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October 2018

Federal court dismisses transgender case against Warren County judge News item summary US(OH) 30 OCT 18
• Opinion and Order: Whitaker et al v. Kirby 1:18-cv-00540 PDF 140.45kb 30 OCT 2018
Tech firm that fired transgender man after online complaints did not discriminate, jury finds News item summary US (CA) 29 OCT
Mexico Transgender Ruling a Beacon for Change News item summary MX (VER) 29 OCT 18
Government aid for legally-married transgender couples News item summary IN (KL) 26 OCT 18
First Dutch gender-neutral passport issued to intersex citizen News item summary NL 20 OCT
Uruguay passes law granting rights to trans people News item summary UY 19 OCT
Court upholds refugee status of Ugandan lesbian News item summary KR 18 OCT
De Blasio Signs Bill Adding ‘Third Gender’ to NYC Birth Certificates, Allowing Parents to ‘Assign’ Gender to Newborn Babies News item summary US (NY) 15 OCT
Czech Transgender Sterilization Law Violates Right to Health News item summary CZ 12 OCT
Jury Sends Wisconsin a $780,000 Bill for Denying Health Care to Two Transgender Workers News item summary US (WI) 11 OCT
N.J. schools can keep transgender kids' secret from parents, state says News item summary US (NJ) 07 OCT
• Department of Education: Transgnder Student Guidance for School Districts PDF 462.13kb 14 SEP 18
Legal victory for trans people - European human rights body slams forced sterilisation in the Czech Republic News item summary CZ 04 OCT
Court Says NC Law Does Not Bar Transgender People from Public Facilities News item summary US (NC) 01 OCT
Memorandum Opinion and Order: Joaquin Carcano et al. v. Roy Cooper et al. No. 1:16-cv-236 PDF 332.63kb 30 OCT 18

November 2018

Appellate court calls part of District 211 transgender graduate's lawsuit moot News item summary US (IL) 30 NOV
Opinion: Nova Maday v. Township High School District 211 No. 1-18-0294 PDF 97.05kb 30 NOV 18
Judge refuses to hold or limit ruling on transgender military ban News item summary US (FED) 30 NOV
Order: Jane Doe 2, et al. v. James Mattis, et al. No. 17-1597 (CKK) PDF 393.04kb 30 NOV 18
Birth certificate changes to broaden rights for trans, gender-neutral, intersex people in NT News item summary AU (NT) 29 NOV 18
Trump asks US court for review of transgender military ban News item summary US (FED) 23 NOV
• Petition for Writ for Certiorari: Donald J Trump, et al. v. Ryan Karnocki, et al. PDF 1.86MB 21 NOV 18
CCJ Declares Guyana's Cross-Dressing Law Unconstitutional News item summary GY 12 NOV
Judgment: Quincy McEwan, et al. v. The Attorney General of Guyana [2018] CCJ 30 (AJ) PDF 459.89kb 13 NOV 18
Illinois prisons ordered to develop training on transgender issues News item summary US (IL) 08 NOV
Memorandum and Order: Deon Hampton v. John Baldwin et al. 3:18-CV-550-NJR-RJD PDF kb 07 NOV 18

December 2018

India’s Transgender Persons Bill undermines the rights of the individuals it seeks to protect News item summary IN 26 DEC
Virginia transgender inmate may be allowed name change News item summary US (VA) 21 DEC
Opinion: Brian Allen Leonard v. Commonwealth of Virginia No. 170965 PDF 45.49kb 13 DEC 18
Costa Rica passes decrees boosting LGBT rights News item summary CR 21 DEC
Governor John Kasich revives anti-discrimination protections for transgender state workers News item summary US (OH) 20 DEC
Transgender inmate loses discrimination claim accusing her prison of 'offending her dignity' by calling her 'him' and 'Mr' News item summary AU (QLD) 19 DEC
Decision: Leilani Tafao v. State of Queensland & Ors [2018] QCAT 409 PDF 539.64kb 16 NOV 18
Coloradans can now change their gender identity on their birth certificates News item summary US (CO) 19 DEC
Lok Sabha passes Transgender bill, seeks to empower community with separate identity News item summary IN 17 DEC
German law allows third gender in birth certificates News item summary DE 14 DEC
Judge orders Idaho to give transgender inmate gender surgery News item summary US (ID) 14 DEC
Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order: Adree Edmo v. Idahon Department of Correction, et al. No. 1:17-cv-00151-BLW PDF 420.30kb 13 DEC 18

