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April 2017

New Brunswick trans-rights bills pass final reading News item summary CA (NB) 28 APR
Judge: California must allow transgender inmates' earrings News item summary US (CA) 28 APR
Appeals court reinstates transgender man's lawsuit against Jersey City police News item summary US (NJ) 28 APR
• Opinion: Shakeem Malik Holmes v. Jersey City Police Department A-1634-15T3 PDF 63.59kb 27 APR 17
Yukon government introduces trans-rights bill News item summary CA (YT) 26 APR
Sandoval signs law for transgender ID in foster, court care News item summary US (NV) 11 APR
India's government just declared trans people can use whichever public toilet they want News item summary IN 06 APR
European court: Forced sterilization of trans people violates human rights News item summary EU (FR) 06 APR
• Judgment (in French): A.P., Garcon and Nicot v. France Nos.79885/12, 52471/13 et 52596/13 HTML 06 APR 17
Madras HC directs TN govt to build public toilets for transgenders News item summary IN (TN) 04 APR

May 2017

U.S. appeals court sides with transgender student in bathroom case News item summary US (WI) 30 MAY
• Opinion: Ashton Whitaker, et al. v. Kenosha Unified School District No. 1 Board of Education, et al. No. 16-3522 PDF 303.96kb 30 MAY 17
Loophole in Rules on Transgender Troops Denies 2 Their Commissions News item summary US (DC) 26 MAY
Mom who sued trans daughter for starting gender confirmation without her permission loses lawsuit News item summary US (MN) 25 MAY
• Memorandum and Order: Calgaro v. St. Louis County et al No. 16-cv-3919 (PAM/LIB) PDF 87.70kb 25 MAY 17
Belgium - New Gender Recognition Law with obstacles News item summary BE 24 MAY
Portugal will ban surgeries on intersex babies News item summary PT 19 MAY
Breakthrough for Trans Civil Rights Protections News item summary US (PA) 19 MAY
• Opinion: Blatt v. Cabela's Retail 5:14-cv-04822-JLS PDF 308.08kb 18 MAY 17
Oregon Enacts Law to Ease Transgender Changes in Birth Records News item summary US (OR) 18 MAY
Latin Kings member sentenced for killing transgender girlfriend after friend found out her gender identity News item summary US (MS) 15 MAY
• Plea Agreement: United States v. Joshua Brandon Vallum No. 1:16-cr-00114-LG-RHW PDF 2.11MB 02 NOV 16
Landmark transgender bill passes Oregon Legislature News item summary US (OR) 12 MAY
Oregon moves toward allowing third gender option on drivers' licenses News item summary US (OR) 11 MAY
French court rejects neutral gender on official documents News item summary FR 04 MAY
• Judgment (in French): M.D. v. Orleans Court of Appeal No Q1617189 PDF 85.50kb 04 MAY 17

June 2017

Non-Binary Gender License Option Will Start Next Week News item summary US (DC) 21 JUN
Oregon becomes first state to allow nonbinary on drivers license News item summary US (OR) 15 JUN
Ontario Passes Law to Take Children From Parents Who Oppose''Gender Expression'' News item summary CA (ON) 07 JUN
• Act: Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, 2017 Bill No. 89 PDF 1.39MB 01 JUN 17
Health club wins key ruling in lawsuit over transgender News item summary US (MI) 02 JUN
• Opinion: Yvette N Cormier v. PF Fitness et al. No. 331286 PDF 117.00kb 01 JUN 17
Bill Passes to Make It Easier for Transgender Individuals to Modify Birth Certificates News item summary US (IL) 01 JUN 17

January 2017

StarSweden to stop calling transgender people 'mentally ill' News item summary SE 29 JAN
StarOn his final day, Obama made it easier for transgender immigrants to get documents in order News item summary US (FED) 26 JAN
• Policy Memorandum: Revision of Adjudicatorís Field Manual Subchapter 10.22 - Change of Gender Designation on Documents Issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services PM-602-0141 PDF 84.53kb 19 JAN 17
StarAppeals Court Tells Judge to Allow Transgender Name Changes News item summary US (GA) 20 JAN
• Opinion: In Re Feldhaus, In Re Baumert A16A1770, A17A0041 PDF 74.40kb 20 JAN 17
StarTrans Employee Can Sue If Surgery Benefits Refused News item summary US (TX) 19 JAN
• Memorandum Opinion and Order: Charlize Marie Baker v. Aetna Life Insurance Co., et al. No. 3:15-CV-3679-D PDF 40.59kb 13 JAN 17
StarMother loses custody of teen son because he is 'too effeminate' News item summary IT 11 JAN
StarOn court's order, Pakistan to count its transgenders News item summary PK 09 JAN
StarCalifornia pays for inmate's gender reassignment surgery News item summary US (CA) 06 JAN
StarCourt of appeal overturns ruling on sex change case News item summary MY 05 JAN
StarDistrict of Columbia Council approves LGBT-related bills News item summary US (DC) 04 JAN
StarChina: Limited victory for man in transgender dismissal case News item summary CN 03 JAN

February 2017

StarJudge issues injunction against Pennsylvania district in transgender case News item summary US (PA) 28 FEB
• Opinion: Juliet Evancho, et al. v. Pine-Richland School District, et a. No. 2:16-01537 PDF 4.32MB 27 FEB 17
StarCross-dressing case likely heading to the CCJ News item summary GY 28 FEB
StarTrump administration withdraws federal protections for transgender students News item summary US 23 FEB
• Department of Justice: Dear Colleague Letter PDF 397.53kb 22 FEB 17
Star'Hypocrite' Trump axed transgender protections just days after claiming to support LGBT rights News item summary US (FED) 13 FEB

March 2017

Valencia Allows Self-Determination of Gender Identity News item summary ES (VC) 31 MAR
• Law (in Spanish): : Ley Integral de Identidad de Genero PDF 256.13kb 22 FEB 17
StarNorth Carolina governor signs bill replacing transgender bathroom law News item summary US (NC) 30 MAR
StarJudge grants person the right to be genderless in landmark ruling News item summary US (OR) 26 MAR
StarTransgender refuses to grant divorce, claims he is a woman News item summary IL 20 MAR
StarTwo men in Tunisia sent to prison for owning women's clothing and make-up News item summary TN 16 MAR
StarNunavut passes trans-rights law News item summary CA (NU) 14 MAR
StarDistrict court tosses transgender manís name-change suit News item summary US (IN) 13 MAR
• Order: John Doe v. Michael Pence, et al. No. 1:16-cv-02431-JMS-DML PDF 234.41kb 13 MAR 17
StarSchool principal violated the rights of transgender learner, says Equality Court News item summary ZA 13 MAR
StarNew Jersey Boy Scouts to pay $18K to transgender boy News item summary US (NJ) 03 MAR
StarAmnesty slams Denmark for transgender discrimination News item summary DK 03 MAR
StarMadrid judge backs ban on Catholic group's anti-transgender bus News item summary ES 02 MAR
StarSaudi Police Allegedly Torture Transgender Duo To Death News item summary SA 01 MAR
StarSupreme Court Vacates Fourth Circuit Transgender Ruling News item summary US (VA) 06 MAR
• Order List: 580 U.S.:Monday, March 6, 2017 PDF 221.44kb 06 MAR 17
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