June 2015

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30 June 2015

Bobby Jindal's executive order challenged by ACLU, other gay rights advocates

UNITED STATES, Louisiana: On 30 June 2015, the American Civil Liberties Union and others filed a lawsuit challenging as unconstitutional the Executive Order BJ 2015-8 'Marriage and Conscience Order' that Governor Bobby Jindal signed 19 May 2015, to carve out protections for people who oppose same-sex marriage.
• Petition: ACLU Foundation of Louisiana et at., v. Governor Piyush "Bobby" Jindal PDF 3.51MB, 30 JUN 15

29 June 2015

Judge rules North Dakota gay marriage ban 'invalid'

UNITED STATES, North Dakota: On 29June 2015, US District Court Judge Ralph Erickson declared that the State ban on same-sex marriage is “unconstitutional and invalid”, granting summary judgment in favor of Fargo couple Janet Jorgensen and Cynthia Phillips, who were married in Minnesota in 2013, one of seven couples who sued North Dakota for not recognizing their same-sex marriage.

Italy rules trans woman and cis man are allowed to marry

ITALY, Milan: On 29 June 2013, it was reported that the Court of Appeal in Milan ruled (25 May) that a m2f transgender man who in 2011 legally married his male partner in Argentina, prior to his later reassigning legally as female, must be allowed to register the marriage, declaring the marriage entirely in conformity with 'the heterosexual paradigm'.
• Sentenza (in Italian): Parties names redacted No. 1176/2015 PDF 259.96kb 25 MAY 15

27 June 2015

Puerto Rico will begin marrying same-sex couples in early July

PUERTO RICO: On 26 June 2013, Puerto Rico Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla signed an executive order following the US Supreme Court same-sex marriage decision, instructing all agencies of the executive branch to begin taking the necessary steps to comply with the Court's decision, further ordering the Department of Housing, the Department of Health and the island's demographic registry to commence the process to grant same-sex couples marriage licenses and “make any necessary adjustments to tax rules”.

26 June 2015

Pre-Marriage Considerations for Same-Sex Couples (Press Release)

UNITED STATES: On 26 June 2013, following the US Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of same-sex marriage, advisers recommend careful pre-marriage planning, highlighting important considerations for couples to review and action.

Opinion analysis: Marriage now open to same-sex couples

UNITED STATES, Washington DC: On 26 June 2013, the US Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that same-sex couples have the constitutional right to marry and all states must fully recognize same-sex marriages lawfully performed in any jurisdiction.
• Opinion: Obergefell, et al v. Hodges et al No. 14-556 PDF 428.77kb, 26 JUN 15

25 June 2015

In a First, New Jersey Jury Says Group Selling Gay Cure Committed Fraud

UNITED STATES, New Jersey: On 25 June 2015, before New Jersey Superior Court Judge Peter F. Bariso, a seven member jury found that the prominent group Jews Offering New Alternatives for Healing (JONAH) offering gay “conversion or reparitive therapy” violated the state's Consumer Fraud Act by claiming it could help men overcome unwanted homosexual urges. The plaintiffs were ordered to pay $72,400 to compensate the five plaintiffs, plus lawyers' fees.

24 June 2015

Guernsey law change allows same-sex couples to adopt

GUERNSEY: On 24 June 2015, it was reported that the Adoption Law will be amended to recognise civil partnerships and other relationships and give each partner equal rights and parental responsibility.

23 June 2015

Jersey States approve same-sex couple adoption law

JERSEY: On 23 June 2015, it was reported that unmarried same-sex and heterosexual couples will now be able to adopt children. Children aged 14 and over will be able to veto adoption orders.

