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October 2018

Federal court dismisses transgender case against Warren County judge News item summary US(OH) 30 OCT 18
• Opinion and Order: Whitaker et al v. Kirby 1:18-cv-00540 PDF 140.45kb 30 OCT 2018
Tech firm that fired transgender man after online complaints did not discriminate, jury finds News item summary US (CA) 29 OCT
Mexico Transgender Ruling a Beacon for Change News item summary MX (VER) 29 OCT 18
Read the full 20 recommendations from the religious freedom review News item summary AU (FED) 12 OCT
UK supreme court backs bakery that refused to make gay marriage cake News item summary UK (NI) 11 OCT
• Judgment: Lee v. Ashers Bakery Company Ltd [2018] UKSC 49 PDF 406.29kb 10 OCT 18
Tokyo Passes Law Banning LGBTQ Discrimination News item summary JP (13) 05 OCT
Gay hate flyers discriminatory: Tas court News item summary AU (TAS) 04 OCT 18
• Judgment: Durston v. Anti-Discrimination Tribunal (No 2) [2018] TASSC 48 PDF 755.42kb 04 OCT 18

November 2018

European Court Rules in Favor of Russians Denied Right to Gay Pride Events News item summary RU 27 NOV
• Judgment: Case of Alekseyev and Others v. Russia No. 14988/09 HTML 27 NOV 18
Court throws out suit seeking registration of lesbian group News item summary NG 18 NOV 18

December 2018

Michigan governor signs directive banning LGBT discrimination before leaving office News item summary US (MI) 29 DEC
Cabbie suspended for refusing to drive gay man News item summary US (NY) 26 DEC
Governor John Kasich revives anti-discrimination protections for transgender state workers News item summary US (OH) 20 DEC
Transgender inmate loses discrimination claim accusing her prison of 'offending her dignity' by calling her 'him' and 'Mr' News item summary AU (QLD) 19 DEC
Decision: Leilani Tafao v. State of Queensland & Ors [2018] QCAT 409 PDF 539.64kb 16 NOV 18
Battle looms over PM Scott Morrison’s proposal for religious freedom law News item summary AU (FED) 13 DEC
• Report: Australian Government response to the Religious Freedom Review PDF 135.97kb DEC 18

July 2018

Barber who discriminated against transgender man by refusing give him 'short back and sides' ordered to pay him €5K News item summary IE 26 JUL
• Adjudication: Lee McLoughlin v. Paula Smith Charlies Barbers No. ADJ-00011948 HTML 12 JUL 18
Michigan law doesn’t prohibit LGBT bias, Schuette rules News item summary US (MI) 20 JUL
• Opinion: Validity of interpretative statement interpreting term "sex" as used in the Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act PDF 174.41kb 20 JUL 18
Full 11th Circuit Declines to Take Up LGBT Workplace Protection Case News item summary US (GA) 19 JUL
• Order: Gerald Lynn Bostock v. Clayton County Board of Commissioners & Anor No. 17-13801 PDF 78.10kb 18 JUL 18
Federal Court in Pennsylvania Rejects Argument That Child Welfare Agencies Have a Right to Discriminate News item summary US (PA) 13 JUL
• Memorandum: Fulton v. City of Philadelphia No. 18-2076 PDF 287.09kb 13 JUL 18

August 2018

Seventh Circuit Affirms Grocery Store Employee's Same-Sex Harassment Title VII Victory News item summary US (IL) 31 AUG
• Opinion: Robert Smith v. Rosebud Farm Inc No. 17-2626 PDF 182.59kb 02 AUG 18
Appeals court allows lesbian resident to sue senior living facility over discrimination News item summary US (IL) 27 AUG
• Opinion: Marsha Wetzel v. Glen St. Andrew Living Community LLC, et al. No. 17-1322 PDF 220.45kb 27 AUG 18
States Ask Supreme Court to Limit LGBT Protection News item summary US 24 AUG
• Brief for the States of Nebraska, et al.: RG & GR Harris Funeral Homes, Inc v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, et al. No. 18-107 PDF 272.25kb AUG 18
Christian cake maker in Lakewood is now suing Colorado in federal court News item summary US (CO) 15 AUG
Judge ruling a blow to transgender rights in Hong Kong as inmates told they must do time according to their biology not what they identify as News item summary HK 03 AUG 18
Employee awarded €8,000 after colleague linked homosexuality to child abuse News item summary IE 01 AUG
• Adjudication: A General Store Assistant v. A Large Company ADJ-00010217 HTML 18 JUL 18