July 2018

Lawsuit revived over transgender woman at Planet Fitness News item summary US (MI) 29 JUL
On Remand: Yvette M Cormier v. PF Fitness-Midland et al No. 331286 PDF kb 26 JUL 18
Judge rules transgender student can use boys bathroom at St. Johns school News item summary US (FL) 27 JUL
Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law: Adams v. The School Board of St. Johns County, Florida No. 3:17-cv-739--J-32JBT PDF 317.72kb 26 JUL 18
Full Appeals Court Declines to Disturb Decision Backing Transgender Students News item summary US (PA) 27 JUL
Revised Opinion: Joel Doe v. Boyertown Area School District No. 17-3113 PDF 275.51kb 26 JUL 18
Sur Petition for Rehearing: Joel Doe v. Boyertown Area School District No. 17-3113 PDF108.57kb 26 JUL 18

Judge orders Medicaid-funded surgery for two transgender residents, calls policy sex discrimination News item summary US (WI) 26 JUL
Opinion and Order: Flack, Cody et al v. Wisconsin Department of Health Services et al No. 3:18-cv-00309 HTML 25 JUL 18
Judge Dismisses Case Challenging Locker Room Use By Transgender Boy News item summary US (OR) 26 JUL
• Opinion & Order: Parents for Privacy, et al. v. Dallas School District No. 2, et al No. 3:17-cv-01813-HZ PDF 710.78kb 24 JUL 18
Barber who discriminated against transgender man by refusing give him 'short back and sides' ordered to pay him €5K News item summary IE 26 JUL
• Adjudication: Lee McLoughlin v. Paula Smith Charlies Barbers No. ADJ-00011948 HTML 12 JUL 18
9th Circuit denies another Trump effort to implement transgender military ban News item summary US (FED) 18 JUL
• Order: Ryan Karnoski, et al. v. State of Washington No. 18-35347 PDF 274.46kb 18 JUL 18
Puerto Rico Begins Allowing Transgender People to Change Their Birth Certificates News item summary PR 16 JUL 18
Belarus Refuses Asylum For Uzbek Transgender Woman News item summary BY 13 JUL
Ohio family says judge violated transgender son's rights by denying name-change request News item summary US (ON) 10 JUL
• Decision (Registration): In the matter of Change of Name of Heidi Claire Whitaker No. 20189073 PDF 137.07kb 22 JUN 18
Court: Kansas did not violate transgender inmate's rights News item summary US (KS) 09 JUL
• Opinion: Lamb v. Norwood No. 17-3171 PDF 149.57kb 09 JUL 18
Maine governor vetoes ban on therapy for unwanted gay attraction, gender confusion News item summary US (ME) 09 JUL
Now, another transgender dons legal robe News item summary IN 09 JUL
Transgenders: Making Legal History News item summary IN 08 JUL
Being Transgender Is a Mental Disorder, Israeli Insurance Company Says News item summary IL 06 JUL
New Jersey Gov. Signs Bills Giving Transgender Residents More Rights News item summary US (NJ) 04 JUL
Bethlehem council backs ban on conversion therapy News item summary US (PA) 03 JUL

August 2018

California lawmakers pass bill allowing transgender foster youth to access transition-related care News item summary US (CA) 31 AUG
Assembly Bill AB-2119: Foster care: gender affirming health care and mental health care HTML 01 SEP 18
Gay conversion therapy bill dropped by California lawmaker News item summary US (CA) 31 AUG
Chelsea Manning threatened with visa denial ahead of Australian tour News item summary AU 29 AUG
California: Resolution Affirms Intersex Rights News item summary US (CA) 28 AUG
Bill: Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 110 PDF 262.09kb 27 AUG 18
British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal maintains anonymity of transgender complainant over objections of respondent News item summary CA (BC) 26 AUG
Reasons for Decision: Employee v. Life Labs (No. 2) 2018 BCHRT 202 PDF 262.09kb 24 AUG 18
Surgery coverage for Wisconsin transgender workers restored News item summary US (WI) 23 AUG
Victory! Lambda Legal Obtains Settlement for Oswego County Transgender Employee Denied Coverage for Transition-Related Care News item summary US (NY) 23 AUG
Stipulation of Voluntary Dismissal: Sean Allen Simonson v. Oswego County, et al. No. 5:17-CV-1309-MAD-DEP PDF 141.12kb 23 AUG 18
ACLU statement on Federal Court decision granting treatment to transgender woman in custody of the Florida Department of Corrections News item summary US (FL) 22 AUG
Order on the Merits: Reiyn Keohane v. Julie Jones No. 4:16cv511-MW/CAS PDF 265.83kb 22 AUG 18
Transgender people cant collect hides on Eidul Azha News item summary PK 21 AUG 18
German gov't adds third sexuality option to official birth registry News item summary DE 15 AUG
Federal Judge Denies Trump Administration's Attempt to Block Discovery in Transgender Service Member Case News item summary US (FED) 15 AUG
• Memorandum Opinion: Brock Stone, et at. v. Donald J Trump, et al. No. GLR-17-2459 PDF 1.38MB 14 AUG 18
Kerala to pay for sex change surgeries of transgenders News item summary IN (KL) 05 AUG
U.S. judge rules against Trump policy restricting transgender troops News item summary US (FED) 07 AUG
Kerala to pay for sex change surgeries of transgenders IN 05 AUG
Judge ruling a blow to transgender rights in Hong Kong as inmates told they must do time according to their biology not what they identify as News item summary HK 03 AUG 18
Victory: Court grants preliminary injunction in favour of Evansville High School student News item summary US (IN) 06 AUG
• Entry on Motion for Preliminary Injunction: J.A.W. v. Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation No. 3:18-cv-37-WTL-MPB PDF 101.96kb 03 AUG 18
Ulster County bans gay conversion ‘therapy’ News item summary US (NY) 03 AUG

