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October 2016

StarGibraltar passes same-sex marriage with unanimous support News item summary GI 26 OCT
• Act: Civil Marriage Amendment Act 2016 PDF 42.20kb 15 AUG 16

November 2016

StarConstitutional Court asks EU Court of Justice for opinion in gay couple vs Romania case News item summary RO 30 NOV
StarAll marriage commissioners must perform same-sex wedding, Manitoba judge rules News item summary CA (MB) 27 NOV
• Judgment: Kevin Richard Kisilowsky v. Province of Manitoba 2016 MBQB 22 PDF 280.51kb 21 NOV 16
StarHong Kong govt made same-sex marriage visa exceptions News item summary HK 21 NOV
StarMexico congressional committee rejects same-sex marriage measure News item summary MX 10 NOV
StarCourt rules that exes must share pensions News item summary ZA 08 NOV
• Judgment: Ndaba v Ndaba No. 600/2015, [2016] ZASCA 162 PDF 471.92kb 04 NOV 16
StarPentagon to same-sex domestic partners: Get married by New Year’s Eve, or else News item summary US (VA) 07 NOV
StarSame-Sex Marriage Plebiscite Fails To Pass Senate News item summary AU (FED) 07 NOV

December 2016

StarSame-sex divorce: Pennsylvania court voids ruling blocking women from ending out-of-state civil union News item summary US (PA) 28 DEC
• Opinion: Freyda Neyman v. Florence Buckley No. 2203 EDA 2015 PDF 149.81kb 28 DEC 16
StarTaipei begins issuance of same-sex partnership certificates News item summary TW 26 DEC
StarSame-sex marriage passes first hurdle in Taiwanese Legislature News item summary TW 26 DEC
StarGuatemala Introduces Legislation to Legalize Gay Marriage News item summary GT 23 DEC
StarPennsylvania court ruling paves way for gay Fox Chapel couple to marry News item summary US (PA) 21 DEC
• Opinion: In Re: Adoption of R.A.B. Jr. No. 1070 WDA 2015 PDF 121.01kb 21 DEC 16
StarHigh Court reserves judgment on same-sex spouse benefits News item summary HK 16 DEC
StarGay rights group slams judge over ‘antiquated views’ in Route 129 crash News item summary US (NJ) 13 DEC
StarKyrgyz Voters Back Amendments On Same-Sex Marriage, Presidential Power News item summary KG 11 DEC
StarCherokee AG Opinion: Tribe Should Recognize Same-Sex Marriages News item summary US (OK) 09 DEC
• Opinion: Opinion of the Cherokee Nation Attorney General No. 2016-CNAG-01 PNG 2MB 09 DEC 16
StarSame sex couple’s marriage notice again rejected by court News item summary KR 07 DEC
StarSouth Australian Parliament Passes Relationships Register Act News item summary AU (SA) 06 DEC
• Bill: Relationships Register (No 1) Bill HTML (Accessed 07 DEC 16)
StarParliament Passes Same-Sex Couples and Equal Rights Law News item summary GR 02 DEC

July 2016

StarItaly to start performing civil unions from mid-August News item summary IT 22 JUL
StarJudge to monitor Kansas' actions on gay marriage News item summary US (KS) 22 JUL
• Memorandum and Order: Kail Marie, et al. v. Susan Mosier et al. No. 14-cv-02518-DDC-TJJ PDF 394.21kb 22 JUL 16
StarRomania moves closer to ruling out possibility of legalising same-sex marriage News item summary RO 20 JUL
StarSame-sex Manx marriages can go ahead after Royal Assent News item summary IM 19 JUL
StarBrown Signs Bill to Recognize Marriage Equality in Language News item summary US (CA) 15 JUL
StarAdvocate General rules 'death-bed marriages' restriction discriminates against same-sex partners News item summary IE 15 JUL
• Opinion: Dr David L Parris v. Trinity College Dublin and Others No. C-443/15 HTML 30 JUN 16
StarBermuda Senate narrowly rejects anti-marriage bill News item summary BM 14 JUL
StarAnglicans to allow same-sex marriage after vote recount News item summary CA 12 JUL
StarBill stops same-sex marriage News item summary BM 09 JUL
StarNaha recognizes same-sex partnerships News item summary JP 08 JUL
StarChile court gives gay man right to partner's remains News item summary CL 01 JUL

