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October 2017

Supreme Court refuses to hear from man who wants to marry his laptop News item summary US (DC) 30 OCT
• Order List: 583 U.S.: Orders in Pending Cases No. 16-111 PDF 80.92kb 30 OCT 17 at page 1
Court: Phoenix wedding invitation designers must serve LGBT customers News item summary US (AZ) 26 OCT
• Under Advisement Ruling: Brush & Nib Studio L C, et al. v. City of Phoenix No. CV 2016-052251 PDF 697.40kb 24 OCT 17
European Court of Human Rights rules heterosexual couple stuck with marriage, not civil partnership News item summary AT 26 OCT
• Judgment: Case of Ratzenbock and Seydl v. Austria No. 28475/12 PDF 314.73kb 26 OCT 17
Court orders Ak-Chin tribe to recognize marriages of same-sex couples News item summary US (AZ) 25 OCT
Judge says Kentucky still must pay fees in gay marriage case News item summary US (KY) 25 OCT
• Memorandum Opinion and Order: April Miller, et al. v. Kim Davis 15-44-DLB-EBA PDF 151.17kb 23 OCT 17
Panama judge rules against same-sex marriage News item summary PA 23 OCT
Alderney politicians back same-sex marriage law News item summary GG 19 OCT
Court dismisses lesbian couple's same-sex marriage lawsuit News item summary TW 12 OCT
Austin church will not marry anyone because of national body's ban on same-sex marriages News item summary US (TX) 05 OCT
Governmental Entities Now Prohibited From Offering Benefits to Domestic Partners of Employees News item summary US (WI) 04 OCT

November 2017

Court annuls same-sex marriage News item summary GR 30 NOV
Australian Senate passes marriage equality bill News item summary AU (FED) 29 NOV
Circuit court: Same-sex marriage cannot be considered valid in Estonia News item summary EE 25 NOV
Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey News item summary AU (FED) 15 NOV
Australia Same Sex Marriage Survey Draws 78.5 Percent Response Rate News item summary AU (FED) 06 NOV
New York City Hall denied a gay couple a divorce even though they were married there News item summary US (NY) 01 NOV
• Decision and Order (Registration): Gruszczynski, Andrzej Francisek v. Twarkowski, Wiktor Jerzy No. 308268-2016 HTML 26 OCT 17

December 2017

Court upholds $135,000 fine in same-sex wedding cake case News item summary US (OR) 28 DEC
• Opinion: Melissa E Klein v. Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries No. 289 OR App 507 PDF 347.70kb 28 DEC 17
Court rejects lesbian marriage appeal News item summary TW 27 DEC
Gay Minnesota couple loses appeal based on 1971 marriage license News item summary US (MN) 26 DEC
• Opinion: James Michael McConnell, et al. v. Blue Earth County, et al. A17-0668 PDF 302.05kn 26 DEC 17
A heterosexual same-sex marriage in Dublin News item summary IE 23 DEC
This tiny island just passed same-sex marriage News item summary SH 20 DEC
Marriage Act amendments permit same sex divorce in Australia News item summary AU (FED) 20 DEC
Rights Court Sides With Italian Couples in Gay Marriage Debate News item summary IT 14 DEC
• Judgment: Case of Orlandi and Others v. Italy Nos. nos. 26431/12; 26742/12; 44057/12 and 60088/12 HTML 657.89kb 14 DEC 17
Bermuda Senate votes to end same-sex marriage in territory News item summary BM 13 DEC
House: MPs approve domestic partnerships News item summary BM 09 DEC
Same-sex marriage is now legal in Australia News item summary AU (FED) 08 DEC
Australian Parliament finally passes equal marriage legislation News item summary AU (FED) 07 DEC
Austrian Supreme Court rules in favour of same-sex marriage News item summary AT 05 DEC
• Decision (in German): Constitutionality of the General Civil Code and the Federal Law on Registered Partnership (Registered Partnership Act PDF 372.33kb 04 DEC 17
U.S. Supreme Court declines to consider Houston fight over same-sex marriage benefits News item summary US (TX) 04 DEC