September 2018

Switzerland has made homophobia and transphobia illegal, comparing them to racism News item summary CH 30 SEP
Uttarakhand HC Directs Reservation In Admissions, Govt. Jobs For Transgenders; Housing Scheme; Separate Public Toilets Etc News item summary IN (UT) 29 SEP
• Judgment: Rano & Ors v. State of Uttarakhand and Others No. 1794 of 2018 PDF 284.63kb 28 SEP 18
Colorado makes history as the 1st state issuing intersex birth certificates News item summary US (CO) 23 SEP
Law targeting transgender persons in Telangana read down temporarily News item summary IN (TG) 20 SEP 18
Separate room in OPDs for transgender people ordered News item summary PK 20 SEP
Victory! State Department Cannot Rely on its Binary-Only Gender Policy to Deny Passport to Nonbinary Intersex Citizen News item summary US (CO) 19 SEP
Order: Dana Alix Zzyym v. Michael R Pompeo and Anor 15-cv-02362-RJB PDF 127.15kb 19 SEP 18
Study: Transgender nondiscrimination laws do not jeopardize public safety in restrooms News item summary US (MA) 19 SEP
• Abstract: Gender Identity Nondiscrimination Laws in Public Accommodations: A Review of Evidence Regarding Safety and Privacy in Public Restrooms, Locker Rooms, and Changing Rooms 23 JUL 18
Federal Court Rules Wisconsin State Employee Health Insurance Must Cover for Transgender Workers News item summary US (WI) 19 SEP
Opinion and Order: Alina Boyden and Shannon Andrews v. Robert J Conlin, et al. No. 3:17-cv-00264-wmc PDF 333.86kb 18 SEP 18
U.S. District Court Denies Move to End Injunction Blocking Transgender Military Ban News item summary US (CA) 19 SEP
• Order Denying Defendants' Motion: Aiden Stockman, et al. v. Donald J Trump, et al. No. EDCV 17-01799 JGB (KKx) PDF 136.18kb 18 SEP 18
Florida school district settles lawsuit brought by transgender student News item summary US (FL) 18 SEP
• Order: Doe v. Volusia County School Board No. 6:18-cv-00102 PDF 139.95kb 11 SEP 18
New York City Will Allow Gender-Neutral 'X' On Birth Certificates News item summary US (NY) 15 SEP
Chile approves law for transgender citizens to change official details News item summary CL 12 SEP
Corbett mother loses suit against schools News item summary US (OR) 01 SEP
• Opinion and Order: Greta Leontiev v. Corbett School District, et al. No. 3:17-cv-772-SI PDF 159.07kb 10 AUG 18