August 2016

StarNew Hampshire Supreme Court says divorce courts should consider premarital cohabitation News item summary US (NH) 28 AUG
• Opinion: In the Matter of Deborah Munson and Coralee Beal No. 2015-0253 PDF 106.67kb 19 AUG 16
StarGibraltar Bill to allow same sex marriage News item summary GI 15 AUG
• Bill: Civil Marriage Amendment Act 2016 No. 2016B20 PDF 41.36kb 15 AUG 16
StarMississippi Gay Marriage Law Remains Blocked During Appeal News item summary US (MS) 12 AUG
• Order: Rims Barber, et al. v. Phil Bryant No. 16-60477 PDF 133.46 12 AUG 16
StarCommission creates domestic partner registry News item summary US (FL) 10 AUG
Star9th Circuit Court upholds dismissal of Marriage Equality Act challenge News item summary US (HI) 05 AUG
• Memorandum: C Kaui Jochanan Amsterdam v. Neil Abercrombie No. 14-15377 PDF 58.38kb 04 AUG 16
StarGay man wins first round in common-law marriage dispute News item summary US (DC) 02 AUG
• Judgment: James David Spellamn v. Joseph Boland, Personal Representative of the Estate of Michael Joseph Kelly No. 15-FM-429 PDF 321.01kb 07 JUL 16

September 2016

StarJudge dismisses challenge to state's gay-marriage law News item summary US (NC) 21 SEP
• Order: Kay Diane Ansley, et al. v. Marion Warren No. 1:16-cv-00054-MOC-DLH PDF 340.63kb 20 SEP 16
StarGuernsey officially approves same-sex marriage News item summary GG 20 SEP
StarNorth Carolina court rejects magistrates' gay marriage lawsuit News item summary US (NC) 20 SEP
• Order: Gilbert Breedlove and Thomas Holland v. Marion R Warren No. 15 CV 004434 PDF 101.23kb 19 SEP 16
StarRomania Postpones Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage of US Citizen News item summary RO 20 SEP
StarAruba Parliament approves civil unions for same-sex couples News item summary AW 10 SEP
StarTexas Supreme Court Justice: States Can Deny Same-Sex Spousal Benefits to ''Encourage Procreation'' News item summary US (TX) 02 SEP
• Dissenting Opinion: Jack Pidgeon and Larry Hicks v. Mayor Sylvester Turner & Ors No. 15-0688 PDF 89.83kb 02 SEP 16
StarSame-Sex Couple Marriage Registration Rejected, Tsai's Commitment Questioned News item summary TW 01 SEP

