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December 2017

Plastic Surgeon Violated Disabilities Laws in Denying HIV-Positive Patients Surgery, Court Finds News item summary US (NY) 20 DEC
Opinion and Order: United States and Mark Milano v. Emmanuel O Asare and Springfield Medical Aesthetic No. 1:15-cv-03556-AT-AJP PDF 212.51kb 20 DEC 17
HIV positive man denied certificate to become a pilot in Scotland News item summary UK 12 DEC

November 2017

Gay man found guilty of deliberately infecting dates with HIV News item summary UK (England & Wales) 15 NOV
Judge's secretly recorded HIV insult could undo Palm Springs killers' convictions News item summary US (CA) 01 NOV

October 2017

Court: Ohio Can Require People with HIV to Tell Sex Partners News item summary US (OH) 26 OCT
Opinion: State v. Batista No. 2018-Ohio-8304 PDF 50.22kb 26 OCT 17
Tajikistan authorities draw up list of gay and lesbian citizens News item summary TJ 18 OCT
California Governor Signs Bill Modernizing state HIV Laws News item summary US (CA) 07 OCT

September 2017

Former College Wrestler Sentenced to 10 Years for Spreading HIV News item summary US (MO) 23 SEP

June 2017

China: Landmark Ruling on HIV Employment Discrimination News item summary CN 28 JUN

May 2017

High Court rejects appeal of man who infected lover with HIV News item summary AU (NSW) 10 MAY
• Order: Aubrey v. The Queen [2017] HCA 18 PDF 290.79kb 10 MAY 17

April 2017

India just made it illegal to discriminate against people living with HIV News item summary IN 14 APR

March 2017

StarAfter 2 years, Florida court defines sexual intercourse News item summary US (FL) 16 MAR
• Opinion: Gary G DeBaun v. State of Florida No. SC13-2336 PDF 170.05kb 16 MAR 17

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