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October 2015

StarUtah agrees to end same-sex parent birth certificate lawsuit News item summary US (UT) 18 OCT
• Stipulation and Joint Motion to Enter Permanent Injunction: Angie Roe and Kamie Roe v. W David Patton and Richard Oborn No. 2:15-cv-00253-DB PDF 156.33kb, 16 OCT 15

StarCourt Denies Parental Rights In Same Sex Marriage Case News item summary US (FL) 15 OCT
• Opinion: Susan Russell v. Elizabeth A Pasik No. 2D14-5540 PDF 75.81kb, 14 OCT 15

StarGirl must stay in touch with two 'fathers' after 'extraordinary' High Court case News item summary UK (E&W) 15 OCT
• Judgment: Re A and C (Contact) (No 4) [2015] EWHC 2839 (Fam) 231kb 14 OCT 15

StarSame-Sex Parents Without Court Order News item summary US (KS) 12 OCT
• Plaintiff's Index of Exhibits: Kail Marie, et al ., v. Susan Mosier, et al. No. 14-cv-2518 PDF 663.18kb, 05 OCT 15

StarProtections for transgender foster youth signed into law News item summary US (CA) 12 OCT

StarState to issue birth certificates to 2 same-sex couples News item summary US (KS) 08 OCT

StarSame-sex couples will be able to adopt under new law introduced in Victorian Parliament News item summary AU (VIC) 06 OCT
• Bill: Adoption Amendment (Adoption by Same-Sex Couples) Bill 2015 PDF 147.25kb, 07 OCT 15

November 2015

StarIsraeli Court Recognizes Interfaith Lesbian Couple as Mothers of Each Other's Children News item summary IL 26 NOV

StarArkansas Judge: 3 Gay Couples can Amend Kids' Birth Certificates News item summary US (AR) 23 NOV

StarPortugal allows same-sex adoption, lesbian artificial insemination in push for gay rights News item summary PT 20 NOV

StarOklahoma Supreme Court hands down landmark ruling on same-sex parenting News item summary US (OK) 17 NOV
• Opinion: Charlene Ramey v. Kinberley Sutton No. 2015 OK 29 PDF kb 17 NOV 15

StarBiological father 'cannot visit child' News item summary UK (E&W) 17 NOV
• Judgment: JK -and- HS and KS -and- X By Her Children's Guardian [2015] EWFC 84 13NOV 15

StarUtah judge reverses his ruling on lesbian parents News item summary US (UT) 12 NOV

StarUtah judge orders same-sex couple to give up foster child, says baby would be better off with heterosexual parents News item summary US (UT) 11 NOV

StarMormon church will no longer baptize children of gay parents News item summary INTNL 06 NOV

StarNebraska Agrees to Change Birth Certificates to Include Same-Sex Parents News item summary US (NE) 06 NOV

StarColombian court approves adoption by homosexual couples News item summary CO 05 NOV
• Comunicado No. 50 (in Spanish): La Corte Constitucional determinó que las parejas del mismo sexo estn habilitadas ara adoptar conjuntamente Expediente D-10372 Sentencia C-683/15 PDF 527.86kb 04 NOV 15 5

StarCourt: Judge properly tossed gay couple's parental request News item summary US (WI) 04 NOV
• Decision: S.R. and C.L. v. Circuit Court for Winnebago County 2015AP000219-AC PDF 272.28kb 04 NOV 15

December 2015

StarLesbian couple ordered to hand toddler back to biological mother News item summary AU (QLD) 30 DEC
• Judgment: Blaze & Anor v. Grady & Anor [2015] FamCA 1064 30 NO15

StarGroundbreaking ruling recognizes same-sex common-law marriage in Utah News item summary US (UT) 28 DEC

StarLesbian couple hails adoption ruling News item summary IT 24 DEC

StarSame-sex defacto couples secure the right to adopt News item summary NZ 21 DEC

