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Violence: Bullying, Domestic Violence, Harassment, Homophobia, Sexual Harassment, Vilification

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Senate Approves Marital Rape Repeal, Urged By Determined Survivor News item summary US (MN) 30 APR
Father Gagged, Found Guilty Of 'Family Violence' For Calling His Trans Daughter A 'She' News item summary CA (BC) 24 APR
• Oral Reasons for Judgment: A.B. v. C.D. and E.F. No. 2019 BCSC 604 PDF 164.25kb 15 APR 19
• Protection Order: Max v. Clark and Sarah No. E190334 PDF 355.33kb 15 APR 19

Transgender activist wins High Court battle to force Mumsnet to reveal identity of user who 'made defamatory comments about her' - after a mother was arrested for calling her a man on Twitter News item summary UK (E&W) 09 APR
• Order: Stephanie Rebecca Hayden v. Mumsnet Limited No. QB-2019 JPEG 111kb 08 APR 19

March 2019

Will fewer college students report sexual assault after this California court ruling? News item summary US (CA) 04 MAR
• Opinion: John Doe v. Kegan Allee, et al No. B283486 PDF 260.91 kb 04 JAN 19

January 2019

Judge denies transgender woman's attempt to have state agency hear police abuse claims News item summary US (NY) 29 JAN
Controlling your partner's money to be recognised as domestic abuse for first time News item summary UK 18 JAN

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