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January 2019

Arkansas court rules city can’t enforce LGBT protections News item summary US (AR) 31 JAN
• Opinion: Protect Fayetteville F/K/A/ Repeal 119, et al. v. The City of Fayetteville et al. No. CV-178-849 PDF 94.33kb 31 JAN 19
Worker Dismissed from Municipality Due to Same-Sex Relationship Wins Court Case News item summary TR 30 JAN
Angola Decriminalizes Same-Sex Conduct News item summary AO 23 JAN
Court rules anti-gay discrimination in housing case not sex discrimination News item summary US (MO) 17 JAN
• Memorandum and Order: Mary Walsh and Beverly Nance v. Friendship Village of South County and Anor No. 4:18CV1222 JCH PDF 216.40kb 16 JAN 18
Kansas Governor Kelly reinstates ban on anti-LGBT bias, expands to state contractors News item summary US (KS) 15 JAN
Whitmer Bars LGBT Discrimination, Nixes Religious Exemption News item summary US (MI) 07 JAN
Federal judge denies state’s request to dismiss second Masterpiece Cakeshop lawsuit News item summary US (CO) 07 JAN
• Order: Masterpiece Cakeship Incorporated and Jack Phillips v. Aubrey Elenis, et al. No. 18-cv-02074-WYD-STV PDF 156.13kb 04 JAN 19
Three ‘creationists’ fined for distributing anti-gay leaflet News item summary NL 04 JAN
• Judgment (in Dutch): Names redacted HTML No. 13 / 659332-16 04 JAN 19
Christian magistrate can appeal dismissal for gay adoption comments as judge says 'intolerant views' must be respected News item summary UK 02 JAN

February 2019

Gay Couple Wins Case Against Jerusalem Pizzeria News item summary IL 26 FEB
Jury sides with transgender employee in 'historic' Iowa case News item summary US (IA) 13 FEB
Firm told to pay gay man €2,500 over refusal to print civil ceremony invites News item summary IE 09 FEB
Judge Sides With University Group Banning Gay Student From Leadership News item summary US (IA) 08 FEB
• Order on Cross-Motions for Summary Judgment: Business Leaders in Christ v. The University of Iowa, et al. No. 3:17-cv-00080-SMR-SBJ PDF 344.60kb 06 FEB 19
5th Circuit rejects Title VII coverage for transgender workers News item summary US (TX) 08 FEB
• Opinion: Nicole C Wittmer v. Phillips66 Company No. 18-20251 PDF 176.48kb 06 FEB 19

March 2019

U.S. Supreme Court rejects appeal from Hawaii B&B owner who turned away lesbian couple News item summary US (HI) 18 MAR
• Order List: 586 U.S.: Aloha Bed & Breakfast v. Cerelli, Diane, et al. No. 18-451 PDF 172.69kb 18 MAR 19 at page 13
St. Joseph approves LGBT non-discrimination ordinance News item summary US (MI) 12 MAR
Discrimination law widened to include intersex and transgender people News item summary NL 12 MAR
Colorado drops transgender cake case against Christian baker Jack Phillips News item summary US (CO) 05 MAR