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April 2019

Lower approval rates, higher finance fees evidence of discrimination for same-sex borrowers News item summary US 16 APR
Probate Code Section 859 Provides a Double Size Hammer News item summary US (CA) 08 APR
Opinion: Conservatorship of the Person and Estate of Joseph E Ribal. Linda Rogers v. Lu Tuan Nguyen No. G056105 Word 18 JAN 19

March 2019

Estate and inheritance tax guide: The best and worst states to die in News item summary US 28 MAR

February 2019

South Dakota high court rules against woman in same-sex benefits case News item summary US (SD) 21 FEB
Opinion: Debra Lee Anderson v. South Dakota Retirement System No. 2019 S.D. 11 PDF 118.80kb 20 FEB 19

January 2019

Mexican Supreme Court ruling allows same sex couples to receive widow pensionNews item summary MX 10 JAN 19

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