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January 2017

StarNorway's Lutheran Church embraces same-sex marriage News item summary NO 31 JAN
StarGay couple win right to be married in Estonia News item summary EE 30 JAN
StarIn Alaska, Divorce Courts Must Now Consider Pet Wellbeing News item summary US (AK) 27 JAN
• Act: Animals: Protection/Release/Custody Act HB0147Z PDF 53.73kb 11 MAY 16
StarAdultery is not grounds for divorce in gay & lesbian relationships, according to UK law News item summary UK (E&W) 20 JAN
• Get a Divorce HTML 14 DEC 16
StarPolish gay couple wins right to marry in Portugal thanks to their haters News item summary PT 15 JAN
StarMexico Finally Recognises Same Sex Marriage News item summary MX 13 JAN
StarCourt orders Peru to recognize its first same-sex marriage News item summary PE 10 JAN
• Sentencia (in Spanish): Resolution Number 13 22863-2012-0-1801-JR-CL-08 PDF 238.02kb 21 DEC 16
StarSeparate lives but gay ‘hubby’ looking good for share of the assets News item summary AU (TAS) 10 JAN
• Judgment: Martens v. Bocca [2016] FamCA 1044 HTML 07 DEC 16
StarHigh Court Hints That It Won't Legalize Gay Marriage in Israel News item summary IL 10 JAN
StarSame-sex marriage 'could be in Guernsey by summer' News item summary UK (GG) 02 JAN
• Orders in Council: Order approving Same-Sex Marriage (Guernsey) Law, 2016 PDF 1.40MB (at page 3) 14 DEC 16

February 2017

StarNew procedure for joint divorces and separations News item summary CA (QC) 11 FEB

March 2017

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