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October 2016

StarBoy, 7, removed from mother's care following concerns she was forcing him to live life as a girl, court hears News item summary UK (E&W) 21 OCT
• Judgment: Re J (a minor) HTML [2016] EWHC 2430 (Fam) 21 OCT 16
StarArizona Appeals Court ruling: Birth mom's same-sex ex has parental rights News item summary US (AZ) 11 OCT
• Opinion: Kimberley McLaughlin v. Suzan McLaughlin & Anor No. 2 CA-SA-2016-0035 PDF 158.97kb 11 OCT 16
StarCourt Grants Full Parental Rights to Unmarried Lesbian News item summary US (MA) 04 OCT
• Opinion: Karen Partanen v. Julie Gallagher SJC-12018 PDF 195.86kb 23 AUG 16

November 2016

StarOntario passes law giving equal parenting rights to same-sex couples News item summary CA (ON) 29 NOV
StarKansas judge rules sperm donor not on hook for child support News item summary US (KS) 29 NOV
StarVictory! North Carolina to Issue Accurate Birth Certificates for All Children Born to Married Same-Sex Couples News item summary US (NC) 16 NOV
StarSouth Australian MPs' conscience vote backs allowing same-sex couples to adopt News item summary AU (SA) 15 NOV
StarDe Facto Custody Rule Survives Challenge in Hawaii News item summary US (HI) 08 NOV
• Opinion: AA v. BB SCAP-15-0000022 PDF 167.25kb 03 NOV 16
StarQueensland Parliament votes to allow same-sex couples, singles to adopt News item summary AU (QLD) 03 NOV
StarShe was denied custody because 2 women can't make a child, judge says News item summary US (MS) 02 NOV
• Final Judgment of Divorce: Kimberly Jayroe Strickland Day v. Christina Strickland No. 61CH:15-cv-02370 PDF 251.09kb 18 OCT 16

December 2016

StarVenezuelan Supreme Court Upholds Rights of Same-Sex Families in Landmark Ruling News item summary VE 20 DEC
• Judgment (in Spanish): Exp. 16-0357 HTML 15 DEC 16
StarRhode Island Couple's Court Win Createts Alternative Path to Family Security News item summary US (RI) 12 DEC
• Decision: In re Adoption Petition of (redacted) No. 2015-0877-1 PDF 26 OCT 16
StarArkansas Supreme Court Throws Out Ruling on Birth Certificate Law News item summary US (AR) 08 DEC
• Opinion: Nathaniel Smith et al. v. Marisa M. Pavan and Terrah D Pavan et al. CV-15-988 PDF 751.08kb 08 DEC 16

July 2016

StarQueensland family left in limbo over passport debacle News item summary AU 17 JUL
StarFamily Court approves first adoption by same-sex couple News item summary MT 13 JUL
StarVictory: Maryland's Highest Court Rules in Favor of De Facto Parentage for Same-Sex Couples, in Case Brought by FreeState Justice News item summary US (MD) 07 JUL
• Opinion: Conover v. Conover No. 79 PDF 131.88kgs 07 JUL 16
StarCourt: No parent rights at end of same-sex relationship News item summary US (MI) 06 JUL
• Opinion: Michelle Lake v. Kerri Putnam aka Kerri Skidmore No. 330955 PDF 92.85kgs 05 JUL 16
StarGay couple who ‘bought’ three babies in six months declared legal parents News item summary UK (E&W) 01 JUL
StarJudge rules surrogate mother could give baby a better home than gay couple News item summary UK (E&W) 01 JUL
• Judgment: Re Z (surrogacy agreements) (Child arrangement orders) [2016] EWFC 34 HTML 30 JUN 16

August 2016

StarNew York high court broadens definition of parent in landmark ruling News item summary US (NY) 30 AUG
• Opinion: In the Matter of Brook SB v. Elizabeth A and In the Matter of Estrellita A v. Jennifer LD Nos. 92, 92 PDF 30 AUG 16
StarCourt: Gay adoption of child born through surrogacy possible without paternity test News item summary IL 09 AUG 15
StarTop Michigan court rejects appeals in same-sex custody cases News item summary US (MI) 03 JUL
• Opinion: State of Arizona v. Jerry Charles Holle CR-15-0348-PR PDF 398.21kb 13 SEP 16

September 2016

StarArizona court passes ruling equating changing a nappy with paedophilia News item summary US (AZ) 19 SEP
• Opinion: Chelsea Torres and Jessamy Torres v. Linda Seemeyer PDF 141.63kb 14 SEP 16
StarSame-sex couple in Wisconsin will get both names on child’s birth certificate after legal battle News item summary US (WI) 15 SEP
• Opinion: Chelsea Torres and Jessamy Torres v. Linda Seemeyer PDF 141.63kb 14 SEP 16
StarAdoption equality in Victoria starts today News item summary AU (VIC) 01 OCT 16
StarManhattan mom can’t move to England with adopted son till ex-partner makes case for parental rights, judge rules News item summary US (NY) 01 SEP
• Case (sealed): Kelly Gunn v. Circe Hamilton No. 309154-2016 01 SEP 16

