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July 2013

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31 July 2013

Court of Appeal overturns restriction on right to demonstrate

HONG KONG: On 31 July 2013, the Court of Appeal granted the appeal in T v Commissioner of Police (CACV 244/2012), vindicating a young gay activist's challenge to the misuse by the police of the Place of Public Entertainment Ordinance at the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) demonstration in 2011.
• Reasons for Judgment: T v Commissioner of Police CACV 244/2012, 31 JUL 13

30 July 2013

Mexican state approves same-sex civil unions

MEXICO, Colima: On 29 July 2013, Colima state legislature approved a change in the state's constitution that legalizes same-sex civil unions, providing gay couples with numerous social benefits similar to those of married couples.

Bosnia adopts LGBT-inclusive hate crime law

BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA: On 23 July 2013, the House of Representatives of the Parliament of FBiH adopted the text of the Law on amendments to the Criminal Code of Federation of BiH and referred it into further procedure in the House of Peoples of the Parliament of FBiH. The law makes a hate crime as one motivated by hatred, hostility or prejudice toward a victim on the basis of (inter alia) gender identity or sexual orientation.

29 July 2013

Court rules lesbian widow must receive survivorís benefits

UNITED STATES, Pennsylvania: On 29 July 2013, the US District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania ruled in a 12-page unsigned decision (of Jones, II, J) that Jean Tobits is entitled to survivor's benefits under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA, following the death of her spouse, Sarah Ellyn Farley, who died of cancer in 2010. The couple were married in Canada in 2006.
• Memorandum of Decision: Cozen O'Connor PC v. Jennifer J Tobits No. 11-0045 PDF 210.41kb 29 JUL 13

Nigeria does about-face on gay married diplomats

NIGERIA: On 28 July 2013, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Ogbole Amedu Ode denied a 22 July 2013 report that Minister of Foreign Affairs Olugbenga Ashiru had said that Nigeria would accept gay diplomats and their “spouses” posted to the country.

Same-sex pair's loss of consortium claim denied

UNITED STATES, Pennsylvania: On 25 July 2013, a Philadelphia County Judge was reported to have dismissed a loss of consortium claim in the medical malpractice case of (Tammy and Jesseca) Wolf v. Associates of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery.

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28 July 2013

New Zealand throws lifeline to gay Pakistani man with refugee status

NEW ZEALAND: On 15 April 2013, the Immigration and Protection Tribunal (A N Molloy) granted AO a gay Pakistani, refugee status in New Zealand, finding “ … that there is a real chance that he would be exposed to serious harm.”
• Decision: AO (Pakistan)2013] NZIPT 800322 PDF 165.06kb, 15 APR 13

Gays in Baton Rouge arrested under invalid sodomy law

UNITED STATES, Louisiana: On 18 July 2013, a 65-year-old man was arrested in Manchac Park, East Baton Rouge by a sheriff's deputy who denied he was a policeman and propositioned the man offering “some drinks and some fun” back at his place. The man was charged with attempted crime against nature, despite the law being found unconsitutional. East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux reportedly will stop assigning undercover officers to harass gay men.

26 July 2013

Signing a prenup? Think twice

UNITED STATES, New Jersey: On 28 June 2013, Gov. Chris Christie signed revisions to the New Jersey Uniform Premarital and Pre-Civil Union Agreement Act into law that makes it more difficult to revise a prenup should a couple later decide to divorce. The definition of “unconscionable” has been narrowed and the terms of the contract must have been unconscionable when the agreement was signed for it to be overturned at a divorce. If both parties understood the terms and agreed, the contract would be valid and could not be invalidated, even for later hardships.

25 July 2013

US Appeals Court saves gay Filipino man from deportation to home country

UNITED STATES, California: On 24 July 2013, Judge Harry Pregerson in the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed an earlier decision by The Bureau of Immigration Appeals and ruled Dennis Vitug should be granted asylum because he was at risk from police, government and even his own family.
• Opinion: Dennis Quiambao Vitug v. Eric H HolderNos. 07-74754, 08-71038, 08-72088 PDF 210.41kb, 25 JUL 13

24 July 2013

Signing a prenup? Think twice

UNITED STATES, New Jersey: On 28 June 2013, Gov. Chris Christie signed revisions to the New Jersey Uniform Premarital and Pre-Civil Union Agreement Act into law that makes it more difficult to revise a prenup should a couple later decide to divorce. The definition of “unconscionable” has been narrowed and the terms of the contract must have been unconscionable when the agreement was signed for it to be overturned at a divorce. If both parties understood the terms and agreed, the contract would be valid and could not be invalidated, even for later hardships.

