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October 2017

Supreme Court refuses to hear from man who wants to marry his laptop News item summary US (DC) 30 OCT
• Order List: 583 U.S.: Orders in Pending Cases No. 16-111 PDF 80.92kb 30 OCT 17 at page 1
Court: Phoenix wedding invitation designers must serve LGBT customers News item summary US (AZ) 26 OCT
• Under Advisement Ruling: Brush & Nib Studio L C, et al. v. City of Phoenix No. CV 2016-052251 PDF 697.40kb 24 OCT 17
Court extends some protections to Missouri LGBT workers News item summary US (MO) 25 OCT
• Opinion: Harold Lampley and Rene Frost v. Missouri Commission on Human Rights and Anor WD80288 PDF 287.52kb 24 OCT 17
Tajikistan authorities draw up list of gay and lesbian citizens News item summary TJ 18 OCT
Federal court finds sex discrimination laws protect transgender peopleNews item summary US (CA) 13 OCT
• Order: Katharine Prescott v. Rady Children's Hospital No. 16-cv-02408 PDF 478.01kb 27 SEP 17
HB 1523 Becomes Law Amid Outcry, U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Appeal News item summary US (MS) 12 OCT
New California law allows jail time for using wrong gender pronoun, sponsor denies that would happen News item summary US (CA) 09 OCT

November 2017

This Transgender Professor Just Won A $1 Million Jury Verdict In A Major Case Against A University News item summary US (OK) 21 NOV
• Verdict Form: Dr Rachel Tudor v. Southeastern Oklahoma State University and Anor No. 5:15-cv-00324-C PDF 229.35kb 20 NOV 17
De Pere passes transgender nondiscrimination ordinance News item summary US (WI) 21 NOV
Court: Governor can't protect LGBT rights by issuing order News item summary US (LA) 02 NOV
• Opinion: The Louisiana Department of Justice and Jeff Landry v. John Bel Edwards No. 2017 CA 0173 PDF 488.21kb 01 NOV 17

December 2017

Court upholds $135,000 fine in same-sex wedding cake case News item summary US (OR) 28 DEC
• Opinion: Melissa E Klein v. Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries No. 289 OR App 507 PDF 347.70kb 28 DEC 17
Minnesota Court of Appeals rules a transgender man's discrimination lawsuit against Starbucks can proceed News item summary US (MN) 26 DEC
• Opinion: Paul Allen Bray v. Starbucks Corporation, Starbucks Coffee Company No. A17-0823 PDF 284.86kb 26 DEC 17
Plastic Surgeon Violated Disabilities Laws in Denying HIV-Positive Patients Surgery, Court Finds News item summary US (NY) 20 DEC
Opinion and Order: United States and Mark Milano v. Emmanuel O Asare and Springfield Medical Aesthetic No. 1:15-cv-03556-AT-AJP PDF 212.51kb 20 DEC 17
Judge: State can't force NorCal baker to make cakes for gay weddings - yet News item summary US (CA) 14 DEC
HIV positive man denied certificate to become a pilot in Scotland News item summary UK 12 DEC
Puerto Rico Senate approves religious freedom bill News item summary PR 12 DEC
• Legislation (in Spanish): Ley para la Protección de la Libertad Religiosa de Puerto Rico PDF 241.85kb 08 MAY 17
U.S. high court turns away dispute over gay worker protections News item summary US (GA) 12 DEC
• Order List: 583 U.S.: Certiorari Denied No. 17-370 PDF (at page 5) 11 DEC 17
Gay couple thrown out of cab in Philly win discrimination case almost a decade later News item summary US (PA) 08 DEC
UK's refusal of transgender pension unlawful: EU Court News item summary UK (E&W) 05 DEC
• Opinion: MB v. Secretary of State for Work and Pensions C-451/16 HTML 05 DEC 17

July 2017

Kent OKs anti-bias law News item summary US (OH) 29 JUL
Dublin bakery’s refusal of anti-gay marriage cake 'not discrimination' News item summary IE 24 JUL
• Decision/Recommendation: Anonymised Parties ADJ-00004390 HTML 10 JUL 17
Chris Christie signs two pro-transgender bills into law News item summary US (NJ) 24 JUL
Equality law is passed at last News item summary IM 21 JUL
Washington florist seeks OK from Supreme Court to refuse service to gays News item summary US (WA) 14 JUL
• Petition: Arlene's Flowers Inc., et al. v. State of Washington PDF 259.10kb 14 JUL 17
Research Shows LGBTQ Housing Discrimination Lives On, But There’s Hope News item summary US
• Research Report: A Paired-Testing Pilot Study of Housing Discrimination against Same-Sex Couples and Transgender Individuals PDF 3,69MB JUN 17