April 2016

StarItalian women win gay adoption battle News item summary IT (RM) 30 APR
StarGay couple win custody battle against Thai surrogate mother News item summary TH 26 APR
StarBrooklyn Appeals Court Affirms Lesbian Co-Parent's Claim News item summary US (NY) 14 APR
• Opinion and Order: In the Matter of Kelly S. v. Farah M D47796 PDF 76.98kb 06 APR 16

May 2016

StarProvince to change law to legally recognize gay parents: Wynne News item summary CA (ON) 31 MAY
StarGreen light for gays to adopt stepchildren News item summary CH 30 MAY
StarAlabama Supreme Court now recognizes lesbian adoption after SCOTUS opinion News item summary US (AL) 27 MAY
• Opinion: Ex parte E.L. No. 1140595 PDF 45.21kb 27 MAY 16
StarJudge rules placing three children with two men not 'realistic option' News item summary UK (E&W) 27 MAY
• Judgment: Birmingham City Council v. LC (1), X (2), A, T, W and H (3-6) (By their children's guardian), EH (7), G (8), K (9) [2016] EWHC 1278 (Fam) HTML 27 MAY 16
StarSurrogacy legislation discriminates against single people, judge rules News item summary UK (E&W) 23 MAY
• Judgment: In the Matter of Z (A Child) (No 2) [2016] EWHC 1191 (Fam) HTML 20 MAY 16
StarFlorida Department of Health Now Issuing Birth Certificates That List Married Same-Sex Spouses News item summary US (FL) 17 MAY

June 2016

StarJudge orders Indiana to list both same-sex parents on birth certificate News item summary US (IN) 30 JUN
• Entry on Cross-Motions for Summary Judgement: Ashlee and Ruby Henderson v. Dr Jerome M Adams et al. No. 1:15-cv-00220-TWP-MJD PDF 164.35kb, 30 JUN 16
StarCzech court clears way for those in same-sex unions to adopt children News item summary CZ 28 JUN
• Judgment: ÚS 7/15 HTML 28 JUN 16
StarParenting rights in same-sex divorces headed to a Tennessee appellate court News item summary US (TN) 24 JUN
StarItalian High Court Makes Gay Adoption Easier, Not Automatic News item summary IT 22 JUN

January 2016

StarColombia Permits Same-Sex Couple to Jointly Register Child News item summary CO 29 JAN
StarPortugal's President Vetoes Adoption Rights for Gay Couples News item summary PT 25 JAN
StarSwitzerland comes one step closer to granting gay couples adoption rights News item summary CH 14 JAN
StarBritish Columbia court order confirms that same-sex Quebec couple are parents of child borne by surrogate mother here News item summary CA (BC) 12 JAN
• Reasons for Judgment: D.D. and M.L. and In the Matter of the Family Law Act No. 2016 BCSC 22, 08 JAN 16
StarUS Supreme Court rejects unmarried lesbian’s appeal for parental rights News item summary US (FL) 11 JAN
• Order List: 577 US: Willis, Peggy v. Mobley, Anne M No. 15-500 PDF 152.87kb 11 JAN 16
StarVirginia Beach same-sex parental dispute case moves ahead News item summary US (VA) 08 JAN
StarCourt: Spanking enough to deny foster parent application News item summary US (MA) 05 JAN
• Opinion: Magazu v. Department of Children and Families No. SJC 11864 PDF 108.16kb, 04 JAN 16

February 2016

StarItaly's constitutional court won't hear gay adoption case News item summary IT 24 FEB
StarLesbian locked in custody battle with her ex-partner and birth mother of their child wins right to challenge adoption plans of woman's new husband News item summary US (KY) 19 FEB
• Opinion: 2015-SC-000247-DGE PDF 54.11kb 18 FEB 16
StarNew gender non-specific birth certificates for the ACT News item summary AU (ACT) 16 FEB
• Bill: Justice Legislation Amendment Bill 2015 PDF 122.88kb 18 NOV 15
StarFemale same-sex parents win right for both to be on child's birth certificate as SA Parliament backs rule change News item summary AU (SA) 11 FEB
StarPortugal parliament overturns veto on adoption by gay couples News item summary PT 10 FEB
StarCourt Takes On Same-Sex Couple's 'Tri-Parenting' Model News item summary US (NJ) 05 FEB
• Opinion: D.G. and S.H. v. K.S. FD-15-1386-14-S PDF 236.48kb 24 AUG 15
StarSupreme Court: child of same sex couple habitually resident in the UK News item summary UK (E&W) 03 FEB
• Judgment: In the Matter of B (A child) [2016] UKSC 4 PDF 307.35kb 03 FEB 16

March 2016

StarSame-Sex Couples Have Right to Adopt in Mississippi News item summary US (MS) 31 MAR
• Order: Campaign for Southern Equality, et a. v. Mississippi Department of Human Services, et al. No. 3:15cv578-DPJ-FKB PDF 75.66kb 31 MAR 16
StarRome family court OKs stepchild adoption News item summary IT (RM) 21 MAR
StarSupreme Court makes ruling on Alabama lesbian adoption News item summary US (AL) 07 MAR
• Opinion: V.L. v. E.L., et al. No. 15-648 PDF 83.27kb 07 MAR 16
StarLandmark gay adoption ruling fuels storm News item summary IT 01 MAR