Atlanta suburb approves domestic partnership registry

UNITED STATES, Georgia: On 22 July 2013, the City of Avondale Estates Board of Mayor and Commissioners unanimously approved the resolution that will allow for the formal recognition of same-sex and opposite-sex couples.

Ninth Circuit Dismisses Appeal in Golinski DOMA Case

UNITED STATES, Federal: On 23 July 2013, the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the appeal of a federal district court ruling in the case of Golinski v. U.S. Office of Personnel Management citing the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling which struck down Section 3 of DOMA, and affirming that a federal court employee must be allowed to add her same-sex spouse to her employer's health insurance plan.
• Order: K Golinski v. United States Office of Personnel Management No. 12-15388 PDF 60.19kb, 23 JUL 13

United States Reaches Agreement with Arcadia, California, School District to Resolve Sex Discrimination Allegations

UNITED STATES, California: On 24 July 2013, the Department of Justice agreed with the Arcadia, California, School District that the district will support and assist in creating a safe, nondiscriminatory learning environment for students who are transgender or do not conform to gender stereotypes, amend policies and procedures and train administrators and faculty on preventing gender-based discrimination.

Effect Of Colorado Civil Union Act And Windsor Decision On Colorado Retirement Plans

UNITED STATES, Colorado: On 24 July 2013, it was suggested that retirement plans sponsored by Colorado governmental employers will cover same-sex couples. Guidance as to whether federal tax law does likewise is awaited from the IRS.

Gender Discrimination to removed from Medicare

AUSTRALIA, National: On 24 July 2013, Health Minister Tanya Plibersek reportedly announced that gender discrimination will be removed from Medicare, meaning that transgender and intersex people will no longer have to discuss their gender identity in order to receive treatment or access a rebate from Medicare.

Cameroon court convicts two men for gay sex

CAMEROON: On 23 July 2013, judges sentenced 48-year-old Joseph Omgbwa to two years in prison, while 19-year-old Nicolas Ntamack received a one-year term for committing homosexual acts. A third man, Seraphin Ntsama, suspected of committing homosexual acts was acquitted.

New Mexico's attorney general refuses to defend state's gay marriage ban in court filing

UNITED STATES, New Mexico: On 22 July 2013, Attorney General Gary King in a filing with the New Mexico Supreme Court stated that 'New Mexico's guarantee of equal protection to its citizens demands that same-sex couples be permitted to enjoy the benefits of marriage in the same way and to the same extent as other New Mexico citizens.'

For the second time in nine days, California Supreme Court refuses to halt gay marriages

UNITED STATES, California: On 23 July 2013, the Supreme Court ordered En Banc: “The request for an immediate temporary stay or injunctive relief is denied. Werdegar, J., was absent and did not participate.”.
• Order: Ernest J Dronenburg v. Edmund G Brown No. S212172 PDF 25.94kb, 23 JUL 13

23 July 2013

Comprehensive Legal Guide to Same-Sex Marriage, Parenting and Divorce in Washington State Released by McKinley Irvin

UNITED STATES, Washington: On 23 July 2013, lawyers McKinley Irvin published online information and guidance for same-sex couples and families in Washington State.
• Guide: The Legal Guide to Same-Sex Marriage, Parenting & Divorce in Washington State 23 JUL 13

Section 6.21. Promotion of non-traditional sexual relations among minors

RUSSIA : On 23 July 2013, Internet journalist Rex Wockner provided this translation of Russian President Vladimir Putinís anti-gay gag law.

Non-discrimination ordinance passed in 6-0 vote by Kalamazoo Township board

UNITED STATES, Michigan: On 22 July 2013, the Kalamazoo Township board adopted 6-0 an ordinance that bans discrimination in providing housing, employment or public accommodations based on gender identity, sexual orientation and other factors and imposing violation fines from $75 to $500.

Nigeria will allow foreign diplomats who are same-sex married to serve

NIGERIA: On 22 July 2013, Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs Olugbenga Ashiru said in London that Nigeria will allow foreign diplomats married to people of the same sex into the country despite its ban on same-sex marriage and homosexuality.

