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30 January 2015

Changing sex no longer requires surgical proof in Manitoba

CANADA, Manitoba: On 02 February 2015, transgender Manitobans were able to change their sex designation on birth registrations and certificates without requiring proof of surgery. Applicants now only need to provide a statutory declaration of the change, along with a letter from a health-care professional.

Turkish court fines hamam owner for denying entry of transgender woman

TURKEY: On 30 January 2015, it was reported that Judge Gönü Doāan ruled that Ahmet Karagüney, the owner of the Galatasara hamam, Turkish bath, in Istanbul is to pay 3,000 Turkish Liras for discriminating against a transgender woman by denying her entry in violation of Article 122 of the Turkish Penal Code that makes discrimination against people based on language, religion, gender, color, political thought, philosophical belief, sect or alike unlawful.

29 January 2015

Navy grants transgender veteran first official name-change approval in military record

UNITED STATES, Virginia: On 23 January 2015, the Navy officially approved the first DD-214 request of m2f transgender veteran Paula Neira to a change of her name on her military record.

Rome recognizes gay civil unions

ITALY, Rome: On 29 January 2015, the Rome City Council voted in an amendment enabling gay marriages contracted abroad to be automatically transcribed into the newly created civil union register.

Chile gives final approval to gay civil unions

CHILE: On 29 January 2015, the Senate passed the Civil Union Accord bill by a 25 to 6 vote margin with three abstentions. The law grants gay and unmarried couples the right to inherit each other's property, join a partner's health plan and receive pension benefits and has been sent to President Michelle Bachelet who is expected to sign it into law.

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28 January 2015

Judge clarifies scope of order in Alabama marriage ruling

UNITED STATES, Alabama: On 28 January 2015, US District Judge Callie V S Granade made a further order clarifying her 23 January summary judgment declaring that Alabama's laws prohibiting same-sex marriage and prohibiting recognition of same-sex marriages performed legally in other states are unconstitutional and her order, which she stayed, is not limited to to the same-sex couple that filed the case. The Alabama Probate Judges Association had made press statements that despite the court's ruling, they must follow Alabama law and cannot issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. If no action is taken by the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals to extend or lift the stay within that time period, the court's stay will be lifted on 09 February 2015.
• Order Clarifying Judgment:: Cari D Searchy and Kimberley McKeand v. Lither Strange No. 14-0208-CG-N PDF 78.01kb, 28 JAN 15

Top French court approves Franco-Moroccan same-sex marriage

FRANCE: On 28 January 2015, the Cour de Cassation ruled that the marriage of French-Moroccan gay couple Dominique and Mohammed could proceed. The Court said that a clause in the agreement signed between France and Morocco on the issue stipulated that the law of one of the countries could be discarded when it was “obviously incompatible with public order”. The decision could create a precedent and allow gay citizens from the 11 countries to marry in France.

27 January 2015

City's survival benefits will soon apply to all legally married couples

UNITED STATES, Texas: On 27 January 2015, the City of Forth Worth announced that from 01 February 2015, a 75% survivor benefit will be available to certain eligible same-sex spouses married at least one year prior to the employee's retirement without their taking a reduction in his or her pension benefit and those currently on a reduced benefi will have their benefit restored without back pay upon receipt of the appropriate documentation.

Federal judge in Alabama rules in favor of freedom to marry in second case

UNITED STATES, Alabama: On 26 January 2015, Judge Allie S Granade in the US District Court struck down Alabama's ban on marriage between same-sex couples for a second time in one week, ruling in favor James Strawser and John Humphrey, who are unmarried and wish to marry in their home state of Alabama.
• Order: James N Strawser and John E Humphrey v. Luther Strange No. 14-0424-CG-C PDF 72.57kb, 26 JAN 15

Philippines: Vigan city bans anti-gay hate

PHILIPPINES, Ilocos Sur: On 27 January 2015, the historic Vigan City was reported to have passed an anti-discrimination ordinance (ADO) covering sexual orientation and gender identity bans discrimination in employment, education, access to goods and services, accommodation, access to public places/facilities/meeting places, and access to commercial establishments, as well as in political participation, wrongful portrayal and inciting others to commit acts of discrimination. Anyone convicted for the first time under under the ADO will be punished with 'admonition and a fine of P1,000 ($22.70, €20.05). Second offenders are liable to imprisonment for no more than 10 days and a fine of P2,000 ($45.40, €40.10). A third conviction will be penalized with 15 days in jail and a fine of P5,000 ($113.50, €100.35).

