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October 2017

Richard Page: Gay adoption row Christian loses NHS case News item summary UK 23 OCT
• Reserved Judgment: Richard Page v. NHS Trust Development Authority No. 2302433/2016 PDF 153.07kb 10 OCT 17
Arkansas High Court: State Must Change Birth Certificate Law News item summary US (AR) 19 OCT
• Opinion: Nathaniel Smith v. Marisa N Pavan and Terrah D Pavan, et al. No. CV-15-988 PDF 180.04kb 19 OCT 17
In Lesbian Couple's Custody Battle, Court Sides With Biological Mother News item summary US (PA) 13 OCT
• Opinion: C.G v. J.H. No. 1733 MDA 2016 PDF 292.98kb 11 OCT 17
• Concurring Opinion of Musmanno J.: C.G v. J.H. No. 1733 MDA 2016 PDF 123.80kb 11 OCT 17

Finland's First Pregnant Man Reportedly Faces Battle for Social Benefits News item summary FI 08 OCT
Italian parents ordered to maintain gay 18-year-old son News item summary IT 07 OCT
Appeals Panel Recognizes "Presumption of Legitimacy" for Same-Sex Marriage Child News item summary US (NY) 05 OCT
• Opinion: In re Maria-Irene D v. Han Ming T 2017 NY Slip Op 06716 HTML 28 SEP 17
Missouri Court of Appeals Says Non-Biological Parent Can Seek Custody Based on Significant, Bonded Relationship News item summary US (MO) 04 OCT
• Opinion: Ken Nguyen v. Robert Boynes No. 69166 PDF 178.97kb 22 JUN 17

November 2017

Judge: Arkansas birth-certificate system will be shut down if not fixed by Jan. 5 News item summary US (AR) 28 DEC
• Memorandum Opinion: Pavan, Jacobs and Kassel and Scott v. Nathaniel Smith 60CV-15-3153 PDF 116.54kb 27 NOV 17
Gay couple to remain childless News item summary ZA 23 NOV
• Judgment: CJD, HN, GLJ and ROM v. Centre for Child Care No: 53101/2017 PDF 3.06MB 17 NOV 17
Surrogate mother who changed her mind must hand baby to gay couple, court rules News item summary UK (E&W) 17 NOV
• Judgment: Re: H (A Child), Re H (Surrogacy Breakdown) [2017] EWCA Civ 1798 HTML 17 NOV 17

December 2017

Judge slams male couple who 'abdicated their responsibilities' to surrogate child after marriage split News item summary UK (E&W) 29 DEC
Court rejects gay man’s bid to adopt biological son born through surrogacy News item summary SG 28 DEC
Transgender Jewish woman wins review of child contact case News item summary UK (E&W) 21 DEC
• Judgment: In the Matter of M (Children) [2017] EWFC 4 PDF 598.22kb 20 DEC 17
Arkansas Department of Health Ordered to List Same-Sex Parents on Birth Certificates News item summary US (AR) 20 DEC
Arkansas resumes issuing birth certificates after judge halted program News item summary US (AR) 08 DEC
• Injunction: Nathaniel Smith, et al. v. Marisa N Pavan and Terrah D Pavan, et al. No. 60CV-15-3153 PDF 32.73kb. 08 DEC 17
Vermont High Court Rules for Lesbian Mom News item summary US (VT) 01 DEC
• JOpinion: Sarah Sinnott v. Jennifer Peck 2015-426 PDF 222.91kb 01 DEC 17

July 2017

Constitutional Court recognises two men as child's parents News item summary CZ 25 JUL
'Natural meaning' lawsuit dismissed, but plaintiffs claim victory for gay rights News item summary US (TN) 21 JUL
Court gives government 2 months to reassess gay adoption policy News item summary IL 18 JUL
Nevada high court upholds joint custody in case with 2 dads News item summary US (NV) 16 JUL
• Opinion: Ken Nguyen v. Robert Boynes No. 69166 PDF 178.97kb 22 JUN 17
French gay couples win key surrogacy battle News item summary FR 05 JUL

Judgments (in French):

August 2017

Ex-Hasidic mom who lost kids for being gay wins them back News item summary US (NY) 16 AUG
• Opinion and Order: Chava Weisberger v Naftali Weisberger D53005 PDF 89.52kb 16 AUG 17
In Complete Reversal, Israel Says It No Longer Opposes Same-sex Adoption News item summary IL 29 AUG
Attorney: Ankeny couple gets $3.25M after adopted son killed by birth father News item summary US (IA) 16 AUG
Former same-sex partner denied parental rights News item summary US (FL) 16 AUG
• Opinion: Castellat v. Pereira No. 3D16-1855 PDF 98.00kb 16 AUG 17

September 2017

German Court Rules Transgender Man Can’t Be His Biological Child’s Father News item summary DE 27 SEP
• Decision (in German): Matter of Oscar Muller No. XII ZB 660/14 PDF 173.69kb 06 SEP 17
A gay couple had twins but only one of the babies is a US citizen News item summary US 20 SEP
Two Muskogee women get 20 years in severe beating of 5-year-old boy News item summary US (OK) 20 SEP
Arizona court: Same-sex spouse has parental rights over ex-wife's biological child News item summary US (AZ) 19 SEP
• Opinion: Kimberly McLaughlin v. The Honorable Lori B Jones, et al. No. CV-16-0266-PR PDF 212.60kb 19 SEP 17

