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Decriminalisation, Homosexuality

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September 2016

StarGovernment to appeal sections of High Court ruling on sodomy law News item summary BZ 10 SEP

August 2016

StarBelize's top court strikes down sodomy law News item summary BZ 10 AUG
• Judgment: Caleb Orozco v. The Attorney General of Belize No. 668 of 2010 PDF 2.27MB 10 AUG 16

May 2016

StarNauru Government updates Criminal Code News item summary NR 27 MAY
StarSeychelles parliament passes bill to decriminalize sodomy News item summary SC 18 MAY

March 2016

StarIndia bid to make gay sex legal fails once again News item summary IN 11 MAR
StarThe Seychelles will make gay sex legal News item summary SC 02 MAR

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