StarNew Ontario bill aims to change legal rights of new LGBT parents News item summary CA (ON) 14 DEC
• Bill 137: Cy and Ruby’s Act PDF 716.79kb, 04 NOV 15

StarSupreme Court blocks decision revoking parental custody from lesbian News item summary US (AL) 14 DEC
• Order in Pending Case: V.L. V. E.L., Smith, Tobie J. V. E.L., et al No. 15-648 PDF 27.00kb 14 DEC 15

StarArkansas Supreme Court halts birth certificates for same-sex partners News item summary US (AR) 10 DEC
• Petition for Emergency Stay Granted in Part and Denied in Part: Motion for Expansion of Page Limit Granted: Nathaniel Smith, et al. v. Marisa N Pavan and Terrah D Pavan, et al. No. CV-15-988 PDF 1.51MB, 10 DEC 15

StarCourt recognizes gay mum adoption News item summary IT (MI) 10 DEC

StarPuerto Rico for first time allows same-sex couple to adopt News item summary PR 09 DEC

StarSame-sex adoption laws pass Victorian Parliament after Government accepts religious exemptions News item summary AU (VIC) 09 DEC

StarCzech court recognizes gay adoption News item summary CZ 07 DEC

StarArkansas Begins Listing Some Same-Sex Parents On Birth Certificates News item summary US (AR) 04 DEC

July 2015

StarAdoption finalized for Mobile couple at the heart of Alabama's gay marriage debate News item summary US (AL) 24 JUL

StarAfter months of back and forth, state allows same-sex couples to be listed on birth certificates News item summary US (AK) 19 JUL

StarJudge says Utah must recognize lesbian moms as legal parents News item summary US (UT) 15 JUL

StarHawaii Eases Process to Switch Gender on Birth Certificates News item summary US (HI) 14 JUL
Bill: HB 631

August 2015

StarWisconsin issues birth certificate recognizing same-sex parents, Madison couple continues legal battle to receive theirs News item summary US (WI) 25 AUG

StarMissouri Court of Appeals allows lesbian mother to seek custody News item summary US (MO) 18 AUG
Opinion: Melissa McGaw v. Angela McGaw WD 77799 PDF 397.01kb, 18 AUG 15

StarMexico Supreme Court Strikes Down Same-Sex Adoption Ban News item summary MX 12 AUG

StarHistoric ACLU Victory: State of Nebraska Barred From Discriminating Against LBGT Foster Parents News item summary US (NE) 05 AUG
Order: : Greg Stewart and Stillman Stewart; Lisa Blakey and Janet Rodrigyez; and Todd Vesely and Joel Busch v. Dave Heineman, Kerry Winterer and Thomas Pristow No. CI 13-3157 PDF 572.87kb 05 AUG 15

September 2015

StarAlabama Supreme Court says state doesn't have to recognize lesbian adoption from Georgia News item summary US (AL) 18 SEP
Opinion: : Ex parte E.L. (In re: E.L. v. V. L.) 1140595 PDF 164.93kb 18 SEP 15

StarMichigan Supreme Court Orders Reconsideration Of Custody Case Involving Lesbian Parents News item summary US (MI) 12 SEP
Order: : Jennifer Stankevich aka Jennifer Milliron v. Leanne Milliron No. 148097 PDF 45.62kb 11 SEP 15

StarGay couples in Ohio now able to adopt jointly News item summary US (OH) 09 SEP

StarCourt: No visitation rights for woman after same-sex divorce News item summary US (MD) 02 SEP
Opinion: : Michelle L Conover v. Brittany D Conover No. 2099 PDF 228.16kb, 26 AUG 15

April 2015

StarFirst Baby Registered with Three Parents in Argentina News item summary AR 24 APR

StarArizona same-sex couples can again adopt, foster together News item summary US (AZ) 23 APR

StarEngland: Transsexual fails in attempt to have birth certificate changed to hide original gender News item summary UK (EN) 21 APR
Judgment: : The Queen on the application of JK v. The Registrar General for England and Wales[2015] EWHC 990 (Admin) RTF 20 APR 15