April 2016

StarFaroe Islands says yes to same-sex marriage News item summary FO 29 APR
StarRepublican-Controlled Senate Passes Bill That Helps Gay Couples News item summary US (CO) 29 APR
• Bill: Senate Bill 16-150 PDF 127.36kb 29 APR 16
StarGay marriage in Italy, one step forwards two steps back News item summary IT 26 APR
StarLegal Loophole Leaves Same-Sex Couples Stuck In Civil Unions News item summary US (PA) 15 APR
StarDefense Department Adds South Korea To List of Duty Stations Approved for Same-Sex Military Spouses News item summary US (VA) 14 APR
StarKentucky Governor Signs Off On Single Marriage License Form News item summary US (KY) 14 APR
StarJudge rules against gay couple in China's first-ever same-sex marriage case News item summary CN (43) 13 APR
StarAppeals Court Dismisses Challenge to Utah’s Polygamy Ban News item summary US (UT) 11 APR
• Order: Kody Brown; Meri Brown; Janelle Brown; Christine Brown; Robyn Sullivan v. Jeffrey R Buhman No. 14-4117 PDF 125.62kb, 11 APR 16
StarPuerto Rico same-sex marriage ban again struck down News item summary PR 07 APR
• Order: Ada Conde Vidal, et al. v. Alejander García Padilla, et al No. CV 14-1253 (GAG) PDF 27.01kb 07 APR 16
StarAppeals Court Rules Puerto Rico Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional, Decimates Lower Court Ruling News item summary PR 07 APR
• Opinion: In Re: Ada M Conde Vidal et al. v. US District Court for the District of Puerto Rico No. 16-1313P-01A PDF 30.82kb 07 APR 16
StarColombia high court rules in favor of same-sex marriage News item summary CO 07 APR
StarSame sex couples can now officially marry in Greenland News item summary GL 01 APR
StarMississippi lawmakers approve religion bill amid gay-rights protests News item summary US (MS) 01 APR

May 2016

StarUK will offer next-of-kin letters for same-sex couples travelling oversea News item summary UK 28 MAY
StarSupreme Court rules same-sex marriage request will be considered News item summary LV 28 MAY
StarSouth Korean court rejects film director’s same-sex marriage case News item summary KR 25 MAY
StarSame-Sex Partner Not Spouse for New Jersey Estate Tax Break News item summary US (NJ) 17 MAY
• Opinion: Rucksapol Jiwungkul, as Executor of the Estate of Maurice R. Connolly, Jr. v. Director, Division of Taxation No. 009346-2015 PDF 111.37kb 11 MAY 16
StarMorocco: same-sex marriage in Spanish enclaves sparks uproar News item summary MA 13 MAY
StarSame-sex marriages now legal in Campeche News item summary MX (CAM)
StarCampaigners prepare for same-sex referendum News item summary BM 12 MAY
StarFactbox: Italy's new civil unions law News item summary IT 11MAY
StarItalian parliament gives gay unions the green light News item summary IT 11 MAY
StarGovernment to recognize gay, lesbian partners of fallen soldiers News item summary IL 08 MAY
StarVirginia Supreme Court recognizes unmarried same-sex couples are legal too News item summary US (VA) 02 MAY
• Opinion: Michael Allen Littrell c. Samantha Mary Jo Cucco No. 160770 PDF 56.90kb 28 APR 16

June 2016

StarHigh Court dismisses claims that gay marriage violates Danish constitutional rights News item summary DK 28 JUN
StarMontgomery County Council repeals domestic partnership benefits law News item summary US (MD) 28 JUN
StarPakistan clerics issue religious order making transgender marriages legal News item summary PK 28 JUN
StarJudge: Mississippi law creates inequality for gay marriage News item summary US (MS) 27 JUN
• Order: Campaign for Southern Equality, Rebecca Bickett, et al., v. Phil Bryant No. 3:14-CV-818-CWR-LRA PDF62.11kb 27 JUN 16
StarVoters roundly reject same-sex marriage News item summary BM 24 JUN
StarSame Sex Common Law Marriage Benefits Victory in Pennsylvania News item summary US (PA) 15 JUN
• Order: In Re: Estate of Elaine Marie Brim, Deceased No. 2014-X4458 PDF 41.9kbs 24 MAY 16
StarFourth Japanese city recognises same-sex partnerships News item summary JP 10 JUN
StarScottish Episcopal Church takes gay marriage step News item summary UK (SC) 10 JUN
StarChapin and Charpentier v. France News item summary FR 09 JUN
• Judgment (in French): Affaire Chapin et Chaprentier c. France No. 40183/07 PDF 362.15kb 09 JUN 16
StarDelaware Bill Strikes Homosexuality as Marital Misconduct News item summary US (DE) 09 JUN
StarUnited States Government says Los Angeles Gay Couples 1975 Marriage is Valid News item summary US (FED) 07 JUN
StarFederal judge bars Alabama from blocking gay marriage News item summary US (AL) 08 JUN
• Order: James N Strawser, et al., v. Luther Strange, et al. No. 14-0424--CG-C PDF 116.31kb 07 JUN 16

