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October 2014

StarAppeals court: Jefferson County judge should not have granted child visitation rights to woman's former same-sex partner News item summary US (AL) 24 OCT
• Opinion: E.L. v. V.L. No. 2130683 PDF 79.12kb, 24 OCT 14

StarUtah Supreme Court lifts stay on same-sex adoption News item summary US (UT) 24 OCT

StarMarried same-sex couples in Virginia are told they can adopt or foster children News item summary US (VA) 11 OCT

November 2014

StarSame-sex surrogacy: Landmark decision in Victoria as gay man recognised by court as father of child born through surrogacy News item summary AU (VIC) 26 NOV
• Reasons for Judgment: Green-Wilson and Bishop [2014] FamCA 1031 PDF 90.82kb, 06 NOV 14

StarIsrael issues new ID cards to children of same-sex parents News item summary IL 18 NOV

StarOklahoma Supreme Court rules in gay parents' case News item summary US (OK) 12 NOV
• Opinion: Julie Eldridge v. Karen Taylor No. 2014 OK 92 PDF 44.76kb, 12 NOV 14

December 2014

StarStudent, 17, gets sex-change go-ahead despite parents’ objections News item summary AU (VIC) 29 DEC
• Judgment: Re Isaac [2014] FamCA 1134 pdf 69.81kb, 17 DEC 14

StarBecoming legal parents after surrogacy - it may not be too late News item summary UK 21 DEC
• Judgment: Re X (A Child) (Surrogacy: Time limit) [2004] EWHC 3155 (Fam) PDF 241.72kn, 03 OCT 14

StarLimited win for surrogacy, gay parenthood in Germany News item summary DE 19 DEC
• Bundesgerichtshof: Decision No. XII ZB 463/13 (in German) PDF 201.96kb, 19 DEC 14

StarMarried Lesbian Denied Usual Parental Presumption News item summary US (NY) 11 DEC
• Decision and Order: Q.M. v. B.C. and J.S. No. P-13761-13 PDF 85.83kb, 21 OCT 14

July 2014

StarNevada changes foster care regulations to allow HIV positive foster parents News item summary US (NV) 31 JUL

StarNew Hampshire Court Sides With Ex-Partner of Girl’s Birth Mother News item summary US (NH) 02 JUL
• Opinion: In Re Guardianship of Madelyn B. Nos. 2013-403, 445, 593 PDF 95.36kb, 02 JUL 14

August 2014

StarColombia allows lesbian partner to adopt child born via artificial insemination News item summary CO 28 AUG

StarSame-sex couple given parental rights to surrogate child News item summary CH 26 AUG
Judgment: Parties undisclosed B 2013/158 (in German), 19 AUG 14

StarRabbinic Court Tells Lesbian Mother To Keep Children Away From Partner News item summary IL 26 AUG

StarCalifornia legislature OKs bill allowing birth certificates to reflect same-sex parents News item summary US (CA) 21 AUG

StarFlorida high court backs lesbian in visitation fight for adopted son News item summary US (FL) 13 AUG

StarIndian federal Cabinet bars adoption by same-sex couples News item summary IN 08 AUG

StarNew Jersey Court Recognizes that Bonded Stepparents can Maintain Contact with Children they Have Raised News item summary US (NJ) 06 AUG
• Opinion: K.A.F. v. D.L.M. A-0878-12 PDF 108.70kb, 06 AUG 14

StarLesbian Co-Parent’s Custody Denied, Child Left in Foster Care News item summary US (NY) 06 AUG

September 2014

StarFrench court extends adoption rights to married, lesbian couples News item summary FR 23 SEP
• Opinion: Application No. 1470006 No. 15011 (in French), 22 SEP 14

StarBrazilian baby registered with three parents News item summary BR (RS) 13 SEP

StarJudges grant adoptions by same-sex couples News item summary US (WI) 11 SEP

April 2014

StarIn child custody disputes, LGBT parents face bias in the courts, review finds News item summary US 15 APR
• Review: Lesbian and Gay Parents and Determination of Child Custody: The Changing Legal Landscape and Implications for Policy and Practice PDF 99.27kb, 14 APR 14