Pennsylvania county agrees to same-sex marriage licenses

UNITED STATES, Pennsylvania: On 23 July 2013, Montgomery County Register of Wills D Bruce Hanes agreed to issue a marriage license to two women, despite state law against same-sex marriage. The application was withdrawn so as not to jeopardise a pending lawsuit challenging the state law.

Lithuania court gives final approval to Baltic Pride March

LITHUANIA: On 23 July 2013, the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court gave final approval, which cannot be appealed, ordering that the City of Vilnius make the final arrangements for the pride march on 25 July.

22 July 2013

Columbian court rejects inspector generalís bid to sidestep marriage

COLOMBIA: On 22 July 2013, the Constitutional Court was reported to have responded to Inspector General Alejandro Ordóñez's petition to restrict gay marriage, admonishing him to “observe the determinations of this Court and monitor their strict and timely compliance” and that he should “maintain decorum” when addressing the court.

Federal Judge Orders Ohio to Recognize Gay Couple's Marriage

UNITED STATES, Ohio: On 22 July 2013, US District Judge Timothy Black temporarily restrained Ohio state officials “ … from accepting a death certificate for Plaintiff John Arthur that does not record his status at death as “married” and his surviving spouse as “James Obergefell”.
• Temporary Restraining Order: James Obergefell and John Arthur v. John Kasich No. 1:13-cv-00501-TSB PDF 72.18kb, 22 JUL 13

20 July 2013

FAQ: Why will same-sex marriage be legal only in England and Wales? And other questions

UNITED KINGDOM: On 20 July 2013, answered some questions sent in by many readers across the UK and the world relating to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act becoming law on 17 July.

Ohio Men Challenge State Law Denying Gay Marriage

UNITED STATES, Ohio: On 19 July 2013, James Obergefell and John Arthur of Cincinnati filed a complaint in US District Court, Southern District against Ohio's governor, attorney general and the Cincinnati health department registrar who files death certificates, asking the court to rule Ohio's law and constitution violate their rights including equal protection.
• Verified Complaint: James Obergefell and John Arthur v. John Kasich No. 1:13-cv-00501-TSB PDF 39.01kb, 19 JUL 13

San Diego County Clerk asks California Supreme Court to halt gay marriages

UNITED STATES, California: On 19 July 2013, San Diego County Clerk Ernest Dronenburg Jr. filed a petition asking the California Supreme Court to halt same-sex marriages in the state insisting that they are still illegal. The Court on 15 July denied a separate request by backers of Proposition 8.
• Petition: Ernest J Dronenburg v. Edmund G Brown No. S212172 PDF 2.67MB, 19 JUL 13

18 July 2013

Puerto Rican sentenced for threatening gay activist on Twitter

PUERTO RICO: On 15 July 2013, Judge José Fusté found Joseph Joel Morales Serrano, 26, guilty of cyberbullying Pedro Julio Serrano and sentenced him to time served in jail (three days when he was arrested), and three years of supervised release, in addition to close his Twitter account for three years.

17 July 2013

Same-sex marriage law is not full equality

UNITED KINGDOM: On 17 July 2013, the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act became law but six discriminatory aspects of the new legislation are: (1) the explicit banning of churches from performing religious same-sex marriages even if they wish to; (2) the requirements and costs of registering premises for the conduct of religious same-sex marriages; (3) the grounds for the annulment differ; (4) pension inheritance rights are fewer on death of a same-sex marriage spouse; (5) the ban on opposite-sex civil partnerships is not repealed; and (6) there is no restoration of the marriages of trans people that were annulled as a precondition for them securing a gender recognition certificate.

Moldova must strike down law banning 'homosexual propaganda'

MOLDOVA: On 23 May 2013, the Parliament of Moldova introduced a new article (Law Nr. 117 amending Article 901) “Public activities with negative impact on minors” in the Code of Administrative Offences, signed into law by the President on 5 July and in force on 12 July 2013, that bans 'dissemination of information/or carrying out acts aimed at spreading prostitution, paedophilia, pornography or some other relations than those related to marriage and family, in accordance with the Constitution and the Family Code'.

Montana: Another Attempt For Relationship Recognition

UNITED STATES, Montana: On 17 July 2013, the ACLU and seven plaintiff couples filed an amended complaint in Donaldson and Guggenheim v. State of Montana seeking domestic partnership protections.
• First Amended Complaint for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief: Donaldson and Guggenheim v. State of Montana PDF 3.82MB, 15 JUL 13

Britain Legalizes Gay Marriage With Queenís Approval

UNITED KINGDOM: On 17 July 2013, the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 received Royal Assent. Same-sex couples in England and Wales will be able to marry in the summer of 2014.

