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April 2019

Highest Swiss court says sexual orientation not protected under equality law News item summary CH 30 APR
• Judgment (in German): Complainant (redacted) v. Defense Group, Stéphanie Handschin, Army Staff, HR, Group Defense No. 8C_594/2018 HTML 05 APR 19
Military academies begin to follow military transgender ban News item summary US (FED) 17 APR
Navy allows transgender sailors to dress according to gender identity while off duty News item summary US (FED) 15 APR
Signal: Interim Guidance for Service in the Navy by Transgender Persons and Persons with Gender Dysphoria HTML 19 MAR 19

March 2019

Top military prosecutor rules homosexuality not a crime in landmark decision News item summary LB 30 MAR
The Last Legal Barrier Against Trump’s Transgender Military Ban Has Been Removed News item summary US (FED) 26 MAR
Order: Jane Doe 2, et al., v. Patrick M Shanahan No. 18-5257 PDF 39.43kb 26 MAR 19
Canada's military issues new policies to welcome transgender troops as Trump insists on ban News item summary CA (FED) 19 MAR
U.S. judge rebuts Trump on transgender troop limits News item summary US (FED) 19 MAR
Notice: Jane Doe 2 et al., v. Donald J Trump, et al. No. 17-cv-1597 (CKK) PDF 83.73kb 19 MAR 19
DOD unveils plan to initiate Trump transgender policy on April 12 News item summary US (FED) 12 MAR
Memorandum: Military Service by Transgender Persons and Persons with Gender Dysphoria PDF 3.11MB 12 MAR 19
Pentagon tells currently serving transgender troops they can stay News item summary US (FED) 08 MAR
ACLU Comment on Federal Court Decision in Trans Military Ban Case News item summary US (FED) 07 MAR
Order: Brock Stone, et al., v. Donald J Trump, et al No. GLR-17-2459 PDF 89.55kb 07 MAR 19

February 2019

Court Orders Trump Administration to Halt the Discharge of HIV-Positive Airmen News item summary US (FED) 15 FEB
Memorandum Opinion Richard Roe, et al., v. Patrick M Shanahan, et al. No. 1:18-cv-1565 (LMB/IDD) PDF 2.72MB 15 FEB

January 2019

Ban on transgender individuals serving in the military remains on hold due to Maryland judge News item summary US (FED) 30 JAN
Supreme Court allows Trump's transgender troop ban as litigation continues News item summary US (FED) 22 JAN
Order List: 586 U.S.: Orders in Pending Cases PDF 137.40kb 22 JAN 19
Trans Military Ban Still Blocked Despite New Decision Dissolving One of Four Nationwide Preliminary Injunctions News item summary US (DC) 04 JAN
Judgment: Jane Doe 2, et al. v. Patrick M Shanahan, et al. No. 18-5257 PDF 203.89kn 04 JAN 18

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