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April 2018

Texas man found not guilty of murder after using gay panic defense News item summary US (TX) 26 APR

May 2018

Cape Town pastor found guilty of contempt of court for anti-gay slurs News item summary ZA 18 MAY
Court of Appeal Tosses Verdict Because of Prosecutor's Bias Against Gay Jurors News item summary US (CA) 04 MAY
• Opinion: The People v. Brady Dee Douglas No. C072881 PDF 248.12kb 03 MAY 18

June 2018

January 2018

Draft proposals in Indonesian parliament aim to ban extramarital sex News item summary ID 29 JAN
India's high court to review law that bans gay sex News item summary IN 08 JAN

February 2018

He was arrested for a sex act thatís no longer a crime. Years later, he remains convicted News item summary US (GA) 15 FEB
• Opinion: Charlton Paul Green v. State of Georgia et al No. 14-14635 PDF 126.81kb 09 FEB 178
Court overturns conviction of HIV-positive man who didn't disclose status News item summary CA (NS) 15 FEB
• Decision: Claude Thompson v. HM The Queen 2018 NSCA 13 PDF 246.69kb 15 FEB 18

March 2018

Parliament votes to allow wiping of homosexual convictions with new law News item summary NZ 03 APR
Kenyan court blocks anal probe as test for homosexuality News item summary KE 22 MAR