Lower house of Parliament approves bill legalizing gay marriage in England and Wales

UNITED KINGDOM: On 15 July 2013, the House of Commons approved the final changes to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill legalizing same-sex marriage in England and Wales which will become law upon receiving royal assent.

16 July 2013

Investigation Concludes Government Agency Discriminated Against Transgender Job Applicant

UNITED STATES, Washington DC: On 08 July 2013, the Department of Justice determined that Mia Macy was unlawfully discriminated against by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF), ordering the ATF to re-offer Macy her job and awarding her back pay with interest and other compensatory damages. The decision also ordered ATF to take action to ensure no future employees or job applicants are discriminated against on the basis of gender identity.
• Decision: Mia M Macy v. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ATF-2011-00751 PDF 2.70MB, 08 JUL 13

15 July 2013

Prop. 8: California Supreme Court refuses to stop gay weddings

UNITED STATES, California: On 15 July 2013, the California Supreme Court rejected a request by ProtectMarriage, the sponsors of the 2008 ballot measure, to stop the issuing of marriage licenses to same-sex couples while considering the group's contention that a federal judge's injunction against the marriage ban did not apply statewide. The court is not expected to rule on the group's petition until August, at the earliest.

Gay marriage: Peers approve legislation

UNITED KINGDOM: On 15 July 2013, The House of Lords passed the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill at third reading. The bill will return to the Commons for a short debate on government amendments. It is set to become law by the end of the week, with the first weddings in 2014.

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13 July 2013

Canadian court rules 10-year-old girl can legally have two dads

CANADA, Alberta: On 05 July 2013, the Court of Appeal upheld 2-1 the Queen's Bench ruling that names a gay man H the legal father of his former partner R's biological daughter S, giving H the right to challenge custody arrangements for increased access to the girl.
• Memorandum of Judgment: D.W.H. v D.J.R. 2013 ABCA 240 PDF 154.17kb, 05 JUL 13

Proposition 8 sponsors asking court to halt gay marriages in California

UNITED STATES, California: On 12 July 2013, the ProtectMarriage group filed a petition in the Supreme Court of California seeking an immediate stay on the issuance of marriage licenses.
• Petition: Hollingsworth v. O'Connell and Brown PDF 498.52kb, 11 JUL 13

12 July 2013

Lebanon Says: Being Gay Is Not a Disease and Needs No Treatment

LEBANON: On 11 July 2013, the Lebanese Psychiatric Society stated that homosexuality is not a mental disorder and does not need to be treated, ruling that “conversion therapy” (Ex-Gay), seeking to “convert” gays into straights has no scientific backing.

North Carolina Attorney General Consents to ACLU Amending Lawsuit to Challenge State's Ban on Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

UNITED STATES, North Carolina: On 12 July 2013, the North Carolina Attorney General's Office announced that it would not oppose allowing six same-sex couples and their children to amend a 2012 lawsuit challenging the state's ban on second parent adoptions to include additional claims challenging the state's ban on marriage for same-sex couples.

Same-sex transgender couple plan to sue over revoked marriage license in Taiwan

TAIWAN: On 12 July 2013, Abbygail Wu and Chih-yi Wu, a male to female transgender couple who legally married in October 2012 before one of them sought recognition of her new gender, plan to take the Taiwanese Government to court after the Interior Ministry cancelled their marriage license.

First Same-Sex Couple Wins Marriage Suit In Colombia

COLOMBIA, Bagotá: On 12 July 2013, with the passing of the Constitutional Court's deadline on 20 June 2013, Judge Carmen Lucía Rodríguez Díaz in Bagotá was reported to have decreed that the wedding between same-sex couple Diego and Juan could take place on July 24.

11 July 2013

South Carolina to stop separating HIV inmates from other prisoners

UNITED STATES, South Carolina: On 10 July 2013, the South Carolina Department of Corrections said it intends to stop housing its HIV-positive inmates in facilities separate from the rest of its prisoners, as it has done since 1998. No date for the policy change is set, but officials hope it will happen in the next six months, department spokesman Clark Newsom said.

Russian court rules St Petersburg Gay Pride was legal

RUSSIA: On 10 July 2013, the Dzerzhinsk regional court ruled the arrests made at Gay Pride in St Petersburg were not lawful saying the people who attended the rally had their right to freedom of assembly ignored.

