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October 2014

StarPhiladelphia Adds Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity To List Of Hate Crimes News item summary US (PA) 30 OCT

StarSingapore upholds law that criminalizes gay sex News item summary SG 29 OCT
• Judgment: Lim Meng Suang v Attorney-General and Tan Eng Hong v Attorney-General [2014] SGCA 53 PDF 2.13MB, 29 OCT 14

StarNew South Wales passes bill to extinguish historic gay sex convictions News item summary AU (NSW) 23 OCT 14

StarUgandan Court Dismisses Charges Against Two People Accused Of Sodomy News item summary UG 23 OCT

StarNSW passes legislation expunging historical convictions for gay sex News item summary AU (NSW) 16 OCT

StarVictoria expunges historic gay sex convictions, legal groups hope other jurisdictions will follow News item summary AU (VIC) 16 OCT

StarHomosexuality in the "LC" will be punished with imprisonment up to 5 years News item summary UA 05 OCT

StarCatalonia passes divisive anti-homophobia law News item summary ES (CA) 03 OCT

November 2014

StarNew York court says state can seek new indictment in overturned hate crime case News item summary US (NY) 25 NOV
• Opinion: The People &c., v. Dwight R Lee No. 198 PDF 26.27kb, 24 NOV 14

StarGambia approves law that would jail some gays for life News item summary GM 21 NOV

StarNew Anti-LGBT Legislation Drafted In Uganda News item summary UG 08 NOV
• Draft Bill: The Prohibition of the Promotion of Unnatural Sexual Practices Bill of 2014 PDF 1.72MB, 29 OCT 14

StarEgypt jails eight men for appearing in video of gay wedding News item summary EG 01 NOV

December 2014

StarNew Jersey lawmaker introduces bill to prohibit ‘gay panic’ defense in murder cases News item summary US (NJ) 28 DEC

StarCourt reduces sentences in 'same-sex marriage video' defendants to 1 year News item summary EG 27 DEC

StarMoroccan Court Sentences Elected Official, His Friend to 3 Years for Homosexuality News item summary MA 19 DEC

StarToledo city council expands hate crimes ordinance to include gender identity News item summary US (OH) 03 DEC

July 2014

StarGay man sentenced for twitter debauchery in Saudi Arabia News item summary SA 23 JUL

StarHighest court makes first acknowledgment of homophobic speech as hate crime News item summary TR 18 JUL
• Judgment: Sinem Hun No. 2013/5356 (In Turkish) PDF 1.61MB, 08 MAY 14

StarMalawi Solicitor General Says Country Has Suspended Anti-Gay Laws News item summary MW 15 JUL

StarHomosexuality Convictions Upheld News item summary MA 08 JUL

StarZambia frees 2 allegedly gay men after year in prison News item summary ZM 03 JUL

August 2014

StarCalifornia Assembly approves ban on ‘gay panic’ defense, bill heads to governor News item summary US (CA) 27 AUG

StarUgandan Attorney General Appeals Anti-Homosexuality Act Court Ruling News item summary UG 08 AUG

StarUganda court strikes down anti-gay law News item summary UG 01 AUG
• Judgment: Oloka-Onyango v. Attorney General No. 08 of 2014 PDF 59.72kb, 01 AUG 14

September 2014

StarCalifornia Governor Brown Signs Bill to Ban Use of “Transgender Panic” Defenses in Criminal Trials News item summary US (CA) 29 SEP

Star100 lashes for extramarital and gay sex in Aceh News item summary ID (AC) 27 SEP

StarChad becomes 37th African state to seek ban on homosexuality News item summary TD 23 SEP

StarGambia passes bill imposing life in prison for some homosexual acts News item summary GM 08 SEP

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April 2014

StarBrunei delays punishing gay sex with death by stoning News item summary BN 22 APR

StarGay couple arrested, fined for kissing in Mexico News item summary MX 22 APR

StarUgandan men to go on trial on homosexuality charges News item summary UG 18 APR

StarEthiopia: Bill to make gay sex a non-pardonable offence dropped News item summary ET 16 APR

StarBrunei will stone you if you have gay sex from next week News item summary BN 15 APR