26 January 2015

Virginia: Lesbian couple win right to have names on twin's birth certificates

UNITED STATES, Virginia: On 08 December 2014, Richmond Circuit Court Judge T J Markow ordered the Office of Vital Records in the Virginia Department of Health to amend the birth certificates to show Maria Hayman (the gestational mother) and Joani Hayman (the genetic mother) as the “only parents of the children” Flannan Finn Hayman and Merida Mirin Hayman, twin son and daughter born 13 June 2013.

Ontario will now assess transgender inmates based on identity, not anatomy

CANADA, Ontario: On 26 January 2015, it was reported that Yasir Naqvi, Ontario's minister of community safety and correctional services announced a revised policy underwhich inmates will be placed in facilities that take into account their own gender identity and preferences, be referred to by their chosen name and pronouns (such as he, her or the gender-neutral ze), be able to retain prosthesis used for gender expression and have a choice in the gender of staff performing searches.

25 January 2015

Alabama officials to appeal marriage case to Eleventh Circuit UPDATE: state asks for stay

UNITED STATES, Alabama: On 26 January 2015, Judge Allie S Granade in the US District Court agreed to a fourteen-day stay of her 23 January judgment (until 09 February) pending an appeal to the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. A Time Sensitive Motion to Stay was filed in the Eleventh Circuit 26 January 2015.
• Motion to Stay: Luther Strange v. Carl D Searcy, et al. No. 15-10295-C PDF 368.87kb, 26 JAN 15

25 January 2015

Portuguese Parliament Blocks Bill Allowing Gays To Adopt

PORTUGAL: On 22 January 2015, the Parliament defeated by 30 votes out of the 220 members present a bill that would have allowed gay couples to adopt children.

Virginia Senate rules that unmarried gay couples cannot adopt

UNITED STATES, Virginia: On 23 January 2015, the Senate Rehabilitation and Social Services Committee rejected 8-7 Bill SB679, a proposal to extend adoption rights to the partners of unmarried gay partners.

23 January 2015

Egypt 'homosexuality case' acquittals upheld

EGYPT, Cairo: On 19 January 2015, the Cairo Appeals Court upheld the acquittal ruling issued on January 12 by a lower court verdict clearing 26 local men of practising homosexuality in a public bathhouse. The court said that the case lacked hard evidence and the testimony made by the police officer, who led the raid, “defied logic”.

Alabama same-sex marriage ban struck down

UNITED STATES, Alabama: On 23 January 2015, Judge Allie S Granade in the US District Court granted a summary judgment in a case challenging Alabama's ban on recognizing same-sex marriages performed outside of the state. The Court further found the same-sex marriage ban unconstitutional. There was no stay however, the State Attorney General has filed a Motion for a Stay.
• Motion for a Stay: Cari D Search and Kimberley McKeand v. Luther Strange No. 14-0208-CG-NPDF 27.32kb, 23 JAN 15
• Memorandum Opinion and Order: Cari D Search and Kimberley McKeand v. Luther Strange No. 14-0208-CG-N PDF 107.31kb, 23 JAN 15

22 January 2015

Cassation revokes Gay driving suspension

ITALY: On 22 January 2015, the Court of Cassation upheld an order for the Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to compensate Danilo Giuffrida whose driving license was suspended 14 years ago on the ground that he was a homosexual, he having admitted to military doctors that he was gay and the army having sent a copy of the report to the local department of motor vehicles. Originally awarded compensation of €100,000, later reduced to €20,000 on appeal, the Court ordered the case be adjourned so that a higher figure could be calculated for consideration.

Eighth Circuit won’t place hold on Missouri marriage litigation

UNITED STATES, Missouri: On 22 January 2015, the US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit denied the State's motion to stay the hearing of an appeal in the same-sex marriage case of Kyle Lawson, et al., v. Robert Kelly, et al. and the appellee's motion to vacate the District Court's stay. The Court ordered a briefing schedule for the case to proceed.
• Order: Kyle Lawson, et al., v. Robert T Kelly Nos. 14-3779, 14-3780 PDF 90.56kb 22 JAN 15

Lesbian Washington Supreme Court justice sworn in

UNITED STATES, Washington: On 12 January 2015, openly LGBT Washington State Supreme Court Associate Justice Mary Yu took took the oath of office during a ceremony at the Temple of Justice. Justice Yu was previously a Kings County Superior Court Judge.

