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April 2019

Appeal dismissed in challenge to Alberta gay-straight alliance law News item summary CA (AB) 29 APR 19
• Memorandum of Judgment: PT v Alberta 2019 ABCA 158 PDF 417.51kb 29 APR 19
Court lifts ban on LGBT Pride events in Ankara News item summary TR 19 APR
Ducey signs law repealing teaching restriction considered anti-LGBTQ News item summary US (AZ) 11 APR

March 2019

Victory for Kenya's LGBT+ community as charity wins right to be recognized News item summary KE 23 MAR
• Judgment: Non-Government Organisations Co-Ordination Board v. Eric Gitari, Attorney General and Others Civil Appeal No. 145 of 2015 PDF 230.17kb 22 MAR 19
Russian Authorities Cancel Theatre Festival Under ''Gay Propaganda'' Law News item summary RU 19 MAR

February 2019

'Nothing in the curriculum prohibits a teacher from teaching any of the topics in question': court ruling News item summary CA (ON) 28 FEB
• Reasons for Decision: EFTO et al. v. Her Majesty the Queen 2019 ONSC 1403 PDF 415.84kb 28 FEB 19

January 2019

Egypt TV host Mohamed al-Ghiety jailed for interviewing gay man News item summary EG 21 JAN
Three ‘creationists’ fined for distributing anti-gay leaflet News item summary NL 04 JAN
• Judgment (in Dutch): Names redacted HTML No. 13 / 659332-16 04 JAN 19

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