July 2017

Lesbian mom asks Christian judge to recuse himself from divorce case News item summary US (AL) 28 JUL
• Opinion: Ex parte Tiara Brookes Lycans v. Zachary Brookes PDF 58.43kb 28 JUL 17
Germany's first same-sex marriages expected in October News item summary DE 21 JUL
Kentucky told to pay attorney fees in same-sex marriage case News item summary US (KY) 21 JUL
• Memorandum Opinion and Order: April Miller, et al. v. Kim Davis 0:15-cv-00044-DLB PDF 170.27kb 21 JUL 17
Marriage annulled after husband's sex change News item summary SG 18 JUL
Washington florist seeks OK from Supreme Court to refuse service to gays News item summary US (WA) 14 JUL
• Petition: Arlene's Flowers Inc., et al. v. State of Washington PDF 259.10kb 14 JUL 17
Malta same-sex marriage bill receives final approval News item summary MT 12 JUL
Same-sex marriage bill clears German upper house News item summary DE 07 JUL
Lesbian marriage in Bengaluru leaves police in a fix News item summary IN (12) 05 JUL
Cross-county same-sex partnership registration to be allowed News item summary TW 02 JUL

August 2017

Supreme Court rejects petition to recognize same-sex marriage News item summary IL 31 AUG
Americans United And Fairness West Virginia Announce Settlement For West Virginia Same-Sex Couple Harassed By Gilmer County Clerk News item summary US (WV) 30 AUG
German same-sex couples will have to pose as 'man and woman' to get married News item summary DE 29 AUG
Same-sex marriage ads exempt from discrimination rules News item summary AU 20 AUG
Judge rules it is legal for Northern Ireland not to recognise same-sex marriages News item summary UK (NI) 17 AUG
• Judgment: In the Matter of an Application by Grainne Close, Shannon Sickles, Christopher Flanagan Kane and Henry Flanganet for Judicial Review [2017] NIQB 79 PDF 97.54kb 17 AUG 17
• Judgment: X [2017] NIFam 12 PDF 141.14kb 17 AUG 18

Australian High Court to hear challenge to same-sex postal ballot in September News item summary AU (FED) 11 AUG
Same-sex marriage: Australians have 14 days to make sure they're on electoral roll for postal vote News item summary AU (FED) 09 AUG
Judge blocks law requiring birth certificates to marry News item summary US (LA) 09 AUG
• Opinion and Permanent Injunction: Viet Anh Vo v. Rebekah E Gee et al. No. 16-cv-15639 PDF 341.06kb 08 AUG 17
Liberals Decide Marriage Equality Strategy News item summaryAU (FED) 08 AUG
• Joint Opinion: Potential Postal Plebiscite on Same Sex Marriage PDF 693.97kb 04 AUG 17
Dean Smith reveals marriage bill with religious protections News item summary AU (FED) 06 AUG
• Bill: Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017 PDF 107.47kb 05 AUG 17
Nepali couple registers 'first transgender marriage' News item summary NP 05 AUG
Wisconsin: Favorable Court Decision for Wedding Photographer News item summary US (WI) 03 AUG

September 2017

Court upholds ruling for Mississippi anti-LGBT law ­ but there’s stinging dissent News item summary US (MS) 30 SEP
• On Petition for Rehearing En Banc: Barber v. Bryant No. 16-60477 PDF 183.74kb 29 SEP 17
SSM survey challenges 'demonstrably without substance', High Court finds News item summary AU (FED) 28 SEP
• Judgment: Wilkie v. The Commonwealth: Australian Marriage Equality Ltd v. Cormann [2017] HCA 40 PDF 374.56kb 28 SEP 17
Houston looks to Supreme Court to resolve same-sex marriage benefits fight News item summary US (TX) 18 SEP
Same-sex marriage campaign laws banning vilification pass the Senate News item summary AU (FED) 13 SEP
High Court: Ad can promote Arab and LGBT rights, but not gay marriage News item summary IL 13 SEP
Same-sex marriage law apology News item summary JE 11 SEP
Major victory for transgender marriage in Cape High Court News item summary ZA 07 SEP
• Judgment: KOS, MMC, et al. v. Minister of Home Affairs, et al. [2017] ZAWCHC 90 PDF 453.32kb 06 SEP 17
SSM: High Court rules Government can run same-sex marriage postal survey News item summary AU (FED) 07 SEP
Romania to hold same-sex marriage referendum this autumn: ruling party leader News item summary RO 03 SEP