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21 January 2015

France hands out first fines for anti-gay tweets

FRANCE: On 21 January 2015, three French Twitter users were fined this week for inciting hatred and violence on the basis of sexual orientation by sending tweets that included homophobic hashtags. It's the first time a French court has handed out convictions for homophobic abuse on Twitter. One was fined €300 while the other two were forced to pay €500. All three were forced to pay the same amount to French charity Comité Idaho which had brought the case.

Starkville, Mississippi aldermen: No insurance coverage for same-sex partners

UNITED STATES, Mississippi: On 20 January 2015, in a 5-2 vote, Starkville aldermen overrode the mayor's veto of their earlier decision to bar city employees from buying buy health insurance coverage for unmarried domestic partners, including those of the same sex.

Islamic law restricted to familial matters, Court of Appeal says in transgender case

MALAYASIA: On 02 January 2015, Justices Datuk Mohd Hishamudin Yunus, Datuk Aziah Ali and Datuk Lim Yee Lan in the Court of Appeal released their full judgment in favour of three Muslim transgenders Muhamad Juzaili Mohd Khamis, Shukur Jani and Wan Fairol Wan Ismail who were convicted of cross-dressing under Section 66 of the Negri Sembilan Syariah Criminal Enactment 1992 that punishes Muslim men who wear women's attire with a fine not exceeding RM1,000, or jail of not more than six months, or both. The Court ruled that the framers of the Federal Constitution had confined the word “Islam” in Article 3 - which says that Islam is the religion of the Federation - to the areas of marriage, divorce and inheritance law. The Negri Sembilan state government has applied for leave to appeal the Court of Appeal's decision.
• Full Judgment: Muhamad Juzaili bin Mohd Khamis, et al., v. State Government of Negeri Sembilan, et al. No. N-01-498-11/2-122 PDF 3.11MB, 02 JAN 15

Macedonia bans gay marriage

MACEDONIA: On 21 January 2015, the Parliament approved 72-4 a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a 'life union solely of one woman and one man'. The measure still needs an additional parliamentary vote and presidential approval and if it passes, a two-thirds majority in parliament would be required to overturn it.
Chilean lawmakers approve civil unions bill

CHILE: On 20 January 2015, the Chilean House of Representatives approved a bill 86-23 that would allow same-sex couples to enter into civil unions. The Chilean Senate is expected to approve the measure before the end of the month. President Michelle Bachelet has said she will sign the civil unions bill into law.

20 January 2015

Groh v. Groh (registration)

UNITED STATES, New Jersey: On 20 January 2015, the opinion of Superior Court Judge L.R. Jones was released in which he concluded that under the most reasonable interpretation of existing statutory law, the Court had the authority to dissolve the civil union of Lacey Groh and Rachel Groh on the basis of “irreconcilable differences” even though N.J.S.A. 2A:34:2.1 did not explicitly include irreconcilable differences as a legal ground for such dissolution.
• Opinion.: Lacey Groh v. Rachel Groh No. FM-15-1222-13 PDF 116.77kb, 20 JAN 15

Court halts same-sex marriage lawsuits in North Dakota

UNITED STATES, North Dakota: On 20 January 2015, without explanation Chief Judge Ralph Erickson in the US District Court of North Dakota entered a text only order placing the same-sex marriage cases of Ramsay et al v. Dalrymple et al., and Jorgensen et al v. Montplaisir et al., on hold pending a decision by the United States Supreme Court in the four consolidated cases before it.

Israel allows gender change on ID cards without surgery

ISRAEL: On 20 January 2015, it was reported that in response to a petition filed in the High Court of Justice by (Ronit Liran Shaked and another,) two non-operative m2f transgender woman, the State Prosecution announced that it will now be possible to change the gender designation on one's identity card without actually having a sex-change operation. The existing Health Ministry committee that approves sex-change operations will set the criteria for determining a non-surgical sex change and examine the changes an applicant has undergone without the surgery. Certification by the sex-change committee will be sufficient for changing one's designation in the population registry.

