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August 2018

Syariah Court's judgement against lesbian couple is final News item summary MY 16 AUG
Outcry in Malaysia over two women sentenced to caning for lesbian sex News item summary MY 14 AUG
Two men convicted of gay sex in Zambia after forced anal examinations News item summary ZM 09 AUG

July 2018

Decriminalising homosexuality will have to be done on case-by-case basis News item summary IE 24 JUL
Indian Psychiatric Society supports decriminalisation of homosexuality, says itís not a disorder News item summary IN 08 JUL 18
• Statement: Position statement on Homosexuality PDF 1.30MB 07 JUL 18 (Accessed 09 JUL 18)
California Senate Takes Action on Pro-Gay Measures News item summary US (CA) 07 JUL

June 2018

Gay men in Northern Ireland offered access to pardons News item summary UK (NI) 28 JUN
Thousands of gay Scots to be pardoned News item summary UK (SC) 06 JUN

May 2018

Bill expunging criminal records of men convicted of homosexual acts passes the Senate News item summary CA (FED) 30 MAY 18
ACK fined Sh200,000 for contempt in gay case News item summary KE 15 MAY

April 2018

Trinidad and Tobago set to decriminalize homosexuality News item summary TT 13 APR
Parliament votes to allow wiping of homosexual convictions with new law News item summary NZ 03 APR

March 2018

Kenyan court blocks anal probe as test for homosexuality News item summary KE 22 MAR
Judge slams 'illogical' decision that homosexuality is fixed at birth News item summary AU (NSW) 02 MAR
Judgment: Abboud v. Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2018] FCA 185 Judgment: HTML 02 MAR 18

February 2018

Indonesia classifies homosexuality as 'mental disorder' News item summary ID 03 FEB

January 2018

Draft proposals in Indonesian parliament aim to ban extramarital sex News item summary ID 29 JAN
India's high court to review law that bans gay sex News item summary IN 08 JAN

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