January 2016

StarHigh Court rejects couple's challenge to civil partnership law News item summary UK (E&W) 29 JAN
• Judgment: Rebecca Hannah Steinfeld and Charles Robin Keidan v. The Secretary of State for Education [2016] EWHC 128 (Admin) PDF 124.93kb 29 JAN 16
StarMexico Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage in Jalisco State News item summary MX (JAL) 26 JAN

StarVictory in husband’s campaign for same-sex marriage to be recognised on death certificates abroad after loss of Houghton man News item summary UK 22 JAN

Star700 German churches vote to marry same-sex couples News item summary DE (RP) 15 JAN

StarUS: First Baptist Church of Memphis approves gay marriage News item summary US (TN) 12 JAN

StarMinistry green lights civil union applications News item summary CY 11 JAN

StarChinese court accepts same-sex marriage case News item summary CN 08 JAN

StarDespite judge’s interference, Alabama county resumes issuing same-sex marriage licenses News item summary US (AL) 08 JAN

StarAlabama Chief Justice Orders Judges To Enforce Ban On Same-Sex Marriage News item summary US (AL) 06 JAN
• Order: Administrative Order of the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court PDF 101.32kb 06 JAN 15

StarLegal confusion as Estonian gay partnership law enters force News item summary EE 01 JAN

February 2016

StarBermuda plans referendum on same-sex marriage News item summary BM 29 FEB

StarTop court says same-sex partners can also register in unofficial setting News item summary SI 26 FEB
StarItalian Senate approves diluted civil union bill News item summary IT 25 FEB
StarParliament approves same-sex marriage legislation News item summary FI 17 FEB
StarJudge: Nebraska same-sex marriage case is closed News item summary US (NE) 05 FEB
• Memorandum and Order: Waters v. Ricketts PDF 154.53kb, 04 FEB 16

March 2016

StarFinal Ruling in Federal Challenge to Florida Ban on Same-Sex Marriages Holds State’s Ban Unconstitutional News item summary US (FL) 31 MAR
• Order Granting Summary Judgment: James Domer Brenner, et al. v. Rick Scott, Sloan Grimsley, et al. v. Rick Scott Nos. 4:14cv107-RH/CAS, 4:14cv138-RH/CAS PDF 282.59kn 30 MAR 16
StarVirginia Governor Vetoes Antigay 'Religious Liberty' Bill News item summary US (VA) 30 MAR
StarSame sex marriage approved by Isle of Man’s Legislative Council News item summary IM 24 MAR
StarCivil unions recommence in Qld from April News item summary AU (QLD) 18 MAR

StarFaroe Islands rejects same-sex marriage News item summary FO 17 MAR

StarGeorgia lawmakers just passed a religious freedom bill that could allow anti-gay discrimination News item summary US (GA) 17 MAR
StarFlorida governor signs Pastor Protection Act that protects religious persons if they refuse to administer same-sex marriages News item summary US (FL) 16 MAR
StarAlabama Senate votes to abolish marriage licences News item summary US (AL) 16 MAR
StarUS Judge Say SCOTUS Marriage Equality Ruling Does Not Apply to Puerto Rico News item summary PR 09 MAR
• Opinion and Order: Ada Conde Videl, et al. v. Alejandro Garcia-Padilla No 14-1253 (PG) PDF 102.92kb 08 MAR 16
StarAlabama Supreme Court tosses petitions opposing same-sex marriage News item summary US (AL) 05 MAR
• Order: Ex parte State of Alabama ex rel. Alabama Policy Institute, Alabama Citizens Action Program, and John E Elsen No. 1140460 PDF 490.07kb 04 MAR 16
StarFirst same-sex marriage contracted abroad registered in Colombia News item summary CO 04 MAR

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