16 January 2015

Supreme Court agrees to rule on gay marriage

UNITED STATES, Washington DC: On 16 January 2015, the US Supreme Court agreed to consider the four same-sex marriage cases from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee, consolidated and heard together on the question as to whether the Fourteenth Amendment requires states to licence same-sex marriage and to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages. A ruling is expected before the current term ends in late June.
• Order List: 574 U.S.: Certiorari Granted Nos. 14-556, 562, 571 and 574 PDF 42.84kb, 16 JAN 15

15 January 2015

Panel: Thailand to Recognize 'Third Gender' in New Constitution

THAILAND: On 15 January 2015, Constitution Drafting Committee Panel spokesman Kamnoon Sittisamarn said that the constitution will include the term “third gender” for the first time and ensure all sexual identities were protected under the constitution and treated equally by the law. The measure will go to the National Reform Council by April and must be approved by the ruling junta, also known as the National Council for Peace and Order.

Federal judge rules Michigan must recognize existing same-sex marriages

UNITED STATES, Michigan: On 15 January 2015, US District Court Judge Mark A Goldsmith ruled that some 300 same-sex couples who got married in Michigan when its ban was struck down on 22 March 2014 have a right to recognition of their validly performed marriage by the State. The Court granted the motion for a preliminary injunction stayed for 21 days."
• Opinion and Order: Marsha Caspar, et al, v. Richard Snyder, et al. No. 14-CV-11499 PDF 166.55 kb, 15 JAN 15

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14 January 2015

Nova Scotia salon owner fined for repeatedly commenting on employee's homosexuality

CANADA, Nova Scotia: On 15 December 2015, Kenneth D. Crawford, Q.C., Chair of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission Board of Inquiry, found that Shawn Cormier discriminated against Stephanie Graham on account of her sex, sexual orientation, and sexually harassed her while she was in his employ, ordering him to pay the sum of $11,400.00 representing general damages for denigration of Grahram's dignity, self- respect and psychological and emotional harm he inflicted, plus interest at the rate of 2.5% for 7 years.
• Decision: A Complaint under the Human Rights Act ("the Act") By Stephanie Graham No. 51000-30-H07-1273 PDF 376.24kb, 15 DEC 14

Russia gives green light for transgender drivers to stay on the road

RUSSIA: On 14 January 2015, Health Ministry spokesman Oleg Salagai was reported to have said that transgender citizens would be able to keep on driving - after a new road safety decree listed transsexuality among the medical conditions that could prevent a person from driving - as a mental or behavioral disorder in itself was not a reason to stop someone driving.

Austria declares ban on gay adoption illegal

AUSTRIA: On 14 January 2015, the Constitutional Court president Gerhart Holzinger released a decision lifting a ban on same sex couples adopting children finding that there was “no justification for difference in treatment because of sexual orientation”.
• Reasons for Decision: On the Request of Dr. *** and the Mag. *** (in German) G119-120/2014-12 PDF 300.12kb, 11 DEC 14

13 January 2015

Minsk Court Sentences Gay-Basher For Inflicting 'Unintentional' Injuries

BELARUS: On 13 January 2015, a court in Minsk rejected calls for Zmitser Lukashevich to be imprisoned for a homophobic hate crime and sentenced him to two years and eight months in prison for beating homosexual man Mikhail Pishcheuski so badly that he has been in a coma. Witnesses testified at the retrial testified that Lukashevich attacked Pishcheuski after loudly insulting him about his homosexuality.

12 January 2015

Gay divorce granted by family court judge

UNITED STATES, Kentucky: On 29 December 2014, Jefferson Family Court Judge Joseph O'Reilly granted the divorce of Alysha Romero and Rebecca Sue Romero, two Louisville women who were legally married 2009 in Bostom, Massachusetts. It is the first ruling of its kind in Kentucky.
• Findings of Fact and Colclusions of Law: Alysha Romero v. Rebecca Romero No: 13-CI-503351 PDF 98.89kb, 29 DEC 14

Goa to attempt to make gay youths 'normal'

INDIA, Goa: On 12 January 2015, state minister for Sports and Youth Affairs Ramesh Tawadkar was reported to have announced that the government in Goa plans to attempt to “cure” LGBT people and make them “normal”, using therapy and “medicines”.

Same-sex Oklahoma couple among first to get adoption decree

UNITED STATES, Oklahoma: On 19 December 2014, Associate District Judge Duane Woodliff in the Okmulgee County District Court granted what may be the first same-sex couple adoptions in Oklahoma when two young boys in state Department of Human Services care were adopted by a married lesbian couple in Tulsa.

Egypt court acquits 26 men in gay trial

EGYPT: On 12 January 2015, an Egyptian court acquitted 26 men arrested in a televised raid 07 December by police looking for gays at a Cairo public bathhouse. The men were charged variously with debauchery and performing indecent public acts. There are no laws in Egypt criminalising homosexuality but a decades' old law criminalising prostitution is often used in penalising the gay community.

