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November 2017

State Supreme Court rules on domestic violence law News item summary US (SC) 18 NOV
• Order and Declaratory Judgment: Jane Doe v. State of South Carolina No. 2015-001726 PDF 239.82kb 17 NOV 17
New York City Expands Types of Leave Covered by Paid Sick Leave Law News item summaryUS (NY) 08 NOV

October 2017

Sending nude selfies doesn't qualify as 'indecent exposure', says Maine high court News item summary US (ME) 05 OCT
• Opinion: State of Maine v. Andrew J Legassie No. 2017 ME 202 PDF 154.90kb 05 OCT 15
6th Circuit tosses same-sex harassment case against U.S. Steel News item summary US (MI) 04 OCT
• Opinion: David Hylko, Jr., v. John Hemphill and US Steel Corporation No. 16-2414 PDF 17.44kb 03 OCT 17
Indiana Supreme Court: Sex with 16-year-olds is legal, but sending them nude photos is not News item summary US (IN) 04 OCT
• Opinion: State of Indiana v. Sameer Girish Thakar No. 29S02-1705-CR-284 PDF 55.55kb 02 OCT 17

September 2017

Mass Arrests and Abuse of LGBT People in Azerbaijan News item summary AZ 22 SEP
Two Muskogee women get 20 years in severe beating of 5-year-old boy News item summary US (OK) 20 SEP
State Supreme Court Ruling Means Washington Teens Who Sext Could End Up Felons News item summary US (WA) 14 SEP
• Opinion: State of Washington v. Eric D Gray No. 93609-9 PDF 1.26MB 14 SEP 176
Same-sex marriage campaign laws banning vilification pass the Senate News item summary AU (FED) 13 SEP

August 2017

New laws, including David's Law, take effectNews item summary US (TX) 31 AUG
Americans United And Fairness West Virginia Announce Settlement For West Virginia Same-Sex Couple Harassed By Gilmer County Clerk News item summary US (WV) 30 AUG
London court rules that song labelling gay men 'fairy' and 'fag' is not homophobic News item summary UK (E&W) 24 AUG
School Settles for 120K with Transgender Child's Parents in Discrimination Case News item summary US (MN) 08 AUG 17

July 2017

South Carolina court delays same-sex domestic violence ruling News item summary US (SC) 29 JUL
• Order: Jane Doe, v, State of south Carolina No. 2015-001726 HTML 28 JUL 17
Court: Violence law unfair to gay South Carolina couples News item summary US (SC) 26 JUL
• Declaratory Judgment: Jane Doe, v, State of south Carolina No. 2015-001726 PDF 309.20kb 26 JUL 17
Former cadet at military school wins $1.9M verdict News item summary US (CA) 07 JUL
Man Fined Thousands For Shouting ''Fuck You, Faggot'' As He Assaulted A Man In A Gay Club News item summary AU (NSW) 04 JUL
• Reasons for Decision: Margan v. Taufaao [2017] NSWCATAD 216 HTML 30 JUN 17

June 2017

Straight dude ''in tears'' after winning $17.4 million in homophobic discrimination lawsuit News item summary US (CA) 19 JUN
Health club wins key ruling in lawsuit over transgender News item summary US (MI) 02 JUN
• Opinion: Yvette N Cormier v. PF Fitness et al. No. 331286 PDF 117.00kb 01 JUN 17

May 2017

Senate votes to extend domestic violence protections for same-sex couples News item summary US (LA) 31 MAY
House OKs including 'dating partners' among those covered by domestic abuse laws News item summary US (LA) 11 MAY
• Bill: House Bill 223 PDF 90.88kb 12 MAY 17

April 2017

Appeals court reinstates transgender man's lawsuit against Jersey City police News item summary US (NJ) 28 APR
• Opinion: Shakeem Malik Holmes v. Jersey City Police Department A-1634-15T3 PDF 63.59kb 27 APR 17

March 2017

Revised Anti-Bullying Policy in Japan to Protect LGBT students News item summary JP 27 MAR

January 2017

StarGay man who was mocked by juror on radio has charges stayed News item summary CA (ON) 06 JAN
StarACLU: Appeals court ruling allows gay-straight-alliance clubs News item summary US (FL) 06 DEC
• Opinion: Carver Middle School Gay-Straight Alliance, et al. v. School Board of Lake County, Florida 15-14183 PDF 102.36kb 06 DEC 16

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