April 2017

Landmark win for gay Hong Kong civil servant over husband’s benefits News item summary HK 28 APR
• Judgment: Leung Chun Kwong v. Secretary for the Civil Service and Anor HCAL258/2016 HTML 28 APR 17
Israel Gets First Same-Sex Conjugal Prison Visit News item summary IL 26 APR
Common-law marriages of same-sex couples must be recognized, Pennsylvania court rules News item summary US (PA) 17 APR
• Opinion: In Re: Estate of Carter, S., Appeal of: Hunter, M. 1126 WDA 2016 PDF 178.13kb 17 APR 17
Falklands passes same sex marriage bill; invites non residents to share the legislation News item summary FK 14 APR
Social Security update for same-sex couples News item summary US (FED) 10 APR

May 2017

Posthumous wedding for police officer killed in Champs-Élysées attack News item summary FR 31 MAY
Taiwan's top court rules in favour of same-sex marriage News item summary TW 24 MAY
• Judgment (in Chinese): Interpretation of the Court of Justice No. 748 PDF 125.08kb 24 MAY 17
• Judgment (in English): Interpretation of the Court of Justice No. 748 HTML 25 MAY 17
Walmart settles for $7.5m after denying spousal benefits to gay couples News item summary US (MA) 15 MAY
• Final Order: Jacqueline Cote v Wal-mart Stores, Inc No. 15 Civ. 12945 (WGY) PDF 348.47 16 MAY 17
• Memorandum: Jacqueline Cote v Wal-mart Stores, Inc No. 15 Civ. 12945 (WGY) PDF 97.38 27 APR 17
Student writes 127-page report in defence of ‘fabulous’ gay marriage News item summary US (MO) 17 MAY
• Paper: Gay Marriage is Fabulous Word 412kb (date unknown)
House OKs including 'dating partners' among those covered by domestic abuse laws News item summary US (LA) 11 MAY
• Bill: House Bill 223 PDF 90.88kb 12 MAY 17
Romania government votes to change definition of family in order to ban same-sex marriage News item summary RO 10 MAY
Knox County judge grants woman rights of 'husband' in Tennessee's first same-sex divorce News item summary US (TN) 10 MAY
Same-sex couple can seek damages from Kentucky clerk: U.S. appeals court News item summary US (KY) 01 MAY
• Opinion: David Ermold and David Moore v. Kim Davis No. 16-6412 PDF 79.86kb 02 MAY 17
Marriage: Court Rules In Favour Of Gay Couple News item summary BM 05 MAY
• Judgment: Winston Godwin and Greg Deroche v. The Registrar General et al. 2016 No. 259 PDF 531.14kb 05 MAY 17

June 2017

Top Texas court sides against same-sex couple marriage benefits News item summary US (TX) 30 JUN
• Opinion: Jack Pidgeon and Larry Hicks v. Mayor Sylvester Turner and City of Houston No. 15-0688 PDF 158.17kb 30 JUN 17
German MPs approve gay marriage in snap vote News item summaryDE 30 JUN
4th Circuit tosses challenge to North Carolina anti-gay marriage law News item summary US (NC) 28 JUN
• Opinion: Kay Diane Ansley & Ors v. Marion Warren No. 16-2082 PDF 83.04kb 28 JUN 17
Judge: Paternity not equal in same sex marriage News item summary US (AZ) 23 JUN
• Opinion: Turner v. Hon. Steiner/Oakley No. 1 CA-SA 17-0028 PDF 362.03kb 22 JUN 17
5th Circuit rules for Mississippi anti-LGBT 'religious freedom' law News item summary US (MS) 22 JUN
• Opinion: Rims Barber, et al. v. Governor Phil Bryant & Anor. No. 16-60477 PDF 156.13kb 22 JUN 17
Same-sex marriage in Faroe Islands approved by Denmark News item summary FO 19 JUN
Lithuania tries, but fails to recognize same-sex couples News item summary LT 16 JUN
Same-sex marriage delayed in Switzerland News item summary CH 16 JUN
The case that could change everything for couples divorcing after a short marriage News item summary UK (E&W) 14 JUN
• Judgment: Sharp v. Sharp [2017] EWCA Civ 408 HTML 13 JUN 17
Colombia: For the first time a marriage of three people was recognized News item summary CO 13 JUN
Scottish Episcopal Church approves gay marriage News item summary UK (SC) 08 JUN
More counties recognize same-sex registrations News item summary TW 08 JUN