South Dakota same-sex marriage ban struck down

UNITED STATES, South Dakota: On 12 January 2015, US District Judge Karen E Schreier granted a motion for summary judgment finding the State law banning same-sex marriage violates the fundamental right to marry without sufficient justification. A separate judgment will be entered and the effects of that judgment will be stayed until the judgment is final.
• Order: Jenny Rosenbrahn, et al., v. Dennis Daugaard, et al. No. 4:14-cv-04081 PDF 216.70kb, 12 JAN 15

Supreme Court rejects Louisiana gay marriage case

UNITED STATES, Louisiana: On 12 January 2015, the US Supreme Court declined to take up the Robicheaux v. George case. The US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has yet to rule on the appeal in the case. (The four same-sex marriage cases challenging the Sixth Circuit's ruling that upheld four states' bans have now been set for consideration by the Justices at their Conference on Friday of this week).

11 January 2015

Scotland: Same-sex couple banned from marrying

UNITED KINGDOM, Scotland: On 11 January 2015, it was reported that under the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act in England and Wales, and the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act in Scotland, unless in a civil partnership registered in Scotland, couples in civil partnerships entered into elsewhere must convert to a marriage in the country in which it was first registered. This means that those who entered a civil partnership in England or Wales must convert it in England or Wales and as Northern Ireland does not allow same-sex marriages, couples who entered a civil partnership there are prevented from converting to marriage in Northern Ireland.

10 January 2015

Court: State lawyer's 'bullying' of gay student not protected by 1st Amendment

UNITED STATES, Michigan: On 08 January 2015, the Michigan Court of Appeals found 3-0 that the attorney general's office was justified in firing Andrew Shirvell in 2010 because his posts on Facebook and an anti-gay blog directed against gay student Chris Armstrong, as well as his campus visits and TV appearances, clearly had an adverse impact on the agency's credibility. The Court rejected claims that his off-hours activities were protected by the First Amendment and denied his claim for unemployment benefits.
• Opinion: Andrew Shirvell v. Department of Attorney-General, et al. Nos. 314223, 314227 PDF 230.53kb, 08 JAN 15

Sharp new critique of same-sex marriage rulings

UNITED STATES, Idaho, Nevada: On 09 January 2015. the three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit voted to deny the petitions for rehearing en banc the Susan Latta, et al., v. C. L Otter, et al. (Idaho) and the Beverely Sevcik, et al., v. Brian Sandoval (Nevada) same-sex marriage cases, suggesting that lower courts are still bound by the Supreme Court's one-line decision in 1972 in the case of Baker v. Nelson that essentially confirmed that the Constitution commits questions of marriage policy to the citizens of each state.
• Order: Susan Latta, et al., v. C. L Otter, et al. and Beverely Sevcik, et al., v. Brian Sandoval No. 14-35420, 12-17668 PDF 198.64kb, 10 JAN 15

08 January 2015

Judge: Arlene’s Flowers owner can be sued in her personal capacity News item summary US (WA) 07 JAN
• Memorandum Decision and Order: State of Washington v. Arlene's Flowers, Inc., and Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed, v. Arlene's Flowers, Inc. No. 13-2-00871-5 (Consolidated with 13-2-00953-3) PDF 1.28MB, 07 JAN 15

Mississippi town rescinds health coverage for unmarried domestic partners

UNITED STATES, Mississippi: On 06 January 2015, the Starkville Aldermen voted 5-2 to rescind the insurance plan that had been in effect since last fall. Mayor Parker Wiseman says he will veto the decision. It would take five votes to override the veto.

Georgia federal judge allows same-sex marriage case to proceed

UNITED STATES, Georgia: On On 08 January 2015. US District Court Judge refused a State motion to dismiss the Christopher Inniss, et al., v. Deborag Aderhold, et al. same-sex marriage case, allowing it to proceed saying that the couples do not have a fundamental right to marry a person of the same sex, but he disagreed that Georgia's “interests in child welfare and procreation are advanced by the state's prohibition on same-sex marriages”.
• Opinion and Order: Christopher Inniss, et al., v. Deborag Aderhold, et al. 1:14-CV-01180-WSD PDF 262.75kb, 08 JAN 15

Judge says Edwin Poots was biased in gay men blood ban

UNITED KINGDOM, Northern Ireland: On 07 January 2015, Mr Justice Treacy in the Queen's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice in Northern Ireland ruled that former Stormont health minister Edwin Poots' ban on gay men giving blood in Northern Ireland was infected by apparent bias and was influenced by his Christian beliefs.