Decedent's Former Partner Can Inherit Estate, Judge Says

UNITED STATES, New York: On 16 2015, Manhattan Surrogate Court Judge Nora Anderson found that Mauricio Leyton and David Hunter became committed partners in 2002 and in 2001, Leyton made a Will naming Hunter as the executor and stating Hunter was entitled to his personal property and one-half of the residuary estate. The partners broke up in 2006 and Leyton died in 2013. The Judge ruled that as the partners never married the Estates, Powers & Trusts Law 5-1.4 did not apply as it does in a divorce, revoking a Will's distribution to a former spouse
• Opinion: In Matter of the Estate of Mauricio Leyton No. , 2013-4842 PDF 226.27kb, 16 JUN 15

22 June 2015

Malaysian Court Convicts 9 Transgender Women, LGBT Groups Slam Decision

MALAYSIA: On 22 June 2015, the Human Rights Watch was reported to have said that an Islamic court in Malaysia convicted nine transgender women from the northeastern state of Kelantan of violating laws that prohibit “a male person posing as a woman”. All women were fined and two received a jail sentence but were released on bail pending an appeal.

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Gay wedding law passed in 'world's smallest country'

PITCAIRN ISLANDS: On 15 May 2015, the Pitcairn Islands law allowing same-sex marriage came into effect.

20 June 2015

Taipei to register gay relationships

TAIWAN, Taipei: On 17 June 2015, the Taipei City Government was reported to be accepting registrations of same-sex partnerships. Local government registration is deemed in general as bearing more symbolic meaning than substantial benefits to same-sex couples.

19 June 2015

Moroccan men 'jailed for four months for kissing in public'

MOROCCO: On 19 June 2015, Lahcen, 38, and Mohsine, 25, were convicted of an “affront to public decency” and of an “unnatural act with a person of the same sex”, namely kissing in public. The men were jailed for four months and also fined 500 dirhams (£33).

Transgender fails court bid to change identity to woman, judge says 'hands tied'

MALAYSIA: On 19 June 2015, High Court Judge Datuk Asmabi Mohamad dismissed the application of m2f transgender Vasudevan Ramoo for an order that the National Registration Department change his identity card details to reflect his new gender status as a woman, citing the Court of Appeal's 2013 decision in the Kristie Chan v National Registration Department Director-general case, which adopted the position in UK case Corbett v Corbett (1970) and the UK case Bellinger v Bellinger (2003).

Texas Supreme Court upholds same-sex divorce

UNITED STATES, Texas: On 19 June 2015, the Texas Supreme Court upheld 5-3 a divorce granted to Travis County same-sex couple Angelique Naylor and Sabina Daly in 2009, ruling the state had no standing to intervene in the case.
• Opinion: State of Texas v. Angelique Naylor and Sabina Daly No. 11-0114 PDF 119.49kb, 19 JUN 15

17 June 2015

Madison County adds transgender individuals to non-discrimination policy

UNITED STATES, Illinois: On 17 June 2015, with immediate effect, the Madison county board approved a move to add transgendered individuals to their non-discrimination categories in the employee handbook.

Korea court rules police cannot ban Pride

REPUBLIC OF KOREA: On 16 June 2015, a court in Seoul ruled police acted contrary to the law when they banned a Pride parade scheduled for 28 June, violating the right of LGBTI activists to protest. The Court said 'Unless there is a clear risk of danger to the public, preventing the demonstration is not allowed and should be the absolute last resort.'

16 June 2015

Constitutional Court dismisses appeal by transsexual seeking gender reassignment surgery under public health

COSTA RICA: On 12 June 2015, the Constitutional Court judges dismissed an appeal by a person who identifies as a woman that sought coverage from Costa Rica’s public health system (CCSS) to transform her male genitalia into that of a woman in Thailand, concluding that there was no scientific evidence that the procedure was medically urgent.

Mexico's Supreme Court Rules States Must Recognize Gay Marriage

MEXCIO: On 03 June 2015, the Mexican Supreme Court ruled that state laws restricting marriage only to heterosexual couples were discriminatory saying, 'As the purpose of matrimony is not procreation, there is no justified reason that the matrimonial union be heterosexual, nor that it be stated as between only a man and only a woman'. The ruling means that gay couples denied marriage in their state may seek injunctions against district judges.

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11 June 2015

Mexico state of Chihuahua officially approves same-sex marriage

MEXICO, Chihuahua: On 11 June 2015, Governor César Duarte Jáquez was reported to have announced that his administration will no longer prevent gay couples from saying their vows. Marriage licenses are expected to be handed out from 12 June.

