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April 2019

Senate Approves Marital Rape Repeal, Urged By Determined Survivor News item summary US (MN) 30 APR
Indian Court: Transgender Women Can Be 'Hindu Brides' News item summary IN (TN) 23 APR
• Order: Arunkumar, Sreeja v. The Inspector General of Registration et al Nos. WP(MD)No. 4125 of 2019, No 3220 of 3019 PDF 286.37kb 22 APR 199
Ashwin Raj: Same-Sex Marriage Not A 'Right' News item summary FJ 10 APR
Same-sex marriage – Cayman Islands Appeal Court grants stay News item summary KY 10 APR
Peru Court Recognizes Legal Marriage of Lesbian Couple News item summary PE 05 APR
Sentencia (in Spanish): Susel Ana María Paredes Pique and Gracia María Francisca Aljovin de Losdada v. Registro Nacional de Identificación y Estado Civil (en adelante RENIEC) y el Ministerio de Justicia, MINJUS No. 10776-2017 PDF 315.62kb 22 MAR 19
Cayman Islands Government Appealing Same-Sex Marriage Ruling News item summary KY 03 APR

May 2019

Lawmakers legalize same-sex marriage News item summary TW 18 MAY

June 2019

January 2019

Two gay men mount first legal challenges to Hong Kong laws banning same-sex marriage, with court giving their applications green light to proceed News item summary HK 03 JAN
Decision: MK v. Government of HKSAR, TF v. Secretary of Justice, STK and Secretary of Justice HCAL 1077/2018, HCAL 2648/2018. HCAL 2682/2018 PDF 163.93kb 03 JAN 19
Delhi HC allows 2 women to move in together: Cannot impose fetters on her rights News item summary IN (DL) 03 JAN
Judgment: Mann @ Manjusha Yadav v. State & Ors W.P.(CRL)-3451/2018 PDF 64.82kb 15 NOV 18

February 2019

Methodist Church votes to ban gay clergy and same sex marriage, evoking debate among members News item summary US, INTNL 27 FEB
British parliamentary committee calls for overseas territories to legitimise same sex marriages News item summary UK 22 FEB
Taiwan unveils Asia's first draft law on same-sex marriage News item summary TW 21 FEB
South Dakota high court rules against woman in same-sex benefits case News item summary US (SD) 21 FEB
Opinion: Debra Lee Anderson v. South Dakota Retirement System No. 2019 S.D. 11 PDF 118.80kb 20 FEB 19
After landmark decision, ABA issues guidance for judges performing same-sex marriages News item summary US (FED) 14 FEB
Opinion: Formal Opinion 485 PDF 226.17kb 14 FEB 19
Laws changed to allow WA’s transgender people to change birth certificate without divorcing News item summary AU (WA) 13 FEB
Arguments Conclude in Landmark Same-Sex Marriage Case News item summary KY 12 FEB

March 2019

Chief Justice rules same-sex marriage is legal News item summary KY 29 MAR
• Summary of Judgment: Chantelle Day & Vickie Bodden Bush v. The Governor of the Cayman Islands The Deputy Registrar of the C.I. The Attorney General of the C.I. No. G111/18 & 184/18 PDF 621.49kb 30 MAR 19
Alimony awarded to lesbian News item summary IT (PN) 15 MAR
Austrian Evangelical Church votes to publicly ‘bless’ homosexual unions News item summary AT 15 MAR
Dutch Reformed Church's decision not to recognise same-sex unions overturned News item summary ZA 08 MAR
• Judgment: Guam and Others v. Van Rensburg NO and Others [2019] ZAGPPHC 52 PDF 575.65kb 08 MAR 19
Utah Legislature Passes Bill to Legalize Sex Outside of Marriage News item summary US (UT) 07 MAR
South Korea rights body claims it does not 'deny' same-sex marriage News item summary KR 01 MAR