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December 2017

Indonesia sentences gay men raided in sex club to up to 3 years in jail News item summary ID 15 DEC
Indonesia's Constitutional Court rejects petition to criminalise gay sex in victory for besieged LGBT minority News item summary ID 14 DEC

November 2017

Egypt jails 14 men for homosexuality News item summary EG 27 NOV
Appeals Court upholds ruling against Hamilton dad fighting schools’ homosexuality teachings News item summary CA (ON) 24 NOV
• Judgment: E.T. v. Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board 2017 ONCA 893 PDF 438.00kb 22 NOV 17
Court dismisses Anwar’s lawsuit against govt News item summary MY 08 NOV

October 2017

Dubai ruler orders British tourist who touched a man's hip in a bar to be freed from jail News item summary AE 23 OCT
Briton 'jailed for touching man's hip at Dubai bar' News item summary AE 23 OCT
Tajikistan authorities draw up list of gay and lesbian citizens News item summary TJ 18 OCT
Egyptian court sentences 4 gay men to 3 years in prison each News item summary EG 14 OCT
Queensland Parliament: Legislation passed to expunge convictions over historical homosexual convictions News item summary AU (QLD) 10 OCT
New California law allows jail time for using wrong gender pronoun, sponsor denies that would happen News item summary US (CA) 09 OCT

September 2017

Mass Arrests and Abuse of LGBT People in Azerbaijan News item summary AZ 22 SEP
Tunisia bans forced anal exams for homosexuality News item summary TN 24 SEP
Tasmanian Parliament agrees to wipe clean records of historic homosexual offences News item summary AU (TAS) 20 SEP

August 2017

Anglican priests sacked for being gay must be reinstated, Kenya court rules News item summary KE 04 AU
• Ruling: The Registered Trustees of the Anglican Church of Kenya v. James Maina Maigwa, John Njogu Gachau, Paul Mwangi Warui No. 71 of 2016 PDF 32.14kb 07 JUN 17

July 2017

MSDC Wins District Court Victory News item summary US (DC) 31 JUL
• Memorandum Opinion: Mattachine Society of Washington v. US Department of Justice No. 1:16-cv-00773 PDF 5.26MB 27 JUL 17
Chechnya Reportedly Resumes Arresting Gay Men News item summary RU (CE) 07 JUL

June 2017

(In French) Homosexuality: Four months of prison for a 16-year-old News item summary TN 24 JUN
Human Rights Watch Country Profiles: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity News item summary INTNL 23 JUN
Germany to quash convictions of 50,000 gay men under Nazi-era law News item summary DE 22 JUN
Nigerian court releases 2 charged with homosexuality News item summary NG 06 JUN

May 2017

Indonesian Sharia court sentences gay couple to 85 lashes News item summary ID (AC) 17 MAY
Qld throws out past gay convictions News item summary AU (QLD) 11 MAY
• Bill: Criminal Law (Historical Homosexual Convictions Expungement) Bill 2017 PDF 408.45kb 11 MAY 17

April 2017

Methodist court ruling a blow for openly lesbian bishop News item summary US (CO) 29 APR
Guyana to hold referendum on decriminalizing homosexuality News item summary GY 26 APR

March 2017

StarMPs unanimously pass bill to repeal one of the UK’s last anti-gay laws News item summary UK 24 MAR
StarGermany to annul post-Second World War homosexuality convictions for thousands News item summary DE 22 MAR

February 2017

StarTwo men jailed in Morocco after friend leaked their 'sex tape' News item summary MA 28 FEB

January 2017

StarObama pardons US Army captain who spent year in prison for being gay News item summary US (FED) 19 JAN

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