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October 2017

British transgender woman given residency in 'safer' New Zealand News item summary NZ 12 OCT

September 2017

Hong Kong gay rights: British lesbian wins spousal visa case News item summary HK 25 SEP
• Judgment: QT v. Director of Immigration CACV 117/2016 HTML 25 SEP 17
Entry ban on gays tenuous, say lawyers News item summary MY 24 SEP
A gay couple had twins but only one of the babies is a US citizen News item summary US 20 SEP

August 2017

Woman accused of faking being lesbian by judge wins right to stay in UK after 13-year battle News item summary UK 14 AUG
Moscow Court Halts Journalist's Deportation To Uzbekistan News item summary RU (MOS) 08 AUG
Middle Eastern man attracted to transgender women wins asylum after appeal News item summary NZ 03 AUG
• Decision: AM (Jordan) [2017] NZIPT 800972 PDF 19.03kb 27 JAN 17

July 2017

Appeal court grants refugee status to bisexual Ugandan woman News item summary KR 24 JUL
Ghanaian refugee deported from Belgium for not being 'gay enough' News item summary BE 13 JUL
Court denies Egyptian refugee status for homosexuality News item summary KR 12 JUL

June 2017

Gay refugee wins right to stay after Dutch court overturns justice minister News item summary NL 20 JUN
Supreme Court invalidates gender inequality in citizenship law News item summary US 12 JUN
• Opinion: Sessions v. Morales-Santana No. 15-1191 PDF 189.15kb 12 JUN 17

March 2017

StarNinth Circuit, Sitting En Banc, Overturns Gay Man’s Deportation to Mexico News item summary US (CA) 09 MAR
• Opinion: Carlos Alberto Bringas-Rodriguez v. Jeffersen B Sessions III No. 13-72682 PDF 339.41kb. 08 MAR 17

February 2017

StarIncome rules for foreign spouses upheld News item summary UK (E&W) 22 FEB
• Judgment: R (on the application of MM (Lebanon)) (Appellant) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (Respondent) et al [2017] UKSC 10 PDF 353.46kb 22 FEB 17

January 2017

StarOn his final day, Obama made it easier for transgender immigrants to get documents in order News item summary US (FED) 26 JAN
• Policy Memorandum: Revision of Adjudicator’s Field Manual Subchapter 10.22 - Change of Gender Designation on Documents Issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services PM-602-0141 PDF 84.53kb 19 JAN 17
StarUpdate from Strasbourg - M.B. v Spain asylum case struck out News item summary EU, ES 19 JAN
• Decision (in French): M.B. v. Spain No. 15109/15 HTML
StarCuban LGBT activist prevented from leaving country News item summary CU 09 JAN

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