January 2017

StarNorway's Lutheran Church embraces same-sex marriage News item summary NO 31 JAN
StarGay couple win right to be married in Estonia News item summary EE 30 JAN
StarIn Alaska, Divorce Courts Must Now Consider Pet Wellbeing News item summary US (AK) 27 JAN
• Act: Animals: Protection/Release/Custody Act HB0147Z PDF 53.73kb 11 MAY 16
StarAdultery is not grounds for divorce in gay & lesbian relationships, according to UK law News item summary UK (E&W) 20 JAN
• Get a Divorce HTML 14 DEC 16
StarPolish gay couple wins right to marry in Portugal thanks to their haters News item summary PT 15 JAN
StarMexico Finally Recognises Same Sex Marriage News item summary MX 13 JAN
StarCourt orders Peru to recognize its first same-sex marriage News item summary PE 10 JAN
• Sentencia (in Spanish): Resolution Number 13 22863-2012-0-1801-JR-CL-08 PDF 238.02kb 21 DEC 16
StarSeparate lives but gay ‘hubby’ looking good for share of the assets News item summary AU (TAS) 10 JAN
• Judgment: Martens v. Bocca [2016] FamCA 1044 HTML 07 DEC 16
StarHigh Court Hints That It Won't Legalize Gay Marriage in Israel News item summary IL 10 JAN
StarSame-sex marriage 'could be in Guernsey by summer' News item summary UK (GG) 02 JAN
• Orders in Council: Order approving Same-Sex Marriage (Guernsey) Law, 2016 PDF 1.40MB (at page 3) 14 DEC 16

February 2017

StarIncome rules for foreign spouses upheld News item summary UK (E&W) 22 FEB
• Judgment: R (on the application of MM (Lebanon)) (Appellant) v Secretary of State for the Home Department (Respondent) et al [2017] UKSC 10 PDF 353.46kb 22 FEB 17
StarFinnish parliament confirms same-sex marriage law News item summary FI 17 FEB
StarThe sky didn't fall: same-sex couple celebrate new ACT marriage amendment News item summary AU (ACT) 16 FEB
StarNew procedure for joint divorces and separations News item summary CA (QC) 11 FEB

March 2017

StarLGBT community in Denmark rejoices: homosexual marriages in church are not against constitution News item summary DK 23 MAR
• Judgment (in Danish): John Hejlesen, Inger Kristensen, edvind Kristensen, Mogens Skibsted, Gert Grube and Arne Heilsen v. Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs and Child and Social Affairs No. 159/2016 PDF 40.45kb 23 MAR 17
StarVictory! Federal Court Orders Florida to Issue Accurate Death Certificates to Surviving Same-Sex Spouses in Lambda Legal Class Action News item summary US (FL) 23 MAR
• Order: Hal B Birchfield and Paul G Mocko v. John H Armstrong and Kenneth Jones No. 4:15-cv-00615 PDF 272.69kb 23 MAR 17
StarOsage Nation voters approve same-sex marriage News item summary US (OK) 21 MAR
StarTransgender refuses to grant divorce, claims he is a woman News item summary IL 20 MAR
StarTaiwan lesbian ordered to pay back groom News item summary TW 15 MAR