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December 2017

Australian Telegraph Linked Same-Sex Attraction to Bad Health, Press Council Rules Against News item summary AU (NSW) 31 DEC
Decision: The Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Association of Australasia v. The Daily Telegraph No. 1727 HTML 20 DEC 17
Reading City Council bans conversion therapy News item summary US (PA) 19 DEC
Gay Conversion Therapy Banned in NYC Under Bill That Goes Further Than Others News item summary US (NY) 01 DEC

November 2017

'Conversion therapy' banned by City Council; bill goes to de Blasio News item summary US (NY) 30 NOV

October 2017

Court: Ohio Can Require People with HIV to Tell Sex Partners News item summary US (OH) 26 OCT
Opinion: State v. Batista No. 2018-Ohio-8304 PDF 50.22kb 26 OCT 17
Tajikistan authorities draw up list of gay and lesbian citizens News item summary TJ 18 OCT
California Governor Signs Bill Modernizing state HIV Laws News item summary US (CA) 07 OCT
Governmental Entities Now Prohibited From Offering Benefits to Domestic Partners of Employees News item summary US (WI) 04 OCT

September 2017

Belgian federal committee rules against ritual circumcision News item summary BE 27 SEP
Tunisia bans forced anal exams for homosexuality News item summary TN 24 SEP
Brazil legalises ‘gay cure’ therapy as court rules homosexuality is a disease News item summary BR 19 SEP

August 2017

Blood donations from gay men to be accepted conditionally News item summary BE 28 AU
Governor Cuoma Takes Decisive Action to Ensure Insurance Coverage for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Individuals News item summary US (NY) 16 AUG
• Letter: Insurance Circular Letter No. 12 (2017) PDF 121.10kb 16 AUG 1
Arizona County Bans Paid Gay-Conversion Therapy for Minors News item summary US (AZ) 03 AUG

July 2017

Chris Christie signs two pro-transgender bills into law News item summary US (NJ) 24 JUL
Allentown Council passes ban on gay conversion therapy for minors News item summary US (PA) 20 JUL
Congress votes against ban on U.S. military funding of 'sex change' surgeries News item summary US 13 JUL
Constitutional Court overturns ban on gay men donating blood - again News item summary GE 13 JUL
Transgender inmate will get treatments News item summary US (PA) 11 JUL
• Temporary Restraining Order: Sparkles Wilson a/k/a Steven Fritz v. Lackawanna County, et al. No. 3:17-CV-1191 PDF 142.69kb 08 JUL 17
Chinese man wins forced gay conversion therapy lawsuit News item summary CN 04 JUL

June 2017

Wellington Enacts Conversion Therapy Ban News item summary US (FL) 29 JUN
• Ordinance 2018-10: Prohibiting Conversion Therapy on Monirs PDF 185.51kb (Accessed 01 JUL 17)
Surgery still mandated for transgenders to exercise fundamental rights News item summary IN 25 JUN

May 2017

Nevada bans therapists from trying to talk kids out of being gay News item summary US (NV) 21 MAY
• Bill: SB 201 PDF 151.23kb 09 MAY 17
Portugal will ban surgeries on intersex babies News item summary PT 19 MAY
Breakthrough for Trans Civil Rights Protections News item summary US (PA) 19 MAY
• Opinion: Blatt v. Cabela's Retail 5:14-cv-04822-JLS PDF 308.08kb 18 MAY 17
Walmart settles for $7.5m after denying spousal benefits to gay couples News item summary US (MA) 15 MAY
• Final Order: Jacqueline Cote v Wal-mart Stores, Inc No. 15 Civ. 12945 (WGY) PDF 348.47 16 MAY 17
• Memorandum: Jacqueline Cote v Wal-mart Stores, Inc No. 15 Civ. 12945 (WGY) PDF 97.38 27 APR 17
Supreme Court Keeps California’s ‘Gay Conversion’ Therapy Ban In Place News item summary US (CA) 01 MAY
• Certiorari Denied: 16-845 Welch, Donald, et al. v. Brown, Gov. of CA, et al. Order List: 581 U.S. PDF 65.36kb 01 MAY 17 at page 2

April 2017

Fiji confirms ban on homosexual blood donors News item summary FJ 10 APR
New Mexico Governor Signs Into Law Bill Protecting LGBTQ Youth From ''Conversion Therapy'' News item summary US (NM) 07 APR

March 2017

StarAmnesty slams Denmark for transgender discrimination News item summary DK 03 MAR

February 2017

StarIllinois law banning reparative therapy for gay minors not applicable to pastors, judge rules News item summary US (IL) 22 FEB
• Memorandum Opinion and Order: Pastors Protecting Youth, et al. v. Lisa Madigan No. 16-cv-6034 PDF 50.48kb 15 FEB 17
StarConversion therapy ban advances in New Mexico News item summary US (NM) 17 FEB

January 2017

StarSweden to stop calling transgender people 'mentally ill' News item summary SE 29 JAN
StarTrans Employee Can Sue If Surgery Benefits Refused News item summary US (TX) 19 JAN
• Memorandum Opinion and Order: Charlize Marie Baker v. Aetna Life Insurance Co., et al. No. 3:15-CV-3679-D PDF 40.59kb 13 JAN 17
StarIreland lifts lifetime ban on gay men giving blood News item summary IE 16 JAN
StarSick Leave to Include Stepchildren and Domestic Partners News item summary US (IL) 10 JAN
StarCalifornia pays for inmate's gender reassignment surgery News item summary US (CA) 06 JAN
StarBoynton Beach Bans Conversion Therapy On Minors News item summary US (FL) 05 JAN
StarLambda Legal Files Federal Lawsuit Against NJ Catholic Hospital that Denied Care to Transgender Man News item summary US (NJ) 05 JAN
• Complaint: Jionni Conforti v. St Joseph’s Regional Medical Center PDF 80.71kb 05 JAN 17
StarConversion therapy to be prohibited by regulation News item summary TW 02 JAN

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