Same sex marriage bill passes report stage

UNITED KINGDOM: On 10 July 2013, the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill cleared the House of Lords report stage scrutiny and will now move to third reading, the final stage in the Lords, on 15 July 2013.

10 July 2013

Gay Indiana Teen Settles Bullying Lawsuit for $65,000

UNITED STATES, Indiana: On 09 July 2013, a proposed settlement agreement in the Darnell “Dynasty” Young v. Indianapolis Public Schools was filed in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis. Young was expelled for bringing a stun gun to school to protect himself from bullies.

09 July 2013

ACLU-PA, ACLU, and Hangley Aronchick Seek Freedom to Marry for Pennsylvania Couples

UNITED STATES, Pennsylvania: On 09 July 2013, the ACLU of Pennsylvania filed a complaint in the US District Court, Middle District of Pennsylvania on behalf of 21 Pennsylvanians who wish to marry in Pennsylvania or want the commonwealth to recognize their out-of-state marriages.
• Complaint: Whitewood et al v. Corbett et al No. 13-cv-1861 PDF 2.27MB, 09 JUL 13

B&B owner who turned away gay couple loses appeal

UNITED KINGDOM: On 09 July 2013, Susanne Wilkinson lost her appeal against a ruling that she unlawfully discriminated against Michael Black, 64, and John Morgan, 59, when she declined to give them a double room. Master of the Rolls, Lord Justice Dyson granted permission to appeal to the Supreme Court.
• Judgment: Michael Black and John Morgan v. Susanne Wilkinson [2013] EWCA Civ 820 PDF 109.79kb, 09JUL 13

Same-sex couples seeking marriage could be charged with perjury

UNITED STATES, Indiana: On 09 July 2013, attention was drawn to the 1997 law under which same-sex couples applying for a marriage license in Indiana could face a charge of perjury simply for submitting the application to their county clerk.
• Indiana Code: Title 31. Family Law and Juvenile Law. Article 11. Family Law: Marriage. Chapter 11. Offences PDF 53.02kb, 11 JUN 13

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07 July 2013

Alex Greenwich 'appalled' by loophole allowing private schools to expel gay students

AUSTRALIA, New South Wales: On 07 July 2013, Independent Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich was reported to be introducing a private members bill to remove the exemption in the Anti-Discrimination Act, allowing a private educational authorities to discriminate against gay, lesbian or transgender students.

06 July 2013

'Convenient' lesbian relationship does not make her part of a couple, says Aussie student winning allowance appeal

AUSTRALIA, Queensland: On 03 July 2013, Senior Member Bernard J McCabe ruled that whilst Amelia Bradley was in a three-year 'convenient' sexual relationship with a female teacher it did not her a member of a couple for the purposes of the social security law.
• Reason for Decision: Bradley and Secretary, Department of Industry [2013] AATA 455, 03 JUL 13

D.C. Council Unanimously Passes Birth-Certificate Bill

UNITED STATES, Washington DC: On 26 June 2013, the JaParker Deoni Jones Birth Certificate Equality Amendment Act 2013 was unanimously approved on a first vote/reading. Subject to final approval and mayoral signature, the bill enables transgender and intersex individuals to obtain new birth certificates reflecting their correct gender and name upon application and submission of a signed statement from a licensed health care professional attesting that the applicant has received treatment appropriate for a gender transition and removes the requirement that individuals publish their names and gender change in a general publication newspaper for three consecutive weeks.

05 July 2013

Lithuanian court rules Pride can go ahead

LITHUANIA, Vilnius: On 05 July 2013, the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court overturned the City of Vilnius's refusal to issue a permit for the LGBT pride parade, ruling that Baltic Pride 2013 can go ahead at the end of the month (27 July) in the capital Vilnius.

Gay dad jailed for 'extremely depraved' sex abuse of son

UNITED STATES, Indiana: On 28 June 2013, Judge Sarah Evans Barker in the United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana, sentenced US born Australian citizen Mark Newton to 40 years jail for the horrific sexual exploitation of his six-year-old son. His partner Peter Truong awaits sentencing.

President Chinchilla signs law advocates believe key to same-sex unions

COSTA RICA: On 04 July 2013, President Chincilla signed the bill amending Article 242 of the Family Code into law that could establish common-law marriages for gay and lesbian couples in Costa Rica.

