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January 2018

Landmark Ruling Shuts Down Sperm Donor’s Paternity Suit News item summary US (NY) 25 JAN
Opinion and Order: In the Matter of Christopher YY v. Jessica ZZ and Nicole ZZ No. 522068 PDF 120.04kb 25 JAN 18
Cuban woman with same-sex partner granted custody of daughter’s children News item summary CU 25 JAN
• Sentenzia (in Spanish): Mrs Eumice Violeta Cardosa Perez v. Mr Guillermo Gomas Vera No. 541 PDF 827.07kb 19 OCT 17
Court overturns ruling keeping same-sex couple from adopting child News item summary EE 24 JAN
European court rules lesbian woman has no right to paternity leave News item summary FR 18 JAN
• ECHR Press Release: Refusal of a request for paternity leave made by a lesbian following the birth of her partner's child: application declared inadmissible PDF 119.29kb 18 JAN 18
Germany's Federal Court of Justice declares transgender woman legal father of child News item summary DE 04 JAN
• Decision (in German): In the Civil Status Case No. XII ZB 459/16 HTML 04 JAN 18

February 2018

Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal of lesbian's recognition as child's legal parent News item summary US (AZ) 26 FEB
• Order List: 583 U.S.: Certiorari Denied 17-878 PDF 105.59kb 26 FEB 18
Adoption bill passes despite LGBT concerns News item summary US (GA) 23 FEB
Arkansas to pay attorney for same-sex couples in lawsuit News item summary US (AR) 17 FEB
Judge gives grandparents custody of Ohio transgender teen News item summary US (OH) 16 FEB
• Orders (Registration): In re: JNS No. F17-334 X PDF 138.72kb 16 FEB 18
Russian Court Pronounces Woman a 'Man in Same-Sex Marriage' in Custody Saga News item summary RU 13 FEB

March 2018

Lesbian couple ‘can’t stop grandparents from seeing donor sperm boy’ News item summary UK (E&W) 01 MAR
• Judgment: Re G (A Child) [2018] EWCA Civ 305 HTML 20 FEB 18
Another Victory for Married Lesbian Parents News item summary US (NY) 01 MAR
• Decision and Order: In the Matter of Joseph O. (Anonymous) v. Danielle B. (Anonymous), et al. 2017-00316 PDF 45.79kb 21 FEB 18