StarEgyptian Court Sentences 4 Gay Men to Prison for 'Debauchery' News item summary EG 07 APR

StarGay sex verdict: SC agrees to consider open court hearing of curative petitions News item summary IN 03 APR

May 2014

StarUganda Criminalizes HIV Transmission, Mandates Testing News item summary UG 16 MAY

StarMorocco jails, will exile six men for being gay News item summary MA 15 MAY

StarNew South Wales "gay panic" defence laws officially abolished News item summary AU (NSW) 14 MAY

StarIowa Legislature Passes HIV Transmission Bill News item summary US (IA) 02 MAY

June 2014

StarNew bill will 'ban homosexuality' and LGBT rights groups News item summary GM 24 JUN

StarSix months after Supreme Court verdict, seven booked under homophobic law News item summary IN (KA) 19 JUN

StarAlabama law used to prosecute gay sex struck down by appeals court, reports News item summary US (AL) 14 JUN
• Opinion: Dewayne Williams v. State of Alabama CR-112-1395 PDF 85.85kb, 13 JUN 14

StarIowa Supreme Court Overturns Nick Rhoades' Conviction for Criminal Transmission of HIV News item summary US (IA) 13 JUN
• Decision: Nick Rhoades v. State of Iowa PDF 141.91kb, 13 JUN 14

StarIowa revamps harsh HIV criminalization law News item summary US (IA) 04 JUN
• Senate File 2297: An Act Relating to the Criminal Transmission of a Contagious or Infectious Desease 04 JUN 14

January 2014

StarSupreme Court will not review judgment against homosexuality News item summary IN 28 JAN
•Order: Naz Foundation (India) Trust v. Suresh Kumar Koushal & Ors PDF 6.46kb, 28 JAN 14

StarMuseveni says he will sign Uganda anti-gay bill if scientists can prove being gay is not genetic News item summary UG 27 JAN

StarWilliams Institute Researchers Contribute to Groundbreaking Handbook on LGBT Communities and Crime News item summary INTNL 25 JAN

StarMuseveni blocks Anti-Homosexuality Bill News item summary UG 17 JAN

StarNigerian Beaten for Sex With a Man 7 Years Ago News item summary NG 16 JAN

StarSecond Australian state to wipe convictions from when gay sex was illegal News item summary AU (TAS) 13 JAN

StarNigerian leader signs anti-gay law, drawing U.S. fire News item summary NG 13 JAN

StarVictorian men convicted of gay sex to get convictions removed News item summary AU (VIC) 12 JAN

February 2014

StarUganda president signs anti-gay bill into law live on TV News item summary UG 24 FEB
Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014 PDF20.27kb, 18 FEB 14

StarUgandan MPs lied to President Museveni on gay science report News item summary UG 24 FEB
•Report: Consensus Statement on the Presidential Scientific Committee on Homosexuality PDF 91.73kb, 22 FEB 14

StarLife Imprisonment for 'Honour Killing' of Gay Turkish Teenager News item summary TR 21 FEB

StarUganda leader puts anti-gay law on hold to seek more scientific advice News item summary UG 21 FEB

StarChristians Are a Cause of LGBT Oppression So We Have to Be a Part of the Liberation! News item summary INTNL 16 FEB

StarUganda president to sign anti-gay bill into law News item summary UG 14 FEB
•Press Release: Presentation by a team of scientists from MOH and Makerere University on homosexuality and genetics in humans 14 FEB 14

March 2014

StarUAE court upholds six-month jail term for homosexual men News item summary AE 25 MAR

StarLegality of Anti Homosexuality Act challenged in Constitutional Court by an unprecedented coalition of petitioners; Injunction against enforcement sought News item summary UG 11 MAR
• Petition: Prof J Oloka-Onyango & Ors. v. Attorney General of Uganda No. 08 of 2014 PDF 1.97MB, 11 MAR 14

StarMalaysia: Ex-Deputy Prime Minister jailed for five years on sodomy charges News item summary MY 07 MAR

StarNigeria court orders men whipped for gay sex News item summary NG 06 MAR

StarGay sex ban was an oversight News item summary UK (IM) 05 MAR

StarLandmark ruling rubbishes anti-gay law in Lebanon News item summary LB 05 MAR

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