Court judgment against sexual orientation discrimination News item summary UK, EU
• Judgment: Case of Eweida and Others v. The United Kingdom PDF 502.79kb, 15 JAN 13

14 January 2013

Law which made it illegal to call a police horse 'gay' is to be changed News item summary UK

Tiny Appalachian city enacts gay rights ordinance News item summary US (KY)

12 January 2013

Former Salford soldier jailed over gay affair 30 years ago involved in DNA police row News item summary UK

Italian Supreme Court says gay parents are as good as straight ones News item summary IT
• Judgment: In the name of the Italian People n. 601/13 (in Italian) PDF 640.70kb, 11 JAN 13

Oregon, California, Require Transgender Health Coverage News item summary US (CA), (OR)

11 January 2013

Sweden ends forced sterilization of trans News item summary SE

10 January 2013

Landmark pro gay verdict delivered in Serbia court News item summary RS

09 January 2013

Michigan court upholds policy allowing healthcare benefits to partners of gay state employees News item summary US (MI)
• Opinion: Attorney-General v. Civil Service Commission &Ors No. 306685 PDF 27.66kb, 07 JAN 13

Newspapers blast 'Dark Ages' laws in Indonesian province of Aceh News item summary ID

Civil partnership recognised as 'marriage' by court News item summary CA (ON)

08 January 2013

Oregon bans anti-trans health care discrimination News item summary US (OR)

Judge dismisses lawsuit filed by HIV-positive dental worker News item summary US (MI)
• Opinion and Order: ADG, LLC v. James White Case No. 11-15534 PDF 33.50kb, 30 NOV 12

Chinese Court: Gay man who married a woman that committed suicide not to blame for her death News item summary CN

Turkey's new draft army bill still punishes gays and trans News item summary TR

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07 January 2013

Discharged Gay Service Members to Get Full Separation Pay News item summary US

'Gay sex' Bailey's pair released from jail News item summary CM

Biological mom loses same-sex custody case News item summary US (PA)

05 January 2013

Pentagon still banning personnel from accessing LGBT websites News item summary US

04 January 2013

Lesbian couples denied marriage licenses News item summary US (MS) 04 JAN

Church of England rules gay men in civil partnerships can become bishops News item summary UK 04 JAN

Senate Committee approves same-sex marriage bill News item summary US (IL)

03 January 2013

Rhode Island lawmakers introduce same-sex marriage bills News item summary US (RI)

Ugandan Court Dismisses Case Against Pro-Gay Play News item summary UG

Florida lesbian couple win $7,500 after Bank of America refused them a mortgage News item summary US (FL)

Hospital in Padua first to recognize gay parents News item summary IT

02 January 2013

Alabama Ordered to Stop Segregating Positive Prisoners News item summary US (AL)
• Opinion: Henderson et al. v. Thomas et al. 2:11cv224-MHT PDF 225.06kb, 21 DEC 12
• Judgment: Henderson et al. v. Thomas et al. 2:11cv224-MHT PDF 11,26kb, 21 DEC 12

01 January 2013

Arizona ban hampers transgender's divorce News item summary US (AZ)

Taiwan moves on gay marriage News item summary TW

Puerto Rico to have new hate crime laws to protect gays News item summary PR

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