August 2018

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14 August 2018

Outcry in Malaysia over two women sentenced to caning for lesbian sex

MALAYSIA: On 14 August 2018, it was reported that Shariah judge Kamalruazmi Ismail in the Shariah High Court in Terengganu sentenced two women, aged 32 and 22, who pleaded guilty to having consensual sex, to six strokes of the cane and a 3,300 ringgit (632) fine.

09 August 2018

Two men convicted of gay sex in Zambia after forced anal examinations

ZAMBIA: On 09 August 2018, it was reported that Japhet Chataba, 38, a carpenter, and resident of Ndeke compound in Kapiri Mposhi, and Stephen Sambo, 30, who is a planning officer at Ndola City Council were found guilty by the Kapiri Mposhi District Court of having had ''carnal knowledge against the order of nature'' under section 155 (a) of the penal code.
Constitutional Chamber in Costa Rica Pronounced Itself on Same Sex Marriage

COSTA RICA: On 09 August 2018, Judge Fernando Castillo for the majority of Constitutional Chamber reportedly ruled on same sex marriage and domestic partnerships, giving the Legislative Assembly 18 months to adhere to the ruling of the Inter-American Court with regards to same sex marriage and domestic partnership between same sex couples and recognize and guarantee these relationships. If the Legislative Assembly doesn't comply, the court ruled that it will invalidate laws prohibiting same-sex marriage.

08 August 2018

16-year-old is first minor prosecuted by Russian 'anti-gay propaganda' laws

RUSSIA: On 21 July 2018, it was reported that Maxim Neverov was found guilty of 'propaganda of homosexuality among minors' despite being only 16-years-old himself. The teenager from Biysk was fined 50,000 rubles on 7 August for publishing photos on social network site Vkontakte.

07 August 2018

U.S. judge rules against Trump policy restricting transgender troopsUNITED STATES, Federal: On 06 August 2018, U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly denied a request by the administration to lift an injunction she had issued against Trump's original ban, finding the new policy effectively implements the original ban ''by targeting proxies of transgender status, such as 'gender dysphoria' and 'gender transition', and by requiring all service members to serve 'in their biological sex''.

06 August 2018

Victory: Court grants preliminary injunction in favour of Evansville High School student

UNITED STATES, Indiana: On 03 August 2018, US District Judge William T Lawrence issued a ruling requiring that the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation allow a transgender high school student, J.A.W., to use male restrooms, the restrooms consistent with his gender identity.
• Entry on Motion for Preliminary Injunction: J.A.W. v. Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation No. 3:18-cv-37-WTL-MPB PDF 101.96kb 03 AUG 18

05 August 2018

Kerala to pay for sex change surgeries of transgenders

INDIA, Kerala: On 05 August 2018, the Kerala government was reported to have approved reimbursing Rs200,000 as hospital expenses for each transgender person undergoing sex change surgery. Those who have already undergone surgery can also apply for assistance.

03 August 2018

Judge ruling a blow to transgender rights in Hong Kong as inmates told they must do time according to their biology not what they identify as

HONG KONG: On 03 August 2018, it was reported that Mr Justice Thomas Au Hing-cheung ruled against the discrimination claim of Luigi Recasa Navarro, who was 19 at the time and still had male genitalia. She alledged she was forced to serve her sentence in all-male facilities, was subjected to strip-searches and cavity searches by male guards, and was denied access to hormones she had been taking since she was 12 years old for almost the entire length of her incarceration. The Judge said prisoners should have right to be searched by man or woman, and says denying access to hormone treatment while in jail is 'unreasonable'.
Ulster County bans gay conversion 'therapy'

UNITED STATES, New York: On 20 June 2018, the Ulster County Legislature passed a ban on the so-called ''conversion'' or ''reparative'' therapy that was signed into law by County Executive Mike Hein one month later. The law imposes penalties of up to one year in prison and fines up to $500 for anyone who practices conversion or ''reparative'' techniques on a minor under the age of 18 within the bounds of Ulster County.

01 August 2018

Employee awarded 8,000 after colleague linked homosexuality to child abuse

REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: On 18 July 2018, Workplace Relations Commission Adjudication Officer Patsy Doyle ruled that an unnamed general store assistant be awarded 8,000 in compensation following six months of discrimination about her sexual orientation. The woman was a sales assistant at the store and complained of a number of incidents of harassment by another colleague, named Mr A, that she was a lesbian and making at least four separate comments insulting her sexuality.
• Adjudication: A General Store Assistant v. A Large Company ADJ-00010217 HTML 18 JUL 18

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