August 2017

Victory! EEOC Finds Evidence of Job Discrimination by Walmart Against TLDEF Client in North Carolina News item summary US (NC) 29 AUG
• Determination: Charlene Bost v. Sam's East Inc. No. 430-2014-01900 PDF 10.51MB 04 AUG 17
Hungary: swimming pool fined for discriminating against LGBTQ sports club News item summary HU 29 AUG
Same-sex marriage ads exempt from discrimination rules News item summary AU 20 AUG
Bid to alter anti-discrimination law fails News item summary AU (TAS) 17 AUG
Appellate court upholds dismissal of Paxton B&B's appeal of penalties News item summary US (IL) 16 AUG
EEOC determines Walmart violated Civil Rights Act and discriminated against transgender employee News item summary US (FL) 07 AUG
• Letter of Determination: Jessica Robison and Sam's East Inc. (Sam's Club) No. 511-2015-01402 PDF 3.76MB 26 JUL 16
Wisconsin: Favorable Court Decision for Wedding Photographer News item summary US (WI) 03 AUG
Transgender Chinese Man Wins Groundbreaking Job Discrimination Lawsuit News item summary CN 01 AUG

September 2017

A&E Tire Sued By EEOC for Sex-Based Discrimination Against Transgender Applicant News item summary US (CO) 29 SEP
Court upholds ruling for Mississippi anti-LGBT law ­ but there’s stinging dissent News item summary US (MS) 30 SEP
• On Petition for Rehearing En Banc: Barber v. Bryant No. 16-60477 PDF 183.74kb 29 SEP 17
Birmingham City Council Passes Non-Discrimination Ordinance News item summary US (AL) 26 SEP
Federal judge dismisses lawsuit by Minnesota wedding videographers who sued to refuse same-sex customers News item summary US (MN) 20 SEP
• Opinion: Telescope Media Group and Carl and Angel Larsen v. Kevin Lindsey and Lori Swanson No. 16-cv-04094-JRT-LIB PDF 335.07kb 20 SEP 17
Man who said homosexuality and abortion are evil loses discrimination case News item summary IE 14 SEP
• Decision: Mark Savage v. Seetec Employment And Skills Ireland Designated Activity Company ADJ-00005992 HTML 31 AUG 17
Draft bill criminalizes incitement to discrimination violence News item summary CL 08 SEP

April 2017

Appeals court reinstates transgender man's lawsuit against Jersey City police News item summary US (NJ) 28 APR
• Opinion: Shakeem Malik Holmes v. Jersey City Police Department A-1634-15T3 PDF 63.59kb 27 APR 17
Court allows Chicago church to fire gay worker under religious exemption News item summary US (IL) 22 APR
• Order: Colin Collette v. Holy Family Parish, Archdiocese of Chicago No. 1:16-cv-02912 PDF 41.95kb 18 APR 17
2nd Circuit (again) finds anti-gay discrimination legal under Title VII News item summary US (NY) 18 APR
• Opinion: Melissa Zarda and William Allen Moore Jr v. Altitude Express and Ray Maynard No. 15-3775 PDF 190.78kb 18 APR 17
India just made it illegal to discriminate against people living with HIV News item summary IN 14 APR
Virginia Supreme Court dismisses Fairfax school district lawsuit News item summary US (VA) 14 APR
• Opinion: Andrea Lafferty, et al. v. School Board of Fairfax County No. 160777 PDF 50.67kb 13 APR 17
Calling a man ''ladybug'' is discriminatory: Constitutional Court (in Spanish) News item summary CO 10 APR
Federal fair housing law protects LGBT couples, court rules for first time News item summary US (CO) 06 APR
• Order: Tonya Smith, Joseph Smith v. Deepika Avanti No. 16-cv-00091-RM-MJW PDF 388.54kb 05 APR 17
Federal Court Rules Employers Can't Fire People for Being Gay News item summary US (IN) 04 APR
• Opinion: Kimberley Hively v. Ivy Tech Community College 15-1720 PDF 430.67kb 04 APR 17

May 2017

Gay pride T-shirt case appealed to Kentucky Supreme Court News item summary US (KY) 18 MAY
• Press Release: Lexington Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission PDF 122.79kb 16 MAY 17 (Accessed 23 MAY 17)
Christian printer doesn’t have to make pro-gay shirts, appeals court rules News item summary US (KY) 12 MAY
• Opinion: Lexington Fayette Urban County et al. v. Hands on Originals Inc. No. 2015-CA-00745-MR PDF 179.52kb 12 MAY 17
Missouri Legislature passes tougher discrimination rules News item summary US (MO) 10 MAY
UK Supreme Court to consider gay marriage cake judgment News item summary UK (NI) 10 MAY