April 2018

Ruling upholds policy on searches of transgender inmates News item summary US (CA) 23 APR
Judge: Transgender People A Protected Class, And The Military Can't Enact Trump Ban News item summary US (WA) 14 APR
• Order: Ryan Karnoski, et al. v. Donald J Trump, et al. No. 2:17-cv-01297-MJP PDF 284.21kb 13 APR 18
Portugal Gender Change Law Boosts Transgender Rights, Protects Infants News item summary PT 13 APR
Federal Judge in Texas Rules Title VII Bans Anti-LGBT Discrimination News item summary US (TX) 10 APR
• Memorandum and Opinion: Nicole C Wittmer v. Phillips 66 Company H-17-2188 PDF 76.70kb 04 APR 18
Appeal revived in lawsuit over transgender at health club News item summary US (MI) 11 APR
• Order: Yvette M Cormier v. Planet Fitness PDF 111.52kb 06 APR 18
Alaskans reject transgender 'bathroom bill' News item summary US (AK) 08 APR 18
US court grants rights to transgender people in Puerto Rico News item summary PR 04 MAR
• Order: Daniel Arroyo Gonzalez, Victoria Prodriguez Roldan v. Ricasdro Rossello Nevares et al 17-1457CCC PDF 42.49kb 28 MAR 18

May 2018

Chile: Supreme Court approves gender registration without sex reassignment News item summary CL 31 MAY 18
Dutch court rules third gender should be recognised News item summary NL 29 MAY 18
Connecticut will now house transgender inmates according to gender identity News item summary US (CT) 28 MAY 18 Saskatchewan Court allows removal of gender from birth certificates News item summary CA (SK) 24 MAY 18
Court Rules Boyertown School District Can Let Transgender Students Use Bathroom Of Choice News item summary US (PA) 25 MAY 18
• Judgment: Joel Doe v. Boyertown Area School District No. 17-3313 PDF 79.29kb 24 MAY 18
Victorian laws changed to stop the forced divorce of transgender people News item summary AU (VIC) 24 MAY 18
Federal court rules in favour of transgender Missouri inmate News item summary US (MO) 23 MAY 18
• Memorandum and Order and Permanent Injunction: Jessica Hicklin v. Anny Precynthe et al. No. 4:16-CV-01357-NCC PDF 192.35kb 22 MAY 18
Federal judge rules in favor of transgender teen in bathroom case News item summary US (VA) 22 MAY
• Order: Gavin Grimm v. Gloucester County School 4:15cv54 PDF 1.98MB 22 MAY 18
Governor Malloy Signs Legislation Codifying Practices Into Law To Ensure The Fair Treatment Of Women In Prison News item summary US (CT) 14 MAY
Costa Rica Rules Transgender People Can Change Name, Gender, On Official Documents News item summary CR 14 MAY
Vermont passes gender-neutral bathroom bill News item summary US (VT) 13 MAY
US rolls back protections for transgender prison inmates News item summary US (FED) 13 MAY
Portugal: presidential veto on transgender law to change sex News item summary PT 10 MAY
Getting PAN made easy for transgenders News item summary IN 10 MAY
Transgender rights bill approved in NA, marking second milestone News item summary PK 08 MAY 18

June 2018

CCJ reserves ruling in transgender appeal News item summary GY 28 JUN
Transgender woman wins pension court battle News item summary UK 26 JUN
• Judgment: MB v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (Change of gender and retirement pension) C-451/16 HTML 26 JUN 1
Pakistani court orders ID cards to transgender voters in 15 days News item summary PK 19 JUN
Argentina marks first hate crime conviction involving transsexual woman News item summary AR 19 JUN
Hate group tried to argue in court that trans students threaten privacy. It didn’t go well. News item summary US (PA) 19 JUN
• Opinion: Joel Doe et al. v. Boyertown Area School District No 17-3313 PDF 158.12kb 18 JUN 18
Being transgender is not a mental illness, World Health Organization says News item summary INTNL 19 JUN
Judge rules against Pensacola woman in transgender discrimination suit News item summary US (FL) 19 JUN
Settlement over trans student access case in Talbot County News item summary US (MD) 18 JUN
• Settlement Agreement: M.A.B. v. Board of Education of Talbot County No. 1:16-cv-02622-GLR PDF 195.76kb 18 JUN 18
Transgender woman can change gender on birth certificate in Queensland without a divorce News item summary AU (QLD) 16 JUN
Bill: Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Amendment Bill 2018 PDF 257.28kb (Accessed 21 JUN 18)
Federal judge rejects ban on transgender troops News item summary US (FED) 18 APR
Order Denying Motion to Stay Preliminary Injunction: Ryan Kanoski v. Donald J Trump No. C17-1297-MJP PDF 56.29kb 15 JUN 18
Iowa judge rules transgender women deserve surgery coverag News item summary US (IA) 07 JUN
Ruling on Petitions for Judicial Review: Eerieanna Good v. Iowa Department of Human Services CVCV054956, 055470 PDF 316.56kb 06 JUN 18
Kerala high court orders tests to find if youth is transsexual News item summary IN (KL) 06 JUN
New South Wales marriage laws amended to include transgender people News item summary AU (NSW) 06 JUN

