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October 2017

Malta reforms law on embryo freezing and gamete donation News item summary MT 08 OCT

September 2017

Same-sex couples in Northern Ireland to get fertility treatment on NHS News item summary UK (NI) 28 SEP
French bioethics body backs assisted reproduction for all women News item summary FR 25 SEP

July 2017

Spain offers free fertility treatment for lesbians and single women News item summary ES 06 JUL
France's court says no legal reason to restrict lesbian couples from IVF News item summary FR 05 JUL

April 2017

Lesbians' son registered in Turin News item summary IT 23 APR 18
Lesbian mums can't register baby in Italy News item summary IT 19 APR

March 2017

Lesbian couple ‘can’t stop grandparents from seeing donor sperm boy’ News item summary UK (E&W) 01 MAR
• Judgment: Re G (A Child) [2018] EWCA Civ 305 HTML 20 FEB 18

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