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April 2019

Massachusetts becomes 16th state to ban 'ex-gay' therapy for youth News item summary US (MA) 08 APR
Court orders stay in case of transgender Idaho inmate’s surgery News item summary US (ID) 04 APR
• Order: Adree Edmo aka Mason Edmo v. Corizon Inc, et al., and Idaho Department of Corrections No. 19-35017, 19035019 PDF 289.38kb 20 MAR 19
Montana Human Rights Bureau sides with transgender Montanan in discrimination complaint News item summary US (MT) 03 APR
• Recommendation: Eleanor Maloney v. Yellowstone County, Scott Twito, Yellowstone County Board of Commissioners Nos. 019002, 019003, 019004 PDF 5.29MB 27 MAR

March 2019

Massachusetts House approves gay conversion therapy ban News item summary US (MA) 13 MAR
Landmark Win for Transgender Iowans Today News item summary US (IA) 08 MAR
Opinion: Eerieanna Good and Carol Beal v. Iowa Department of Human Services No. 18-1158 PDF 140.67kb 08 MAR 19
Judge: Idaho can’t delay transgender inmate’s surgery News item summary US (ID) 04 MAR

February 2019

Transgender teen can proceed with hormone treatment despite father's objections, B.C. court rules News item summary CA (BC) 28 FEB
Reasons for Judgment: A.B. v. C.D. and E.F. 2019 BCSC 254 PDF 276.66kb 27 FEB
Murphy signs bill expanding family leave in New Jersey News item summary US (NJ) 19 FEB

January 2019

Transgender Macedonians Hail ‘Turning Point’ European Court Ruling News item summary MK 31 JAN
Judgment: Case of X v. The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia No. 29683/16 HTML 17 JAN 19
'Gay'-Counseling Ban Likely Violates 1st Amendment, Judge Rules News item summary US (FL) 30 JAN
Report and Recommendation: Vazzo v. City of Tampa No. 8:17-cv-2896-T-02AAS PDF 294.93kb 30 JAN 19
German insurer must pay for transgender beard removal News item summary DE 28 JAN
Supreme Court rules surgery to change legal sex identity is 'currently constitutional' News item summary JP 25 JAN
Washington DC is the first US territory to ban gay 'cure' therapy for adults News item summary US (DC) 24 JAN
Assembly to Pass GENDA and Legislation to Ban Conversion Therapy News item summary US (NY) 15 JAN

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