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October 2015

StarTax Strategy News item summary US 25 OCT

StarIRS Redefines 'Husband' And 'Wife' In Response to Landmark Same-Sex Marriage Decisions News item summary US (DC) 22 OCT
• Federal Register Volume 80, Number 205: Definition of Terms Relating to Marital Status 23 OCT 15

September 2015

StarThomson Reuters Special Report on Tax Planning and Benefits for Same-Sex Marriages Clarifies Implications of Recent Landmark Court Decisions News item summary US 09 SEP
• Report: Same-Sex Marriage Decisions by the Supreme Court Open Doors for Tax Planning and Benefits PDF 533.12kb, 25 AUG 15

July 2015

StarCommon Law Marriage Retroactively Applied to Same-Sex Couple News item summary US (PA) 30 JUL

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