California passes transgender school participation bill

UNITED STATES, California: On 03 July 2013, the Senate passed 21-9 Bill AB1266. If signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, transgender students will be able to use the bathrooms and changing rooms and join the sports teams for the gender they identify.

04 July 2013

Landmark win for gay parents

AUSTRALIA, New South Wales: On 07 June 2013, Justice Ryan in the Family Court of Australia ordered that two men in a committed same-sex relationship, one of whom was the biological father in a surrogacy arrangement, assume legal parentage of the twin children and change their surname, it being in the best interests of the children.
• Judgment: Mason & Mason and Anor [2013] FamCA 424 PDF 122.99kb, 07 JUN 13

03 July 2013

Gay 'cure' bill withdrawn before vote in Parliament

BRAZIL: On 02 July 2013, a Bill approved by the Congressional Human Rights Commission and Minorities that would have lifted a 1999 ban on the 'treatment' of homosexuality, which was established by Brazil's Federal Psychology Council, was withdrawn.

Same-sex unions 'accidentally' approved in Costa Rica

COSTA RICA: On 03 July 2013, 45 MPs approved an amendment to Article 242 of the Family Code, which previously only recognized legal partnerships as between a man and a woman, to recognize “the right to recognition without discrimination contrary to human dignity, social and economic effects of domestic partnerships that constitute publicly, notoriously unique and stable, with legal capacity for marriage for more than three years”, perhaps inadvertently making same-sex unions lawful.

Putin signs adoption ban on foreign gay couples into law

RUSSIA: On 03 July 2013, President Vladimir Putin signed the law banning foreign married gay and lesbian couples (and individual people or unmarried couples who live in countries with marriage equality) from adopting Russian children.

A financial checklist for same-sex couples

UNITED STATES, National: The 26 June 2013 Supreme Court's historic rulings make it timely for same-sex married couples to review their financial plans.

Greece to enforce HIV testing

GREECE: On 03 July 2013, it was reported that health minister, Adonis Georgiadis, had re-introduced a law that gives the police powers to carry out forced HIV testing with results published by media including, personal details and photos.

02 July 2013

Prisoners Can Be Alone With Their Partners – Even Same-Sex Partners

ISRAEL: On 02 July 2013, it was reported that the Israeli Prison Service announced that according to its new policy, the considerations as to whether to allow a prisoner to receive conjugal visits will be the same for both heterosexual couples and homosexual couples.

Lawsuit Filed in Little Rock Seeks Gay Marriage Rights in Arkansas

UNITED STATES, Arkansas: On 02 July 2013, a Complaint was filed in the Circuit Court of Pulaski County seeking a preliminary and permanent injunction to overturn Amendment 83 of 2004 that “denies homosexual couples the fundamental right to establish a familial institution with the protections and benefits enjoyed by heterosexual couples”.
• Complaint: M Kendall Wright et al v. The State of Arkansas et al No. 60CV-13-2662 PDF 1.26MB, 02 JUL 13

Germany's Lower House of Parliament approves equal tax breaks for civil partnerships

GERMANY: On 27 June 2013, the Lower House (Bundestag) overwhelmingly approved a measure to equalise tax breaks for couples in civil partnerships and heterosexual marriages. The Bill must now be passed by the Upper House (Bundesrat).

Over 15 million banned from gay marriage in France

FRANCE: On 02 July 2013, it was reported that over 15 million people in Algeria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cambodia, Laos, Montenegro, Morocco, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Tunisia and Kosovo are banned from entering into a same-sex marriage in France, the country having signed agreements saying any ex-patriots would be banned from marrying under the new 'Marriage for All' law.

01 July 2013

Homeland Security Confirms Same-Sex Binational Couples Can Get Green Cards

UNITED STATES, National: On 01 July 2013, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano confirmed that LGBT Americans can now sponsor their foreign-born same-sex spouses for citizenship the same way heterosexual Americans can.
• DHS Statement: Implementation of the Supreme Court Ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act 01 JUL 13

Federal judge rules same-sex adoption case can move forward; Trial date expected to be set July 10

UNITED STATES, Michigan: On 01 July 2013, Federal Judge Bernard Friedman ruled that the DeBoer and Rowse's claims – challenging the state's ban on same-sex adoptions and the state's ban on same sex marriage is not valid under the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment – have sufficient merit to proceed to trial.
• Opinion and Order: April Deboer et al v. Richard Snyder et al No. 12-cv-10285 PDF 27.39kb, 01 JUL 13

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