StarWall passes unique bill on behalf of woman News item summary NZ 10 APR
• Bill: Sullivan Birth Certificate Bill Bill 139-2 PDF 158.87kb, 16 DEC 13

StarUtah lesbian couple’s adoption stalls despite court order News item summary US (UT) 04 APR

StarNew rules give equal rights to lesbian mothers News item summary NL 02 APR

StarCourt OKs adoption by transsexual News item summary JP 02 APR

May 2014

StarQueensland court rules for lesbian parents News item summary AU (QLD) 30 MAY
• Order: A & B v C [2014] QSC 111 RTF 206kb, 09 MY 14

StarLegal victory for same-sex adoptive parents News item summary US (FL) 23 MAY
• Opinion: In the Matter of the Adoption of DPP etc No. 5D13-1766 PDF 80.83kb, 22 MAY 14

StarSame-sex couple can adopt Roma boys, court rules News item summary UK 23 MAY
• Judgment: In the Matter of J and S (Children) [2014] EWFC 4 PDF 80.83kb, 23 MAY 14

StarHomosexual couples win limited adoption rights News item summary DE 23 MAY

StarUK: Lesbian wins landmark baby battle with ex-partner News item summary UK 07 MAY
• Judgment: Ms L and Ms C [2014] EWFC 1280, 02 MAY 14

StarIdaho judge approves the adoption of boys being raised by a Boise same-sex couple News item summary US (ID) 03 MAY

StarAnger as French judge blocks lesbian couple's adoption News item summary FR 02 MAY

June 2014

StarJudge denies Texas dads parental rights to biological twin sons News item summary US (TX) 17 JUN

StarGerman gays get more adoption rights News item summary DE 13 JUN

January 2014

StarJudge grants former lesbian who is now a man access to ex-lover's child News item summary AU (NSW) 31 JAN
• Orders: Brown v. Phillips [2014] FamCA 9 PDF 158.68kb, 10 JAN 14

StarLesbian Parent Denied Adoption Requested as Extra Caution News item summary US (NY) 28 JAN

StarVirginia Senate committee kills second-parent adoption bill News item summary US (VA) 25 JAN

StarAustralian Government study finds kids with gay parents do as well as those with straight parents News item summary AU 24 JAN
• Report: Same-sex parented families in Australia CFCA Paper No. 18 2013 PDF 759.34kb, 20 JAN 14

StarJudge rules Kansas sperm donor owes child support News item summary US (KS) 23 JAN
• Memorandum Decision and Order: State of Kansas & Ors v. W.M. Case No. 12 D 2686 PDF 5.24MB, 22 JAN 14

StarPortugal's Gay Adoption Rights Placed in Doubt News item summary PT 17 JAN

StarFriends with parental benefits News item summary US (NY) 09 JAN
• Decision: In the Matter of the Adoption of A Child Whose First Name is G Index No redacted by Court PDF 126.05kb, 27 DEC 13

StarMelbourne sperm donor dad gets access to daughter despite objections of lesbian parents News item summary AU (VIC) 08 JAN

February 2014

StarGerman court declines to rule on joint adoption by gay couples News item summary DE 21 FEB

StarRussia bans adoptions by foreign same-sex couples News item summary RU 13 FEB

StarSame-sex couple clear adoption hurdle News item summary US (LA) 13 FEB

StarAdoption of same-sex partner's children allowed in Idaho News item summary US (ID) 11 FEB
• Opinion: In the Matter of the Adoption of John Doe and John Doe 1 Docket No. 41463 PDF 79.22kb, 10 FEB 14

StarScottish anti-gay adoption agency wins appeal to keep charity status News item summary UK 01 FEB

March 2014

StarScottish Catholic adoption agency given green light to continue discriminating against gays News item summary UK (SC) 17 MAR

StarMan Adopted In Kentucky By Member of Same-Sex Couple News item summary US (KY) 03 MAR

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