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January 2017

StarOn court's order, Pakistan to count its transgenders News item summary PK 09 JAN
StarLambda Legal Files Federal Lawsuit Against NJ Catholic Hospital that Denied Care to Transgender Man News item summary US (NJ) 05 JAN
• Complaint: Jionni Conforti v. St Joseph’s Regional Medical Center PDF 80.71kb 05 JAN 17
StarGovernor McAuliffe Signs Executive Order to Combat Discrimination in Virginia News item summary US (VA) 05 JAN
• Executive Order 61: Executive Action to Ensure Equal Oportunint and Access for all Virginiancs in State Contracting and Public Services PDF 149.23kb 05 JAN 17
StarReverse Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claim Gets Trial News item summary 05 JAN US (CA) 03 JAN
• Opinion: Hardy v. Watts Healthcare Corp., Cal. Ct. App., B267161 PDF 164.54kb 15 DEC 16
StarChina: Limited victory for man in transgender dismissal case News item summary CN 03 JAN

February 2017

StarJudge sides with Orlando bakery owners who refused to put anti-gay slogan on cake News item summary US (FL) 10 FEB
• Recommended Order: Robert Mannarino v. Cut the Cake Bakery No. 16-3465 PDF 133.06kb, 09 FEB 17

March 2017

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