Governor Scott signs into law bill allowing gay parents to adopt

UNITED STATES, Florida: On 11 June 2015, Governor Governor Rick Scott signed into law a bill that aims to increase adoptions and also repeals from statute a ban on gay people adopting children. The ban hasn't been enforced since 2010, when the Third District Court of Appeal ruled it unconstiutional.

Italy passes gay civil union motion for first time

ITALY: On 10 June 2015, the Lower House of passed a motion that commits the government 'to promote the adoption of a law on civil unions, particularly with regard to the condition of the people of same sex'.

Michigan governor signs bills allowing gay-couple adoption refusal

UNITED STATES, Michagan: On 11 June 2015, Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation allowing private adoption agencies to refuse to place children with same-sex couples on religious grounds.

North Carolina Anti-Gay Marriage Bill Becomes Law After Legislature Overrides Governor's Veto

UNITED STATES, North Carolina: On 11 June 2015, the State House overrode Governor Pat McCrory's veto of Senate Bill 2 that is now law, allowing magistrates to opt out of performing same-sex, or even interracial or interfaith, marriages.

09 June 2015

Arkansas judge orders state to recognize hundreds of same-sex marriages

UNITED STATES, Arkansas: On 09 June 2014, Pulaski County judge Wendell Griffen ruled that the State must recognise about 500 couples who received marriage licenses during a brief window when clerks issued them to gay couples.

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05 June 2015

Federal Judge Strikes Down Guam's Gay Marriage Ban

GUAM: On 05 June 2014, US District Court Chief Judge Frances M Tydingco-Gatewood struck down the Territory's prohibition against same-sex marriage, with effect at 8:00 a.m. on 09 June.

Canadian politicians pass law banning 'gay conversion therapy' aimed at children

CANADA, Ontario: On 04 June 2015, the provincial Parliament passed Bill 77, the “Affirming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Act”. In addition to banning “conversion therapy” for anyone under 18, it also makes sure that public health insurance won't cover it for anyone, of any age.

02 June 2015

Jersey passes law protecting LGBT and intersex people from discrimination

JERSEY: On 02 June 2015, the States of Jersey passed 37-2 (1 abstention, 11 absentees) the Sex Discrimination Regulations with effect on 01 September that make discrimination on the grounds of gender identity and sexual orientation unlawful and carrying a fine of up to £10,000.

Costa Rican Court Approves Civil Union for Gay Couple

COSTA RICA: On 02 June 2014, Family Court of Goicoechea, San Jose was reported to have approved the civil union of Gerald Castro and Cristian Zamora, though the decision is expected to be appealed.

01 June 2015

Midway passes Fairness Ordinance, protecting LGBT rights

UNITED STATES, Kentucky: On 01 June 2015, the Midway City Council passed 4-2 a Fairness Ordinance, which will prohibit discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. The ordinance takes effect with publication in The Woodford Sun.

North Carolina Senate overrides McCrory veto on anti-LGBT magistrate refusal bill

UNITED STATES, North Carolina: On 01 June 2014, the Senate overrode 32-16 the veto of Governor Pat McCrory to Senate Bill2, that would allow magistrates and registers of deeds to opt out of performing civil marriage services and ceremonies for same-gender couples. The bill passed the House 67-43 on 28 May with McCrory vetoing it later that day. The House has not yet held a similar vote.
• Bill: Senate Bill 2 PDF 374.31kb, 29 MAY 15

Connecticut lawmakers send bill to governor to ease birth certificate changes

UNITED STATES, Connecticut: On 01 June 2015, the Senate voted 32-3 in favor of bill HB 7006, that would allow any person who has undergone surgical, hormonal or other clinically appropriate treatment for gender transition to change their sex on their birth certificate.
HB 7006: An Act Concerning Birth Certificate Amendments HB7006

Australia opposition leader introduces gay marriage bill

AUSTRALIA: Federal: On 01 June 2015, the Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten introduced a private members same-sex marriage bill, the 'Marriage Amendment (Marriage Equality) Bill 2015'.
• Bill: Marriage Amendment (Marriage Equality) Bill 2015 PDF 131.92kb, 01 JUN 15

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