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07 January 2015

David Breen is now Judge Breen

UNIED STATES, Massachusetts: On 05 January 2015, gay community lawyer David J Breen was sworn in as a judge of the Boston Municipal Courts by Governor Deval Patrick .

Russia Won’t Let Transgender People Drive

RUSSIA: On 29 December 2015, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed an official decree that provides a list of illnesses that disqualify people from operating motor vehicles and indirectly includes gender identity disorders by referencing the “personality and behavior disorders” section of the International Classification of Diseases, published by the World Health Organization, which includes gender identity and behavior disorders.

Church of Scotland votes for gay ministers

UNITED KINGDOM, Scotland: On 07 January 2015, it was reported that the majority (1391 to 1153) of Church of Scotland presbyteries have backed the appointment of gay ministers. A final decision is to be made in May at the Edinburgh General Assembly.

Nepal to issue passports with third gender for sexual minorities

NEPAL: On 07 January 2015, Lok Bahadur Thapa, chief of the government’s passport department said that changed passport regulations will add a third category of gender for those people who do not want to be identified as male or female.

Italy: Court recognizes child born to gay couple for first time

ITALY, Turin: In October 2014, the appeals court in Turin (Corte di Appello di Torino), in a judgment made public on 07 January, ruled that the birth of a child, conceived by artificial insemination and born in Barcelona to a Spanish and Italian lesbian couple, should be transcribed into the official records of the town where the Italian woman lives. City Officials in the Piedmontese capital have however reportedly declined for the time being to transcribe the birth certificate of the baby.

06 January 2015

Macedonia to ban same-sex marriage

MACEDONIA: On 31 December 2014 (query), the Macedonian Parliament reportedly approved of a proposed bill to define marriage specifically as “a union between an man and a woman”. The government is to draft the amendment within ten days, and present it to the parliament.

05 January 2015

Miami Judge Approves Early Start to Florida's Gay Weddings

UNITED STATES, Florida: On 05 January 2015, Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court Judge Sarah I Zabel vacated the stay on her 25 July 2014 decision finding the state ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional, enabling marriage licences to be obtained immediately.
• Order: Catherine Pareto, et al., v. Harvey Ruvin, et al. 2014-1661-CA-01 PDF 60.02kb, 05 JAN 15

03 January 2015

New California law gives LGBT-owned businesses a boost

UNITED STATES, California: On 01 January 2015, the first-of-its-kind law AB 1678 came into effect requiring electrical, gas, water and telephone companies as well as wireless telecommunications service providers in California with annual revenues of more than US$25 million to report how much work they do with LGBT-owned businesses.
• Legislation: Assembly Bill No. 1678 (Accessed 03 JAN 14)

02 January 2015

Idaho asks Supreme Court to take up same-sex marriage challenge

UNITED STATES, Idaho: On 02 January 2015, Governor Otter and the State of Idaho were reported to have filed two separate petitions in the US Supreme Court seeking a review the decisions striking down the State same-sex marriage ban in the “Latta v. Otter” case.
• State of Idaho Petition: State of Idaho v. Susan Latta, et al. No. PDF 462.50kb, 02 JAN 15
• Governor Otter's Petition: C L "Butch" Otter, et al. v. Susan Latta, et al. No. 14 PDF 806.35kb, 30 DEC 14

01 January 2015

Judge acts to speed up Kansas same-sex marriage ruling

UNITED STATES, Kansas: On 31 December 2014, US District Judge Daniel Crabtree in Kail Marie, et al. v. Robert D Moser, et al., the lead Kansas same-sex marriage case, ordered stipulations of fact (by 09 January), responses (by 20 January) and instructing the parties to file a joint report submitting to the Court a proposed scheduling order by 30 January 2015.
• Telephone Status Conference: Kail Marie, et al. v. Robert D Moser, et al. No. 14-2518-DDC PDF 219.45kb, 31 DEC 14

Judge: Clerks Have Duty to Issue Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

UNITED STATES, Florida: On 01 January 2015, US District Judge Robert Hinkle ruled that county court clerks have a legal duty to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but stopped short of ordering them to do so.
• Order: James Domer Brenner, et al., v. Rick Scott, et al. No. 4:14-cv107-RH/CAS PDF 25.80kb, 01 JAN 15

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