April 2017

Woman loses landmark same-sex custody battle News item summary US (NY) 14 APR
Sandoval signs law for transgender ID in foster, court care News item summary US (NV) 11 APR
Court upholds ruling in favor of same-sex couples seeking to adopt foster kids News item summary US (NE) 07 APR
• Opinion: Greg Stewart et al. v. Dave Heineman 296Neb. 262 PDF 704.58kb 07 APR 17
Osaka men become first gay couple to foster a child in Japan News item summary JP (27) 06 APR
In a world first, Singapore’s highest court rules that parents deserve kids with their genes News item summary SG 03 APR
• Judgment: ACB v Thomson Medical Pte Ltd & 3 Others [2017] SGCA 20 PDF 830.00kb 22 MAR 17

May 2017

Texas Senate approves 'religious refusal' adoption measure News item summary US (TX) 22 MAY
Gay couples cannot adopt children from Kyrgyzstan by law News item summary KG 17 MAY
Knox County judge grants woman rights of 'husband' in Tennessee's first same-sex divorce News item summary US (TN) 10 MAY
New Alabama Law OKs Barring Gay Adoption News item summary US (AL) 04 MAY
• HB24: Alabama Child Placing Agency Inclusion Act PDF 37.30kb 25 APR 17

June 2017

Lesbian spouses to be recognized as parents from birth News item summary IL 29 JUN
Supreme Court rules for lesbian parents in Arkansas birth certificate case News item summary US (AR) 26 JUN
• Opinion: Pavan v. Smith No. 16-992 PDF 76.21kb 26 JUN
Judge: Paternity not equal in same sex marriage News item summary US (AZ) 23 JUN
• Opinion: Turner v. Hon. Steiner/Oakley No. 1 CA-SA 17-0028 PDF 362.03kb 22 JUN 17
Single parents win benefits cap High Court challenge News item summary UK (E&W) 22 JUN
• Judgment: The Queen on the application of DA and others v. Secretary of State for Work and Pensions [2017] EWHC 1446 (Admin) HTML 22 JUN 17
Courts and ‘tri-parenting’: A state-by-state look News item summary US 18 JUN
Court order allows same-sex parents' names on birth certificate News item summary GU 16 JUN
Supreme Court invalidates gender inequality in citizenship law News item summary US 12 JUN
• Opinion: Sessions v. Morales-Santana No. 15-1191 PDF 189.15kb 12 JUN 17
Idaho high court: Unmarried gay partner has no custody right News item summary US (ID) 08 JUN
• Opinion: Jane Doe v. Jane Doe I No. 4449 PDF 46.30kb 07 JUN 17
Ontario Passes Law to Take Children From Parents Who Oppose''Gender Expression'' News item summary CA (ON) 07 JUN
• Act: Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, 2017 Bill No. 89 PDF 1.39MB 01 JUN 17

January 2017

StarVenezuela Legally Recognizes First Child with Two Mothers News item summary VE 31 JAN
StarFlorida Updates Birth Certificate Policy News item summary US (FL)
StarSettlement reached in birth certificates dispute News item summary US (FL) 10 JAN
• Complaint: Kari and Deborah Chin et al. v. John H Armstrong and Anor No. 4:15-cv-0039-RH-CAS PDF 211.80kb 13 AUG 15
StarMother loses custody of teen son because he is 'too effeminate' News item summary IT 11 JAN
StarThese two baby boys are twins, but an Italian court says they aren't brothers News item summary IT 08 JAN

February 2017

StarItalian court recognises gay parents News item summary IT 28 FEB
• Ordinanza (in Italian): In the proceedings for recognition of a foreign judgment … PDF 563.68kb 23 FEB 17
StarSouth Dakota Senate passes bill to legalise anti-LGBT discrimination in adoption News item summary US (SD) 23 FEB
StarSouth Australian same-sex couples can adopt children from Friday News item summary AU (SA) 17 FEB
StarFederal judge orders South Carolina to list both same-sex parents on birth certificate News item summary US (SC) 17 FEB
• Opinion: Casy Carson and Jacqueline Carson v. Catherine E Heigel No. 3:16-0045-MGL PDF 63.35kb 15 FEB 17
StarJ v B (Ultra-Orthodox Judaism: Transgender) [2017] EWFC 4 News item summary UK E&W 01 FEB
• Judgment: J v B (Ultra-Orthodox Judaism: Transgender) [2017] EWFC 4 PDF 766.74kb 30 JAN 17

March 2017

StarAdoption by same-sex couple opposed because of birth parents' Catholic faith News item summary AU (NSW) 26 MAR
• Judgment: Secretary, New South Wales Department of Family and Community Services by his delegate, Principal Officer, Barnados Australia v HR & CD [2016] NSWSC 1926 HTML:
StarRepresenting the Nonbiological 'Parent' News item summary US 13 MAR
StarHistoric ruling grants 'tri-custody' to trio who had threesome News item summary US (NY) 10 MAR
• Orders: Dawn M. v. Michael M. No. 00109/2011 HTM: 08 MAR 17
StarSouth Dakota governor signs first anti-LGBT law of 2017 News item summary US (SD) 10 MAR
StarItaly court recognizes non-biological overseas gay adoption News item summary IT (FI) 10 MAR