January 2018

Lesbian couple whose marriage was terminated after gender confirmation surgery wins right to appeal News item summary SG 30 JAN
Illinois judge denies transgender student unrestricted locker room access News item summary US (IL) 26 JAN
Transgender inmate allowed to transfer to women's prison News item summary US (OR) 25 JAN
Russia has just made it easier for trans people get their gender identity recognized News item summary RU 25 JAN
Transgender Student’s Discrimination Suit Is Settled for $800,000 News item summary US (WI) 10 JAN
Now That Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal, States Must Abolish Transgender ''Forced Divorce'' Laws News item summary AU 10 JAN
Washington State Offers Third Gender Option on Birth Certificates News item summary US (WA) 04 JAN
• Rule-Making Order: CR-103P (October 2017) (Implements RCW 34.05.360) WSR 18-02-048 PDF 162.03kb 27 DEC 17
Germany's Federal Court of Justice declares transgender woman legal father of child News item summary DE 04 JAN
• Decision (in German): In the Civil Status Case No. XII ZB 459/16 HTML 04 JAN 18
Judge refuses to order school to suspend transgender policy News item summary US (IL) 02 JAN
• Memorandum Opinion and Order Students and Parents for Privacy v. United States Department of Education et al. No. 16-cv-4945 PDF 84.92kb 29 DEC 17

February 2018

Judge gives grandparents custody of Ohio transgender teen News item summary US (OH) 16 FEB
• Orders (Registration): In re: JNS No. F17-334 X PDF 138.72kb 16 FEB 18
First transgender officer joins Philippine army News item summary PH 16 FEB
Russian Court Pronounces Woman a 'Man in Same-Sex Marriage' in Custody Saga News item summary RU 13 FEB
Judge: Missouri prisons must OK hormone therapy for inmate News item summary US (MO) 10 FEB
Memorandum and Order: Jessica Hicklin v. George Lombardi et al HTML No. 4:16-cv-01357-NCC 09 FEB 17

March 2018

Stockholm Shells Out for Forced Sterilization of Transgender Persons News item summary SE 24 MAR
White House announces ban on transgender people serving in military News item summary US (FED) 24 MAR
• Memorandum: Military Service by Transgender Individuals PDF 188.43kb 23 MAR 18
£47,000 Awarded for Severe Transgender Discrimination and Harassment News item summary UK (E&W) 19 MAR
Judgment: Miss A de Souza E Souze v. Primark Stores Ltd No. 2206063/2017 PDF 185.95kb 22 DEC 178
Only male or female can get PAN card, transgender told News item summary IN 15 MAR
Lambda Legal Reaches Favorable Settlement for Passion Star, Transgender Woman Sexually Assaulted in Texas Men's Prisons News item summary US (TX) 15 MAR
Federal Court Rules Maryland Transgender Teen's Bathroom and Locker Room Access is Protected by Law News item summary US (MD) 13 MAR
Memorandum Opinion: M.A.B. v. Board of Education of Talbot County No. GLR-16-2622 PDF 360.57kb 12 MAR 18
Thammasat U ordered by court to rehire transgender lecturer in 'Women's Day win' News item summary TH 09 MAR
US appeals court says civil rights law covers transgender workers News item summary 07 MAR 18
Opinion: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Anor v. RG & GR Harris Funeral Homes, Inc No. 16-2424 PDF 219.26kb 07 MAR 18
Another first in Kyhber-Pakhtunkhwa: 30 transgender persons get driving licences News item summary PK 06 MAR
Victory! Court Orders Idaho to Issue Accurate Birth Certificates to Transgender People News item summary US (ID) 05 MAR
Memorandum Decision and Order: F.V. and Dani Martin v. Russell Barron et al No. 1:17-CV-00170-CWD PDF 1.03MB 05 MAR 18
Queensland Government scraps ''discriminatory and outdated'' divorce-rule for transsexuals News item summary AU (QLD) 03 MAR
Brazil transgender groups welcome landmark court rulings News item summary BR 03 MAR
Divided 7th Circuit upholds dismissal of transgender man’s name-change suit News item summary US (IN) 02 MAR 18
Opinion: John Doe v. Eric Holcomb No. 17-1756 PDF 02 MAR 18
See also: International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision (ICD-10)-2017-WHO Version for 2017