June 2017

China: Landmark Ruling on HIV Employment Discrimination News item summary CN 28 JUN
U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Anti-LGBT Bakery Case News item summary US (CO) 26 JUN
• Supreme Court: Order List: 582 U.S. PDF 237.11kb 26 JUN 17
Fired transgender teacher loses appeal to have human rights complaint heard News item summary CA (AB) 23 JUN
• Memorandum of Judgment: Jan Buterman v. The Board of Trustees of the Greater St. Albert Roman Catholic Separate School Board District No. 734 and Anor. 1603-0104-AC PDF 918.40kb 23 JUN 17
5th Circuit rules for Mississippi anti-LGBT 'religious freedom' law News item summary US (MS) 22 JUN
• Opinion: Rims Barber, et al. v. Governor Phil Bryant & Anor. No. 16-60477 PDF 156.13kb 22 JUN 17
European court angers Russia with 'gay propaganda' ruling News item summary RU 20 JUN
• Judgment: Case of Bayev and Others v. Russia No. 67667/09 20 JUN 17
Straight dude ''in tears'' after winning $17.4 million in homophobic discrimination lawsuit News item summary US (CA) 19 JUN
Court dismisses appeal in case finding downstate Bed & Breakfast discriminated against gay couple in civil union ceremony News item summary US (IL) 08 JUN

January 2017

StarOn court's order, Pakistan to count its transgenders News item summary PK 09 JAN
StarLambda Legal Files Federal Lawsuit Against NJ Catholic Hospital that Denied Care to Transgender Man News item summary US (NJ) 05 JAN
• Complaint: Jionni Conforti v. St Joseph’s Regional Medical Center PDF 80.71kb 05 JAN 17
StarGovernor McAuliffe Signs Executive Order to Combat Discrimination in Virginia News item summary US (VA) 05 JAN
• Executive Order 61: Executive Action to Ensure Equal Oportunint and Access for all Virginiancs in State Contracting and Public Services PDF 149.23kb 05 JAN 17
StarReverse Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claim Gets Trial News item summary 05 JAN US (CA) 03 JAN
• Opinion: Hardy v. Watts Healthcare Corp., Cal. Ct. App., B267161 PDF 164.54kb 15 DEC 16
StarChina: Limited victory for man in transgender dismissal case News item summary CN 03 JAN

February 2017

StarArkansas Supreme Court strikes city's LGBT protections News item summary US (AR) 23 FEB
• Opinion: Protect Fayetteville v. City of Fayetteville No. CV-16-586 PDF 350.70kb 23 FEB 17
StarTrump administration withdraws federal protections for transgender students News item summary US 23 FEB
• Department of Justice: Dear Colleague Letter PDF 397.53kb 22 FEB 17
StarWashington court rules against florist who denied service to gay couple News item summary US (WA) 16 FEB
• Opinion: Robert Ingersoll and Curt Freed v. Arlene's Flowers et al. No. 91615-2 PDF 2.03MB 16 FEB 17
Star'Hypocrite' Trump axed transgender protections just days after claiming to support LGBT rights News item summary US (FED) 13 FEB
StarJudge sides with Orlando bakery owners who refused to put anti-gay slogan on cake News item summary US (FL) 10 FEB
• Recommended Order: Robert Mannarino v. Cut the Cake Bakery No. 16-3465 PDF 133.06kb, 09 FEB 17

March 2017

StarCourt finds anti-gay workforce bias legal, still rules for gay plaintiff News item summary US (NY) 27 MAR
• Opinion: Christiansen v. Omnicom Group Inc No. 16-748 PDF 225.83kb 27 MAR 17
StarNunavut passes trans-rights law News item summary CA (NU) 14 MAR
StarSchool principal violated the rights of transgender learner, says Equality Court News item summary ZA 13 MAR
StarCourt rules anti-gay workplace bias allowed under existing law News item summary US (GA) 10 MAR
• Opinion: Jameka K Evans v. Georgia Regional Hospital et al. No. 15-15234 PDF 272.13kb 10 MAR 17
StarNew Jersey Boy Scouts to pay $18K to transgender boy News item summary US (NJ) 03 MAR
StarSupreme Court Vacates Fourth Circuit Transgender Ruling News item summary US (VA) 06 MAR
• Order List: 580 U.S.:Monday, March 6, 2017 PDF 221.44kb 06 MAR 17
StarPhilippine City Passes Anti-discrimination Ordinance News item summary PH 03 MAR