September 2018

Switzerland has made homophobia and transphobia illegal, comparing them to racism News item summary CH 30 SEP
Meridian approves "add the words" ordinance News item summary US (ID) 25 SEP
Study: Transgender nondiscrimination laws do not jeopardize public safety in restrooms News item summary US (MA) 19 SEP
• Abstract: Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Laws in Public Accommodations: A Review of Evidence Regarding Safety and Privacy in Public Restrooms, Locker Rooms, and Changing Rooms 23 JUL 18

April 2018

Oklahoma House passes discriminatory SB1140 News item summary US (OK) 26 APR 18
New Jersey Takes the Lead in Equal Pay Act Legislation News item summary US (NJ) 25 APR 18
Alabama city passes historic LGBTQ anti-discrimination law News item summary US (AL) 24 APR
Federal Judge in Texas Rules Title VII Bans Anti-LGBT Discrimination News item summary US (TX) 10 APR
• Memorandum and Opinion: Nicole C Wittmer v. Phillips 66 Company H-17-2188 PDF 76.70kb 04 APR 18
A judge denies a Christian teacher her job back after she made 'upsetting' 'homophobic' remarks to pupils News item summary UK (E&W) 05 APR
• Judgment: Mrs S Powell v. Marr CorporationLimited 1401951/2016 PDF

May 2018

John Christopher Sunol's contempt of the Tribunal referred to Supreme Court [GayLawNet(R)(TM) News item summary AU (NSW) 25 MAY 18
• Decision: Burns v. Sunol PDF 2.23MB 25 MAY 188
Michigan board: Civil rights law bars LGBT discrimination News item summary US (MI) 21 MAY
Kern judge issues final judgment in Tastries case News item summary US (CA) 14 MAY
• Judgment: Department of Fair EMployment and Housing v. Cathy's Creations Inc and Anor PDF 589.95kb 01 MAY 18
Governor signs bill allowing taxpayer funded anti-gay discrimination says it enables diversity News item summary US (OK) 11 MAY
Court of Appeal Tosses Verdict Because of Prosecutor's Bias Against Gay Jurors News item summary US (CA) 04 MAY
• Opinion: The People v. Brady Dee Douglas No. C072881 PDF 248.12kb 03 MAY 18
Transgender anti-discrimination bill set to become law in New Hampshire News item summary US (NH) 04 MAY

June 2018

SCOTUS: Lower court must rehear flower shop case in light of recent gay wedding cake ruling News item summary US (WA) 25 JUN
Oregon court denies appeal by Sweet Cakes owners who refused to serve lesbian couple News item summary US (OR) 22 JUN
Hate group tried to argue in court that trans students threaten privacy. It didn’t go well. News item summary US (PA) 19 JUN 18
• Opinion: Joel Doe et al. v. Boyertown Area School District No 17-3313 PDF 158.12kb 18 JUN 18
Judge rules against Pensacola woman in transgender discrimination suit News item summary US (FL) 19 JUN 18
Federal Court approves class action settlement for LGBTQ Canadians News item summary CA 19 JUN
• Final Settlement Agreement: Todd Edward Ross, Martine Roy and Alida Satilic v. Her Majesty the Queen No. T-370-17 PDF 14.25MB 24 NOV 17
Settlement over trans student access case in Talbot County News item summary US (MD) 18 JUN 18
• Settlement Agreement: M.A.B. v. Board of Education of Talbot County No. 1:16-cv-02622-GLR PDF 195.76kb 18 JUN 18
Canada's Supreme Court rules LGBT rights trump religious freedom News item summary CA (BC) 15 JUN 18
• Judgment: Trinity Western University and Brayden Volkenant v. Law Society of Upper Canada 2018 SCC 33 HTML 402.16kb 15 JUN 18
Polish court rules against man who wouldn't serve LGBT group News item summary PL 14 JUN 18
Court upholds Phoenix anti-discrimination law over gay wedding invitations News item summary US (AZ) 08 JUN 18
• Opinion: Brush & Nib et al. v. Phoenix 1 CA-CV 16-1602 PDF 07 JUN 18
Philippine City Passes Law Against LGBT Discrimination News item summary PH 05 JUN
Key points from Supreme Court ruling on Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission News item summary US (CO) 04 JUN 18
• Opinion: Masterpiece Cakeshop Ltd, et al v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, et al. No. 16-111 PDF 273.49kb 04 JUN 18