StarFrench court OKs adoption by lesbian partners News item summary FR 16 APR

StarArizona governor vetoes bill that could allow adoption discrimination against same-sex couples News item summary US (AZ) 14 APR

StarFlorida state House of Reps approves bill allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against gay couples News item summary US (FL) 10 APR

StarNicaragua rejects same-sex marriage, adoption News item summary NI 09 APR

StarIrish senators approve same-sex adoption bill News item summary IE 02 APR

May 2015

StarSwiss supreme court rules boy can't have 2 fathers News item summary CH 21 MAY

StarIsrael Defense Forces change service regulations to accommodate same-sex parents News item summary IL 19 MAY

StarOregon denies lesbian parental rights to ex-lover’s child News item summary US (OR) 15 MAY
Opinion: : In the Matter of the Registered Domestic Partnership of Karah Gretchen Madrone and Lorrena Thompson Madrone 271 Or App 116 [2015] PDF 119.06kb, 13 MAY 15

StarSupreme Judicial Court: Sperm donors do not have to give permission for gay adoptions News item summary US (MA) 07 MAY
Opinion: : Adoption of a Minor No. SJC-11797 PDF 07 MAY 15

StarGay couple wins High Court battle over baby girl News item summary UK (EN) 06 MAY
Judgment: : H v S (Surrogacy Agreement) [2015] EWFC 36, 30 APR 15

June 2015

StarGuernsey law change allows same-sex couples to adopt News item summary GG 24 JUN

StarJersey States approve same-sex couple adoption law News item summary JE 23 JUN

StarGovernor Scott signs into law bill allowing gay parents to adopt News item summary US (FL) 11 JUN

StarMichigan governor signs bills allowing gay-couple adoption refusal News item summary US (MI) 11 JUN

January 2015

StarVirginia: Lesbian couple win right to have names on twin's birth certificates News item summary US (VA) 26 JAN

StarPortuguese Parliament Blocks Bill Allowing Gays To Adopt News item summary PT 25 JAN

StarVirginia Senate rules that unmarried gay couples cannot adopt News item summary US (VA) 25 JAN

StarAustria declares ban on gay adoption illegal News item summary AT 14 JAN
• Reasons for Decision: On the Request of Dr. *** and the Mag. *** (in German) G119-120/2014-12 PDF 300.12kb, 11 DEC 14

StarSame-sex Oklahoma couple among first to get adoption decree News item summary US (OK) 12 JAN

StarItaly: Court recognizes child born to gay couple for first time News item summary IT 07 JAN

February 2015

StarAlabama court reverses itself, allows visitation case after same-sex couple split News item summary US (AL) 28 FEB
• Opinion: E.L. v. V. L. No. 2130683 PDF 93.99kb, 27 FEB 15

StarHearing scheduled for March 2 in new Alabama adoption dispute filed by successful Searcy plaintiffs News item summary US (AL) 25 FEB
• Order: Cari D Search v. Don Davis PDF No. 1:15-cv-00104-CG-N PDF 63.08kb, 25 FEB 15

StarColombian Constitutional Court Approves Limited Homosexual Adoption News item summary CO 19 FEB
• Judgment (in Spanish): Expediente D-10.315 C-071/15 PDF 218.38kb, 18 FEB 15

March 2015

StarSuit Over Adoption By Couple In Gay Marriage Case Dismissed News item summary US (AL) 27 MAR

StarSame-sex couple's adoption bid rejected: report News item summary TW 13 MAR

StarACLU Cheers House Passage of Provision Removing Unconstitutional Anti-Gay Adoption Ban from Florida Law News item summary US (FL) 11 MAR

StarWoman in the UK becomes surrogate mother for gay son News item summary UK 07 MAR
• Judgment: B v C (Surrogacy - Adoption) [2015] EWFC 17 PDF 331.68kb 13 FEB 15

StarNebraska Stops Enforcing Ban on Gay Foster Parents News item summary US (NE) 01 MAR

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