January 2018

Court recognizes lesbian firefighter's sex discrimination claim News item summary US (MA) 26 JAN
• Opinion: Franchina v. City of Providence No. 16-2401 PDF 144.45kb 25 JAN 18
Court rules for Iowa student group seeking to ban gay leaders News item summary US (IA) 24 JAN
• Order: Business Leaders in Christ v. The University of Iowa et al. No. 3:17-cv-00080-SMR-SBJ PDF 180.19kb 23 JAN 18
US government announces religious freedom division for healthcare, targeting LGBTI people's access News item summary US (FED) 18 JAN
News Release: HHS Announces New Conscience and Religious Freedom Division HTML 18 JAN 18
Transgender Student’s Discrimination Suit Is Settled for $800,000 News item summary US (WI) 10 JAN
City adopts anti-discrimination law protecting LGBT rights News item summary US (KY) 10 JAN
Supreme Court Lets Mississippi Anti-LGBT Law Stand News item summary US (MS) 08 JAN
• Order List: 583 U.S.: Certiorari Denied No. 17-547 PDF 298.72kb 08 JAN 17 at page 4

February 2018

Appeals court: Homosexuality is a protected class like race and sex News item summary US (NY) 26 FEB
• Opinion: Melissa Zarda & Anor v. Altitude Express Inc No. 15-3775 PDF 404.52kb 26 FEB 18
Appeals court upholds ruling against B&B owner who refused room to gay couple News item summary US (HI) 24 FEB
• Opinion: Diane Cervelli & Taeko Bufford v. Aloha Bed & Breakfast & Anor CAAP-12-0000806 PDF 940.91 23 FEB 18
A Little Case with Big Implications News item summary US (NC) 09 FEB
• Initial Decision and Order: Sandra G Myrick v. Marion Waren et al No. 16-EEOC-0001 PDF 1.11MB 08 MAR 17
California judge sides with baker in 'gay cake' row News item summary US (CA) 07 FEB
• Minute Order: Department of Fair Employment v. Cathy's Creations, Inc No. BCV-17-102855 PDF 605.31kb 05 FEB 18

March 2018

Louisiana High Court Rejects LGBT Rights Order News item summary US (LA) 23 MAR
Gay priest Jeremy Pemberton's discrimination appeal dismissed News item summary UK (E&W) 22 MAR
• Judgment: The Reverend Canon Jeremy Pemberton v. The Right Reverend Richard Inwood [2018] EWCA Civ 564 HTML 22 MAR 18
£47,000 Awarded for Severe Transgender Discrimination and Harassment News item summary UK (E&W) 19 MAR
Judgment: Miss A de Souza E Souze v. Primark Stores Ltd No. 2206063/2017 PDF 185.95kb 22 DEC 178
Yardley Borough Council unanimously adopts anti-discrimination ordinance; law extends protections to LGBT community News item summary US (PA) 09 MAR
US appeals court says civil rights law covers transgender workers News item summary 07 MAR 18
Opinion: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Anor v. RG & GR Harris Funeral Homes, Inc No. 16-2424 PDF 219.26kb 07 MAR 18
Manitoba Appeal Court upholds ruling that cost anti-gay marriage commissioner his certification News item summary CA (MB) 01 MAR
• Judgment: Kevin Richard Kisilowsky v. HM The Queen 2018 MBCA 10 PDF 379.73kb 12 FEB 18